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An Overview of the Albion Online Classless System

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By | July 6th, 2017 | Categories: Albion Online, Others

As Albion Online’s release date is coming to a home stretch on July 17, anticipation for the game’s sandbox elements and unusual handling of the MMORPG genre is building up. Since Albion doesn’t have specific classes, it’s difficult to figure out a plan how to create a class build that synergizes well with your desired build as well as your playstyle. Sure, players can experiment, but that will take some time and countless deaths. To be efficient at creating a good character build, here are some tips and other related stuff.


You learn skills by using equipped items. By changing stuff, relevant talents change. To illustrate, switching a weapon from a sword to a bow changes warrior based skills to ranger based skills. The Destiny Board holds the abilities players can learn. It’s a good mechanic to keep track of character’s progression, which is useful to plan builds and to grow.


To advance or acquire stronger skills, a player must use and have higher tier equipment. A requirement to equip upper tier gear is that the previous equipment tier must get mastered. Mastery involves doing various actions, which sometimes are as simple as just wearing them (for armor) to killing a certain number of enemies (for weapons).  In short, to “level up” players must always use stronger equipment than before.

However, proficiency with a particular armor or weapon doesn’t mean being competent with another armor or weapon. Players cannot switch from a Tier 5 sword to a Tier 5 bow unless they’ve trained their talent with the bow beforehand.

Progression doesn’t get harder because while lower tiers allow just wearing or equipping the item, in higher tiers, players need to wear all pieces of the armor or kill many enemies for weapons. As you progress, each tier has harder requirements to meet and to perfect.


One way to get high tier weapons quick is to craft them, but that particular skill has to go through training first. There are also resources to craft equipment to gather; however, that could be done along with mastering weapon and armor proficiency (killing two birds with one stone).

On the plus side, you get to customize equipment to suit specific needs. By crafting gear, players can choose which skills the item can give. Any extra pieces made could be sold for money. It’s a win-win situation to carry out crafting. Keep in mind that equipment drops for PvE are limited, so to find solid gear, it’s necessary to craft. When players die, they lose their equipment and items. Backup stuff is needed, which you can earn through crafting in advance.

Quality Bonuses

Additional benefits are another advantage of crafting. At higher tiers, it’s more likely to appear on crafted items. It gives bonuses, such as attack speed and extra damage for weapons, and defensive and mobility bonuses for armor. Different types of things provide various perks like helmets might give skill cool down bonuses.

Character Build

Combining all these mechanics grants freedom to progress at your own pace. Whether a spellcaster, ranger, or warrior, the autonomy is yours to explore. It just goes to show how dedicated the developers are to the sandbox genre of the game.

With the closed beta testing ending soon and the game’s release inbound, there are many guides and builds made by developers that you may follow or use as guidelines to personalize your build. Life isn’t meant to live alone. Besides, it’s a good way to keep you from wasting time or resources in learning points and crafting materials. Perhaps guidelines can prevent players from investing so much time on a build that won’t work.

In Conclusion

We’ve already covered an Albion Online Review in a previous blog, so make sure to check that out after you finish this paragraph. Other guides are available to follow, such as a Resource Map, so you know where to gather what kind of materials, along with Albion Online: How to Get a Horse.

Mark July 17 on your calendar for Albion Online!


(Disclaimer: The article was written during closed beta, and some mechanics might change upon release.)

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    StrahLenforcer July 8, 2017 at 10:06 am - Reply

    Gotta love the classless system. It’s one thing to specialize, but playing without being restricted is awfully nice too for a change.

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