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We’ve Got It: PoE 3.1 Patch Notes Overview

POE 3.1 Patch Notes
By | December 14th, 2017 | Categories: Path of Exile

Greetings Exiles! Doc. Moo bringing you all of the juiciest content from the PoE 3.1 Patch Notes for “War for the Atlas!”

I have not included ever change but rather dissected what I believe to be the most important and relevant information from the wall of text that Grinding Gear Games have posted. In case you would like to head over and read absolutely everything yourself here is a direct link.

POE 3.1 Challenge League: “The Abyss”


As with every league you have 2 levels of difficulty with Solo Self Found versions of both being Standard (Soft Core) and Hardcore.

Unique to “The Abyss” are the harrowing cracks that appear in the ground throughout Wraeclast. They function in a similar manner to “Breaches” from a previous league. Getting to close to these cracks will cause them to open up releasing monsters. Following the crack can lead to a larger chasm and managing to kill the monsters in time will cause a chest possibly containing the league specific “Abyss Jewels.”

Occasionally these cracks and chasms will expand into the Abyssal Depths, which contain stronger monsters and more valuable rewards ending with a Boss fight. As you progress further into the game completely one of these areas may result in a “Lich Boss” appearing.  It is unclear exactly how rare these encounters are, but the Lich’s are the only way to have certain league specific Uniques drop.

Abyss Jewels are jewels that are able to roll affixes previously unobtainable on normal jewels. They socket into your POE passive skill tree all the same though.

Abyss League Challenges and Rewards

As per normal there are a total of 40 challenges available for you to achieve. After completing 19 challenges, each subsequent challenge after will reward a piece of the Abyss Totem Pole that you will be able to display in your hideout to showcase how many of the Abyss challenges you were able to complete.

  • 12 Challenges – Abyss Helmet
  • 24 Challenges – Abyss Wings
  • 36 Challenges – Abyss Portal Effect

POE 3.1 Expansion Features

Grinding Gear Games have once again outdone themselves with many stellar additions to our pool of POE Skill and Support gems as well as a plethora of new Uniques for us to build around and maps for us to endlessly farm.

Boss Encounters

This expansion is essentially bolstering our end game providing us with five new boss fights (the Elder and his Guardians) along some really nice rewards for downing these bad boys in the way of Elder and Shaped items dropping from the Elder and the Shaper respectively.


A whopping 48 new Uniques are available for us. There are some really interesting creations in here, including an Energy Shield chest that works around curses, a wand that triggers a socketed spells on attack while also increasing gem levels per 25 character levels and a summoner belt providing spectre life and sockets (yes that’s right, no more socket starved Necromancers!).

Rather than list them here, below is a link to a forum post compiling everything discovered so far.


We have 32 new maps, including 2 new Unique maps to grind our way through. It does seem that a few of these “new” maps are simply old tile sets that have been renamed and reworked. Regardless, this should freshen up what we have been running for the last few patches.

Mob density has also been reworked since the backlash the developers received in 3.0. Every mod rolled onto a map will increase pack size and it looks like they are increasing density, but balancing the experience a map as a whole grants. What this appears to mean is maps will be more fun to run because of more monsters inhabiting them without breaking experience earned per hour.

Monster Balance

There are some really exciting changes here, in particular, GGG have finally decided to listen to the community begging for reflect changes! Mods that state “Reflects Physical/Elemental Damage” now trigger a mortar spell targeted at your location when hit with the respective damage type, the spell also has a cooldown.

This is huge! It means that builds that were glass cannon, not because of their layered defenses, but because of their raw damage output and inability to deal with reflect are now capable of pushing further provided the player can deal with the triggered mortar ability.

Immunity to freeze has been reworked on a lot of bosses and monsters, including The Shaper, his Guardians and even Atziri to name a few. This does not mean they can’t get frozen, but rather their action speed instead can drastically reduce if they get frozen.

Wickerman Righteous Fire damage gets lowered when used as spectres. As much as this will upset a lot of summoners it was a needed nerf.

There are many more. I have simply selected what I believe to be a few of the more significant and noticeable changes.

Character Balance

“Intimidate” (i.e., Belt of the Deceiver) now only affects attack damage, which will prevent every man and his dog benefiting from a free 10% more multiplier.

You may have noticed more people achieved level 100 in our last league than ever, this was due to a number of factors including power creep, increase in community size and the Harbinger Maps having such a silly density. Even so, the experience penalty past level 95 got increased.

Skill Balance

I will list a few of my favorites from here but there are so many fantastic changes this time around I am going to have to recommend heading to the official POE 3.1 Patch Notes post to see all of them.

  • Dark pact has received a nerf, it will still be viable self casting on your character but is now leaning towards being targeted at skeletons as it now counts as a minion gem.
  • It is no longer possible to AFK kill Shaper while dead with Golems or minions.
  • Summon Skeletons has received a HUGE buff, it now has a 50% more multiplier up from 30% less!
  • Iron Will can now support Summon Skeletons if you are making use of the Dead Reckoning Threshold Jewel (skeleton love!)
  • Ice Crash, Earthquake and Reave have all received buffs to their radius.
  • Wither has been nerfed to increase Chaos damage taken by 6% down from 7% and only stacks 15 times down from 20.

Items and Divination Cards

Pretty straight forward here with Cards, changes to location, drop rates and requirements have changed due to the new Atlas and various map reworks.

It seems that with the changes to Vaal Pact (see below) Life Regeneration got buffed across items and 2 new tiers of Life Regeneration affixes got added. The highest tier is now a whopping 20 life per second.

Apparently, GGG weren’t happy with 90% of the community running with Bisco’s Collar and as a result, it’s drop rate got hit really hard with nerf bat. Expect its value to sky rocket and probably move into the realm of a chase Unique.

Atziris Acuity has undergone changes to reflect the removal of instant leech on the tree and instead grants the new Vaal Pact. Doomfletch also got balanced with its increased critical strike chance completely removed and its random element damage now 100% down from 110%.

Passive Tree

This is the thing I am most happy about, Vaal Pact has been completely reworked. There is no more instant life leech, it simply doubles the rate of your life leech and your maximum life leech rate, it is now also located in the Duelist Area. I am interested to see Ascendancy stats towards the end of the League with these changes as Berserker was easily the most represented class in Harbinger.

Slayer has also had its Brutal Fervor node changed to reflect this, it no longer grans +10% of maximum Life per second to maximum life leech rates.

Labyrinth Changes

The big one here is the removal of the additional projectiles Barrage helm enchant from merciless and a nerf to the Eternal Labyrinth version bringing the projectiles down from 2 to 1. If you were planning on farming this for a profit it wouldn’t be worth it now.

Zana Mods During 3.1

Zana level 8 will be something very desirable should you decide to map as a way of generating currency. With no changes to POE Master experience the grind to acquire the mod remains the same. I have listed the costs and benefits below.

  • Level 2: Anarchy (2 Chaos orbs): Area is inhabited by 3 additional Rogue Exiles, 20% increased quantity of items found.
  • Level 3: Bloodlines (3 Chaos orbs): Magic monster packs each have a Bloodline mod, 25% more Magic monsters, 20% increased quantity of items found.
  • Level 4: Beyond (3 Chaos Orbs): Slaying enemies close together can attract monsters from Beyond, 20% increased quantity of items found.
  • Level 4: Fortune Favors the Brave (3 Chaos Orbs): Selects a Zana mod at random from those available from the device, including any mods you have not yet unlocked.
  • Level 5: Ambush (4 Chaos Orbs): Areas contain 3 extra Strongboxes.
  • Level 6: Domination (4 Chaos Orbs): Area contains 3 extra Shrines.
  • Level 7: Essence (5 Chaos Orbs): Area contains 2 extra Essence Monoliths.
  • Level 8: Breach (6 Chaos Orbs): Areas contain 2 extra Breaches.

Closing Thoughts

If there is but one thing to take away from these patch notes it is that Grinding Gear Games is a developer that listens to its community and is very passionate about the content it releases. Like anything, they are not perfect and will always stumble in regard to balance. On the other hand, we can see and feel that they will never stop working to provide us with an experience they themselves would enjoy playing.

As always, stay safe out there Exiles!

-Doc. Moo

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