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OSRS Bryophyta Guide

By | November 2nd, 2022 | Categories: OSRS

Bryophyta is an ancient and mystical Moss Giantess boss. Being one of the Sporadic bosses, she requires a special item to access. Unlike most bosses in OSRS, Bryophyta is available in both free-to-play (F2P) and pay-to-play (P2P) modes. This updated guide covers everything from items and stats requirements to gear and strategies you need to kill the Moss Giantess.

F2P and P2P Bryophyta Guide

Like we said earlier, Bryophyta is also a F2P boss in OSRS. But your fighting strategies can vastly differ depending upon your game mode. This guide covers both aspects of the Bryophyta’s boss fight.

Hard Requirements

The only hard requirement to fight Bryophyta is obtaining the Mossy Key. The Mossy Key is a drop from the Moss Giants with a drop rate ranging from 1/150 to 1/50. If you find and kill the Moss Giants outside the wilderness, they have a 1/150 Mossy Key drop rate. On the other hand, killing them inside the wilderness or on a slayer task increases the odds of this drop.

Stats Requirements

For Bryophyta, we have divided the F2P and P2P suggested requirements into melee and ranged requirements. So, you can modify them depending on your route.

Melee Requirements

If you choose the melee route to fight Bryophyta, we recommend the following minimum stat requirements.

StatF2P RequirementP2P Requirement

We suggest at least 43 in Prayers since you need to get close to Bryophyta for melee attacks. She can hit pretty hard and deal a lot of damage. Having a high Prayer level allows you to boost your defense and withstand her attacks..

Ranged Requirements

If you choose the ranged attack style, we recommend meeting at least the following stat requirements. 

StatF2P RequirementP2P Requirement

We only recommend 37 Prayers for the F2P Ranged option. If you are fighting Bryophyta from a distance, she actually never moves. So, you don’t have to worry about her approaching you. All you have to do is stand back and negate the Magic damage.

Bryophyta Stats

A breakdown of stats concerning Bryophyta is given below for your understanding:

Kurask StatAnswer
Combat Level128
Max HP115
Max DMG Per Hit16
Attack StyleCrush, Magic

Location of Bryophyta

Bryophyta’s lair is located in the Varrock Sewers, north of the Moss Giants spawn in the sewers. There are two ways to get to her lair.

Edgeville Dungeon Path

This is a P2P-only way, which involves an Agility shortcut. Go to Edgeville and head down to the dungeon entrance, south of the bank. Follow the path till you reach the Edgeville slayer master Vannaka. You can see a pipe in the wall there, which requires 51 Agility to cross and get to the Moss Giants. Head north from there and you will find Bryophyta’s lair.

Varrock Sewers Path

This second path is recommended if you fail to meet the agility requirement or are a F2P player. First, teleport to the Varrock and run northeast to enter the Varrock Sewers. It’s a long run in the tunnel. Ensure you’re equipped with a slashing weapon or a knife since you need to cut a spiderweb in the sewers. You will come across Moss Giants just past the spiderweb.

The rest of the path is straightforward. Just head north from the Moss Giants spawn spot and you will reach Bryophyta’s lair. 

Gear And Inventory Setup

Now, let’s jump on to the gear and inventory setups you should use to kill Bryophyta. If you are a F2P player, then we recommend using our suggested setup for the best slotting. However, as a P2P player, you can change your gear if you have anything better than our suggested ones. Bryophyta is weak to Dragon weapons, and we definitely recommend using them for a P2P fight.

Melee Setup

A breakdown of your melee gear and inventory setup is given below. You can swap some of the items for better ones if you use the P2P option.


F2P GearP2P Gear
Rune Full HelmHelm of Neitiznot
Castlewars cloakFire Cape
Amulet of PowerAmulet of Glory
Unholy Blessing
Rune ScimitarDragon Scimitar
Green d’hide Top and LegsBlack d’hide Top and Legs
Rune KiteshieldDragon Defender
Green d’hide VambracesBarrows Gloves
Fighting BootsDragon Boots
Berserker Ring (Imbued)


F2P InventoryP2P Inventory
Strength PotionSuper Combat Potion
Mossy KeyPrayer Potion
Varrock TeleportStamina Potion
LobstersAnti-Poison Potion
Dragon Dagger
Mossy Key
House Teleport
Manta Rays

Ranged Setup

The recommended setup for your ranged fight is given below.


F2P GearP2P Gear
CoifGuthix coif
Castlewars cloakAva’s Accumulator
Amulet of PowerAmulet of Glory
Adamant ArrowsAmethyst Arrows
Maple ShortbowMagic Shortbow (Imbued)
Green d’hide Top and LegsBlack d’hide Top and Legs
Green d’hide VambracesBarrows Gloves
Fighting BootsSnake Skin Boots
Archer’s Ring (Imbued)


F2P InventoryP2P Inventory
Mossy KeyRanging Potion
KnifePrayer Potion
Varrock TeleportStamina Potion
LobstersAnti-Poison Potion
Mossy Key
House Teleport
Manta Rays

Mechanics and Strategies

Bryophyta is a relatively simple boss with a limited number of attacks. However, there are certain things you need to watch out for if you want to triumph against her.

Melee Strategy

If you go the melee route, then Bryphota will use two attacks on you. First is the basic melee attack that she will use consistently when you’re standing close to her. Secondly, she will use a ranged magic attack as well. 

Ranged Strategy

If you are not in the melee range, then Bryophyta only spams you with the ranged magic attack. Since she doesn’t move from her position, that magic attack is the only thing you need to look out for.


The only annoying part about this fight is that Bryophyta can randomly spawn 3 Growthlings in the boss room. They each have 10 hp and as long as they’re alive, you cannot damage Bryophyta.

How to Kill Growthlings

You have to kill the Growthlings before you can continue your boss fight. You have to bring each one of them down to 0 HP and then use a Wood Cutting Axe on them with Right-Click. If you forget to bring an axe with you, one is always spawned inside the boss room. 

Note: In P2P, Bryophyta does inflict poison.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide will best equip you to fight Bryophyta head-on. Being F2P, it is one of the most superficial bosses in the game. The most annoying part about her fight is actually collecting the Mossy Keys. However, with the setup we recommended, those Mossy Keys will be put to good use. Let us know in the comments what more OSRS guides you want to see.

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