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4 of the Top PoE 3.6 Unique Items

PoE 3.6 Unique Items
By | March 24th, 2019 | Categories: Path of Exile

We’re a few weeks into the 3.6 patch cycle and the Synthesis league launch. It’s time to take a look at what some of the best PoE 3.6 Unique Items are! There are a few uniques that have quickly found themselves as staples in builds, as well as a few that have a lot of potential moving forwards.

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What are some of the best Unique Items?

  1. Vixen’s Entrapment
  2. The Eternity Shroud
  3. Bottled Faith
  4. Circle of Emotion

1. Vixen’s Entrapment

Vixen’s Entrapment is if not the most powerful new unique, at the very least the most used one. It meshes perfectly with the new skill Bane, which has quickly become one of the most popular skills in the league currently. Vixen’s Entrapment are the perfect gloves to use alongside Bane. The ability is a bit confusing, but basically whenever you cast a curse, all curses socketed in the gloves are also cast in the same location.

Since Bane is a curse itself, when you use Bane offensively, you can also apply the curses socketed in the gloves simultaneously. The gloves themselves allow you to apply an additional curse as well, so even if you want to socket most of your curses alongside Bane directly, it’s still effective. It even has additional cast speed to boost your Bane! The only downside is that it doesn’t have incredibly high stats, and that Bane cannot leech, so that line is useless for that particular build.

I haven’t seen Vixen’s Entrapment used on any build not employing Bane as of yet, but I’m sure there is a lot of potential. It also allows a huge buff to any offensive skills that come out in the future with the curse tag. Great design!

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2. The Eternity Shroud

This is the newest item dropped by Shaper himself. Side note, I love that existing bosses are seeing improvements to their loot table so that they remain relevant. Eternity Shroud is a great offensive chest that creates an entirely new archetype of crafting and build development. It provides massive damage bonuses for each Shaper item you have equipped – Shaper items being the items that drop in Shaper influenced areas, not specific uniques. They have Shaper’s background making them clear to see.

If you get a maximum roll and are able to put on all shaper items, The Eternity Shroud provides you with 50% more damage, which then fully penetrates enemy defenses. This basically doubles your damage for any elemental build. It may seem tough to get crafted Shaper items to satisfy the requirements, but if you can meet the goal it is an amazing item.

This build is very interesting, because you can either run it with all self-crafted gear and have it be very cheap (apart from the chest itself), or spend hundreds of exalts getting the best gear money can buy. Either way it should be very effective, and again promotes new archetypes, at least gear-wise. It also provides good life, some energy shield and evasion, and creates a bubble that slows enemies in an area around you whenever you’re hit. Just a great piece of gear to have.

3. Bottled Faith

Bottled Faith is a new Sulphur Flask created to work cleanly alongside some of the new skills and consecrated ground buffs. Alongside the natural buffs to all consecrated ground this patch, this particular flask creates a much larger radius that can be used effectively with Purifying Flame’s final wave ability, as well as Inquisitor making people on his consecrated ground take significantly increased damage. This is again scaled by the final line of the flask, making enemies standing on your consecrated ground during the flask effect take up to 10% increased damage.

However, the biggest bonus the flask provides is the up to 2% increased critical strike chance. This is not a 2% bonus chance to critically strike overall, this is base crit. This means it scales off of all of your increases to critical strike chance. For example, if you have 300% increased critical strike chance, using this flask will give you a 6% higher probability to land a critical strike. This is a huge bonus, as you can easily scale it to provide over 10% higher chance to critical by scaling crit on the tree and using a diamond flask. The flask is a must-have for many new Inquisitor builds in particular.

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4. Circle of Emotion

Okay, it’s not actually called Circle of Emotion. In fact, this is a section for five new rings that buff each of the five different herald skills. They can each roll several possible results as well, ranging from reduced mana reserved to increased damage. These rings are drops from the new bosses in the memory nexus, introduced in Synthesis. They can also be used to craft new items.

These rings can be extremely strong, especially for Herald of Agony builds. Since they put five supports on their Herald of Agony, it costs quite a bit of mana. This means that when it gets a 30% reduced mana reserved buff, you gain back a full 10-20% of your mana, depending on your build. This can allow you to run an entire second buff, increasing your damage by massive margins.

It can be used for any of the heralds in similar ways, Herald of Agony is just the most popular and strongest to build around at the moment. They can also be used to craft items using the Synthesizer. I personally found a ring that only had one line buffing the heralds, rather than two, and the second line instead said that if used in the Synthesizer then the resulting item would have an additional implicit. It is certainly very interesting to see what can come from them!


PoE 3.6 Unique Items are many and they are varied. The most important thing is that they all have a very interesting design that promotes different archetypes, and aren’t simply better forms of existing items or archetypes. Vixen’s Entrapment enables easy curse stacking, The Eternity Shroud promotes crafting and using non-unique items in order to get the bonuses. There are a ton of new uniques to play with, and they only get more interesting as we figure out how to best use them!

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