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Some of the Best PoE 3.5 Builds

PoE 3.5 Builds
By | February 18th, 2019 | Categories: Path of Exile

Now that we’re nearing the end of Path of Exile’s 3.5 patch, it’s time to go over some of the best PoE 3.5 Builds. I’m going to try to look at builds from different categories, making sure to hit Starter, Speed, and Delve. These builds will be good ones to work towards in the upcoming 3.6 league, which is as of yet unannounced! Hopefully, you can find some inspiration inside.

What are 5 solid PoE 3.5 Builds?

  1. Storm Brand Elementalist
  2. Flicker Strike Ascendant
  3. Molten Strike Juggernaut
  4. Herald of Agony
  5. Tornado Shot Deadeye

1. Storm Brand Elementalist

This build was a surprise to me and many others. Looking at Storm Brand and feeling the playstyle at first was very underwhelming to me. However, players far better than I used it far more extensively, and realized that Storm Brand Elementalist might be the best starter build in the game right now. With minimal investment – or none for SSF – this build can easily tackle all content the game can throw at you. It is very safe due to the playstyle of drop and run, and it does far more damage than I thought possible. By using Mind Over Matter the build reaches a comfortable level of tankiness as well.

There are many guides out there, but when I did my Hardcore SSF run of Storm Brand Elementalist I used Kraiwen’s guide. The nice thing about this build, apart from the fact that it’s a budget, is that it nicely covers every aspect of Path of Exile nicely. Tankiness, range, extended damage, and last but certainly not least, speed. Due to the nature of the build – ranged abilities with a short cast time and high AoE – it can easily clear maps incredibly quickly. There really isn’t any downside to this build, and if it isn’t nerfed for 3.6 I can imagine many players will be league starting it.

For more Path of Exile, check this out: PoE Starter Builds for the Betrayal League (Patch 3.5)

2. Flicker Strike Ascendant

Flicker Strike is well known as PoE’s insanely fast, insanely dangerous build. It’s not dangerous because of any game mechanic, it’s dangerous because of the complete lack of control you have over it. Once you hold down your attack it is ‘Jesus take the wheel’ time, as you fly through the map wildly. Because of this, the build is recommended for Softcore typically. Ascendant does a good job of mitigating the danger through using Slayer leech, as well as access to quite a bit of health, and potential for taking a defensive second ascendancy such as Juggernaut.

If you’re looking to deep delve, this build can definitely do it – it’ll probably just die a lot. Delving is particularly dangerous since you flicker off into the darkness quite often, where enemies don’t take damage. You’ll need quite a few flares and a lot of patience to progress.

There are two different common Flicker Strike Ascendant builds at the moment. The first uses a claw and shield. This variant is likely stronger, but it requires far higher investment to reach the top end of damage. The second variant makes use of Oro’s Sacrifice, a unique weapon that allows easy generation of frenzy charges. Monhsaroh has a good guide for the Oro’s version, where he demonstrates the build’s versatility by having a second Molten Strike setup which he uses for Uber Elder.

3. Molten Strike Juggernaut

Speaking of Molten Strike, this might be the most popular skill for high-end play at the moment. And by might, I mean it is certainly the most popular skill for deep delving. I myself played this build to level 100 this league, entirely solo, almost entirely in deep delves. I have since taken it to 700 depth and stopped because I was done with the league, not because the build stopped being able to progress. This build is incredibly strong through the strength of Molten Strike and Nebulochs, allowing the rest of your build to focus on defenses.

A note, however, this build is extremely expensive. To get it up and running you’re looking at around 15-20 exalts, and to get it perfected you’re probably looking at 50 or more. That said, if you can get it off the ground, you’re golden. The build makes use of 10 endurance charges alongside Nebulochs, giving you easy access to max armor, max chaos resistance, and quite a bit of damage. Alongside Juggernaut’s natural tankiness you can easily tank nearly anything in the game. You also make use of a Life on hit while affected by Vitality Watcher’s Eye. This, alongside the million projectiles you produce with Molten Strike, will keep you at full health nearly 100% of the time. Basically, if something doesn’t one shot you, you’re probably not dying. And being one shot is pretty darn tough. MrsDeath has a great guide on the forums you can check out.

4. Herald of Agony

Herald of Agony was released in 3.4 and quickly established that it was an incredibly powerful skill. Strong enough that it was nerfed prior to 3.5, something that happens only in extreme cases for new skills. However, it is still extremely strong, and is likely the second most popular skill for deep delving, after Molten Strike. However, unlike Molten Strike there are many budget versions of Herald of Agony builds, even starters with no currency investment needed.

The reason I didn’t put a class for this section is that Herald of Agony can be made to work with many classes. The most popular high-end build is Occultist making use of a well-crafted bow. For starters, Champion is very strong with its natural mitigation – they can use either a bow or a melee weapon. But I’ve also seen many other characters play the build highly successfully. Just this league there was a guardian who made it to solo depth 1000 with the build, making use of a life on hit claw.

The reason Herald of Agony is so strong and so versatile is that it provides all the damage for you. It’s like Molten Strike on steroids. You only need a small handful of minion damage nodes on the tree and a fast attack, and you’re set. This means you can dedicate all of your other points and items towards defenses, allowing all content to be trivialized. The only downside is that it is not a fast mapper at all.

5. Tornado Shot Deadeye

It would be remiss of me to ignore an entire playstyle, so the final build here is an increased quantity stacking Tornado Shot Deadeye. This build is based entirely around moving fast, killing fast, and getting a lot of loot for your attacks. The build makes use of Windripper, a quantity amulet, two Ventor’s Gambles, and Sadima’s Touch and Goldwyrm if you can fit them into the build.

The build is extremely expensive, relying on a +2 Tornado Shot secondary projectiles helmet enchant, as well as a six linked Tornado Shot, not to mention well enough rolled Ventors that you aren’t lacking stats. If played with an aurabot the price goes down and the effectiveness goes up considerably. The more players you have in the party the more quantity you get, so many players who use this method try to get six-man groups, with one curse bot and one aurabot so their damage doesn’t fall off.

There’s not much else to say here. Move fast, attack fast, get loot. Run maps with good divination cards. That’s pretty much it. You won’t be doing any serious bossing or delving with this build, it excels at one thing and that is generating currency from mapping.


This concludes our PoE 3.5 Builds. These are some of the top builds that have been seen across Betrayal league, specializing in different aspects of gameplay. Unless they are nerfed, all five will be very effective playstyles moving into the upcoming leagues as well!

For a list of Builds from 6 categories, check out our Path of Exile Wiki page.

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