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How to Access Brimstone Sands in New World

Brimstone Sands
By | October 19th, 2022 | Categories: New World

This brief guide will let you know how to access and get to the Brimstone Sands region of New World and what new content and activities Amazon Games Studios have in store for players. The Brimstone Sands Region was added with Update 1.7 on October 18th of this year. For players who are curious about how to access Brimstone Sands, this article makes it easy.

What is Brimstone Sands in New World?

Brimstone Sands is a new desert area added to New World with update 1.7, including new enemies, weapons, and expeditions. Brimstone Sands is not only a desert but allows players to explore pyramids and a Roman-inspired city with its own Colosseum and temples. You can find new enemies here, such as Scorpions, Mummies, and Trolls.

The Reception to Brimstone Sands has been chiefly positive.

The leveling experience has been revamped as well. The new areas, quests, and various enemies between levels 1 and 25 have been reworked and optimized. Distances between locations have been reduced to prevent players from getting too bored walking great distances. A gigantic two-handed great sword is the new weapon available in this update. Attacks can reach further and deal more damage which will terrify your enemies. The update provides an Enneade expedition, another great endgame content for expeditions. Finally, the new feature added is the New World items Heart Jewels, an item category that gives additional powerful abilities similar to ultimate skills but has specific requirements that need to be met before activation, for example.

How to Access the Brimstone Sands in New World

To gain entry to the new Brimstone Sands Region, you need to find and talk to a Soul Warden NPC to begin the quest, which will take you to the region. Finding the warden and activating the quest is what unlocks the new area.

Each adventurer has different locations and quests that depend on which factions they choose to join. In this guide, we’ll explain the differences in location and activities you need to do. These factions in the New World are Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant.

  • Marauders: Head to the Ebonscale Reach; sitting on the outwall of the Ebonreach Settlement is Soulwarden Tomas Kovalenko.
  • Syndicate: Head to the Mountainhome in the Shattered Mountain Region; Soulwarden Tomas Kovalenko is located near the Inn.
  • Covenant: Head to the Great Cleave; sitting near the forge of the Cleave’s Point Outpost is Soulwarden Tomas Kovalenko.

Once done speaking to Kovalenko, the quests would be the same for all factions but differ in locations. You need to gather the same ingredients as you would for a Desert Cerate.

What Ingredients are Needed to Unlock the Brimstone Sands

  • 2 Fish Oils
  • 3 Frostcliff Berries
  • 1 Recipe for Desert Cerate

Locations for the ingredients for each faction would be:

  • Marauders: Head to the cliffs east of the Water Shrine in Ebonscale to collect the ingredients.
  • Syndicate: Head to the cliffs Northeast of the Mountainhome Outpost to collect the ingredients.
  • Covenant: Head to the cliffs in Sunder Fort and the Tempest Vally Fast Travel Shrine to collect the ingredients.

After collecting all the ingredients, you can craft the Desert Cerate at either a Campsite or an Arcane Repository crafting station. When that is done, use the New World item to continue with the quest. From this point onwards, the quests will be the same for all factions.

Using the Cerate, you are to head to the Wikala al-Waha Outpost that is Northeast of where you are to enter the Brimstone Sands. Soulwarden Buhawi will be waiting for you there and will unlock the Brimstone Sands’ Main Quests.

Brimstone Sands is easy to access

Now that you can enter the Brimstone Sands continue reading to find out what else you can do in the Brimstone Sands Region.

Ancient Glyphs in Brimstone Sands

Aside from just entering the new area, we also checked out the new things you can check out. One of them is finding the new 26 Ancient Glyphs that will allow you to travel the vast desert easily without using Azoth.

New Creatures and Enemies

The primary features in the Brimstone Sands region are the Ancient and Angry Earth which are your primary foes. Having Ancient or Angry Earth Items is very useful for taking them out. In terms of Wildlife, there are scorpions and armadillos to be hunted down for new resources and food items; some can be built into Tier 5 food. These food increase stats can last as long as 60 minutes with a 50% duration increase, unlike the current 40 minutes Tier 5 food.

Dangers and Resources

A new region has new hazards to watch out for when exploring the Brimstone Sands. Looking out for acid and acid pools, standing in one will take 1% of your health per second while slowly dropping your acid resistance.

Gems in the region are made from Scorpion Chitin or a new Tincture that you can use to protect yourself from hazards. An alternative can be using Incense to remove the debuff temporarily. Still, if your acid resistance is depleted, it will start to afflict acid burn for 60 seconds, which deals more damage to your health bar by 18% per second while still in the acid pool. You will die pretty quickly as you continue to stand in an acid pool.

Other resources to look out for are Sandstone and Brimstone, which can be harvested. You can pick up Sandstone Chunks from Sandstone itself and process them into Charged Sand. Sulpher Chunks can be processed as well, turning them into Sulphur. When using both resources, they can be crafted into Runeglass Gems and Acid Tinctures.

Brimstone Sands FAQ

  • When did Brimstone Sands Release?
    • Release date: October 18, 2022 (3:00am PST)
  • What new features do Brimstone Sands bring?
    • Biome: The Brimstone Sands is inspired by Egyptian and Roman architecture
    • Weapons: The Greatsword
    • Leveling Experience: For early-game players, the gameplay has been reworked completely.
    • Additional Features: Heart Jewels provide additional abilities.

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