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The Best Warframes for Each Role

Best Warframes
By | July 27th, 2017 | Categories: Warframe

This article is about Warframes (i.e., the best at dealing damage, tanking, and providing support and crowd control). Keep in mind that we all have preferences and different interpretations of the best. Each player should select what’s best for him or her. Without further ado, here are the Best Warframes rankings for each role.

Which Warframe has the best Damage/DPS?

Released in December 2014, this Warframe is the primed variant of the Nova frame. Rather than follow its unprimed frame coloring of white, it’s black with some blue over the shoulders and purple toward the hands and feet, along with gold highlights. With the largest energy pool (300.0 at max rank), Nova’s abilities can eliminate enemies quickly. Molecular Prime and Antimatter Drop are skills to utilize to maximize that huge energy pool to deal the most damage.

Molecular Prime sends a wave of antimatter that will prime enemies. In fact, the wave slows down enemies, and it detonates upon death, which could cause a chain reaction in the right circumstances. Antimatter Drop summons a slow projectile that can be steered using the HUD. As it travels, it absorbs any damaging projectile and explodes when it hits solid mass, which turns absorbed damage into boosted radiation damage, along with the base explosion damage. For added utility, Nova’s third ability, Wormhole, could be used to traverse long distances.

As a bonus to utility, when Nova Prime comes in contact with an Orokin Void Death Orb, she sends out a wave that replenishes her allies’ energy, even if you destroy the orb. It’s important to note that this frame moved to the Prime Vault, and its materials won’t drop anymore. However, it’s possible to trade pre-existing manufactured frames and materials obtained before the move.

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How about the top Warframe for Tanking?

Nidus is a tough frame that can handle damage like a champ. A word from the grapevine is that it’s the essence of the increasing infestation that plagues the galaxy. Despite having no shields, Nidus’s survivability comes from his unique ability to channel the plague. The result is a passive ability that stacks mutation.

As for active skills, only the first two use energy, while the rest utilize mutation stacks. It’s easier to manage skills since they use up different resources. If Nidus dies with more than or equal to fifteen stacks left, he has a passive ability that uses up those stacks to give five seconds of invulnerability as well as restoring fifty percent of total health. As the spreadsheet updater notes, “As long as you have stacks, you will not die.”

As a runner-up to damage dealing frames, stacking mutation increases the damage that it deals and toughness. His fourth skill, Ravenous, generates a spawning ground of maggots that seek out and latch onto enemies. Then, they will continuously stun and inflict damage until various circumstances, such as the skill duration expiring or detonated by another skill, cause them to explode. The explosion deals blast damage to enemies up to four meters away. The maggots also draw aggro, providing crowd control opportunities (not to mention the passive health regen buff that the spawning ground gives to allies of all kinds). Overall, Nidus is a robust frame with reliable DPS and utility.

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Which Warframe is favorable for Support?

A primed variant of the Trinity frame, Trinity Prime has more shield capacity and a faster sprint than her non-primed counterpart. She also got a recolor to a black frame with red and gold decals from the red and black color of the unprimed frame. The frame’s abilities revolve around supporting allies that either damage or stay near the targeted enemy, as well as those near her.

Well of Life, the first ability restores the health of allies. The second skill makes the enemy send out pulses of energy at set intervals, and the third one channels the damage received by an ally to a nearby enemy. However, the best ability of Trinity is Blessing (the fourth one). It restores the shield and health of allies in range, as well as giving a degree of damage immunity to them. As a bonus passive ability, when she comes in contact with a Death Orb, a wave that restores ally energy is released, similar to Nova Prime. At the end of the day, Trinity Prime is the go-to essential for healing and support frame, and her skills are more useful on resilient enemies.

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How about the greatest Warframe for Crowd Control?

Note: section is being retested, and ranking may change.

Released in October 2014, Limbo walks both the material plane and the Rift at will. In-game, he does it by either rolling or doing a side-spring or back-spring. Whenever he makes a move, a portal appears in his wake, allowing allies to enter the Rift for a limited time. His main Crowd Control (CC) mechanic revolves around his gift to send enemies to the Rift and using Stasis on them.

His first ability, Banish, damages enemies and sends them (along with his allies) out of the dimension he’s currently in. If Limbo is on the material plane, he can then enter the Rift and use Stasis, freezing enemies and their projectiles for a short time. Rift Surge rushes rift-bound enemies with energy and some additional effects that differ whether they are killed or banished to the material plane. Besides, Cataclysm creates a pocket of rift plane that sustains itself for a short time then it explodes.

Additional uses for Rift-Walking are that enemies on a different plane than Limbo, including his allies, cannot damage them. Also, it replenishes energy as long as they’re in the Rift. His abilities can be chained together, weaving in and out the dimensions and providing CC opportunities.

You’ve made it to the end of article three. Hurray! Thanks for reading the Best Warframes.

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