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The beauty of MMORPGs is that players are free to be creative building their character. Freedom varies from one game to another. One game that gives players the most liberty with character builds is Path of Exile (POE). With a wide variety of skill and attribute combinations to choose from, the player base has come up with all sorts of builds, and some of them are a cut above the rest. Let’s get down to the Best PoE Builds that stand out from the crowd.

What are the Best PoE Builds?

  1. Melee Madness (Fire and Lightning)
  2. Lacerate Duelist
  3. Golemancer Summoner Witch
  4. Explosive Arrow Ranger

1. Melee Madness: Fire and Lightning

  • Brutus’ Lead Sprinklers Marauder: heavily relies on the weapon the build is named after. It’s a damage dealer that’s deadly thanks to the Berserker ascendancy skill tree, which ups the Marauder’s offensive potential. The build is made possible by the Berserker’s passive, Cloaked in Savagery since it grants greater life leech, damage, and attack damage. Lastly, is the active skill (Molten Strike), an offensive skill that has a melee and long-range component. With this combination of expertise and weaponry, this build is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Vaal Spark Templar: Lightning is one of the fastest forces of nature. It makes sense why the Vaal Spark Templar, with the high-damage lightning-based skill can remove powerful bosses in a matter of seconds. After using regular Spark to kill monsters and gain the necessary number of souls to cast the much-enhanced Vaal Spark, the Templar with this particular build then charges to a mob, which the Templar can clear within seconds. At this point, the Vaal Spark is self-sufficient. Without a doubt, the Vaal Spark Templar is an effective way to deal with the peskiest mobs.

2. Lacerate Duelist

A cheaper alternative that gets the job done because the central skill has a substantial damage multiplier of 101% at level 6. The build has an AOE radius of 1 starting at level 4 and maxes out to 7 at level 30. Also, the Duelist can take out mobs in a straightforward and quick way. The downside is that it’s not the best build for hardcore leagues. Still, it’s cheap and worth picking up.

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3. Golemancer Summoner Witch

This build, specifically for the Necromancer ascendancy, can cause a player to chill out since Flame Golems do the dirty work. The summoned minions can serve as both a meat shield and damage dealer. At the same time, you can crank out some damage. It’s not as offense-oriented as other builds, but it does get the job done safely. Summoner builds take a bit of a hands-off approach when it comes to combat. Other than that, it’s challenging to level up, and the two necessary jewels for this build are pricey. Fortunately, the pros outweigh the cons, making it worthy of #4.

4. Explosive Arrow Ranger

We’re ending these builds with a bang with a secure and reliable build that gamers can grasp. With the Explosive Arrow skill as a reward in Act 3, you can start with this build. First, get Quill Rain as a weapon since it will let you stack up to five explosive arrows. Aside from having steady speed, it’s cost-efficient and user-friendly. If you’re a ranger of Pathfinder ascendancy, then this is the best build to utilize.

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