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Path of Exile Battle Royale
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Ever since PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ success, a lot of games have followed, entering the Battle Royale subgenre. Now, an unlikely game has entered the fray: Path of Exile. It’s a crazy addition to the long-running top-down hack-and-slash dungeon crawler action RPG, which begs the question: is it crazy enough to work? There is no clear-cut answer, so we are going to go in-depth and take a look at what exactly Path of Exile Battle Royale is.

What is the Path of Exile Battle Royale?

Battle Royale content is going to be a part of Expedition, the upcoming expansion and league for Path of Exile. What used to be an April Fools’ joke back in 2018 has become finally become a reality. In fact, this is perhaps the only April Fools’ joke from Grinding Gear that came true, as it makes sense for it to do so. Then again, cats on crit and cheap fireworks are also some things a lot of players would like to have in the game. 

As the name of the feature suggests, players will be going up against one another in a winner-takes-all PVP format. To ensure that no one build or class will dominate Battle Royale, Grinding Gear Games has committed to balancing the feature, and will make sure that it is separate from the base game. Whether players will be allowed to bring their standard or seasonal league characters to Battle Royale or not remains to be seen.

Another way the mode will be balanced is by giving participants a separate Passive Skill Tree. This will be geared towards PVP combat. Apart from balance, this is to ensure that players will only have the essential abilities for the game mode. Finally, gear will also be rebalanced for Battle Royale. This is especially true for Unique items, which allow the creation of powerful builds. There are even builds that cannot exist without specific Unique items.

Battle Royale will only be active on weekends upon the release of Expedition, and will receive continuous updates to ensure that the game is balanced. Winners will receive the Rhoa Feast Hideout Decoration, whose appearance gets more upgraded the more wins a player earns.

Path of Exile’s History With  PVP

The question, however, is whether the game mode will actually be balanced after GGG’s herculean effort to do so. This is because there have been numerous complaints about PVP being broken, to the point that very few players participate in it. Some players do not even know that the feature exists.

If PVP has been generally bad in Path of Exile, then it’s easy for a lot of players to think that Battle Royale, whose only difference is the format, to turn out similarly. At the same time, because of the sheer time and attention GGG will dedicate in Battle Royale, optimism for the game mode is not exactly unfounded.

At the end of the day, players will only know whether Battle Royale will be a success or not when it’s finally implemented into the game. 

What is Path of Exile: Expedition

Like what’s previously said before, Battle Royale will be rolling into Path of Exile in Expedition In that expansion and league, players will be going on the namesake Kalguraan expedition, where they’ll be encountering lost and forgotten relics as well as the Undead. These are their relics and Undead, and it is up to you to help them, as they cannot handle the threats in their trek.

Explosives will be playing a key role in the expansion. They will be used to excavate the settlements of the Kalguur’s ancestors. Players will only have a limited supply of explosives, so there will be many instances where players will have to choose between unearthing chests, or the undead buried underneath. Essentially, the choices will boil down between getting the upfront reward and choosing the high-risk high-reward route. Upon finding runed artifacts from the Kalguur, players can then trade them to the NPC of their choice. This will in turn determine the rewards that they will be receiving.

Other than new content, Expedition will be bringing up to 19 new skill gems. These skill gems are divided into 7 groups, with each one representing a Path of Exile class. While not exclusive to the class they are associated with, they are best used by them. Lastly, flasks will be receiving a much-needed overhaul. All these things, of course, will greatly impact the upcoming Battle Royale.

Without a doubt, Expedition is going to be huge, and Battle Royale will definitely be one of the reasons why it’s going to be colossal. So, are you going to take part in the biggest fight of Exiles? You better do.

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