7 New Spells Plus More for PoE 3.6

PoE 3.6
By | March 4th, 2019 | Categories: Path of Exile

PoE 3.6 is set to come out in just over a week, and we couldn’t be more excited. The 3.6 patch heralds the new Synthesis league, which brings along with it a new mechanic, new skills, many balance reworks, and tons of new items. We’re still missing quite a bit of information, but we’ll try our best to give you the important bits!

What’s Synthesis?

Synthesis is the newest league for Path of Exile, coming out Friday, March 8th. It brings with it the new Memories system. You will encounter a spirit, Cavas, who has lost his memories. It is your goal to help him recover them. You can do this by traveling through a maze of memories. Your travels will be spurred by your own creation of pathways, using blocks not dissimilar to those found in children’s games. Each pathway that you add will have its own modifiers, and they will also each contribute to an overall global modifier. This means that longer pathways will be more dangerous, but also more rewarding.

The pathways will lead to memory hubs which will have their own bosses, loot, etcetera. From what we’ve seen the Memories system is very similar to Delve. Without having experienced it, we won’t know much more.

There is also a new item type being introduced in 3.6: broken items. Broken items have one to three modifiers stuck on it. They are rolled just like normal modifiers, they just cannot be changed. This means that most of the broken items you find will be completely garbage, since, well, most items are. However, if you find a great broken item, it will be very easy to craft on, since you only need to fill out a few stats, rather than hit all of them.

The useless broken items aren’t entirely useless either. They can be combined – Synthesis – with three of the same type of item, into a new item that has new implicit stats. These stats can range from a bit of extra health to absolutely bonkers effects like reduced mana reservation for auras.

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What Balance changes are there?

Every patch comes with a host of balance changes, and 3.6 is no different. Most of the time there’s not much balance discussion until a few days before the patch launches, but this time is a bit different. PoE 3.6 carries with it a massive overhaul of all spells in the game. This is huge news, and has been discussed at great length already.

The issue is that currently self-casting spells sucks. You can’t deal enough damage, and you put yourself in a vulnerable position. At the moment most spellcasters use other methods to proc their spells, such as totems, traps, or Poet’s Pens. While these methods are all interesting, it doesn’t lend well to self-casting. GGG wants to change this, and they’ve done a full overhaul of the spells in order to do so.

Along with number rebalancing, two new support gems have been added to help self-casting. They are also adding seven new spells from a new archetype that they are pushing, which is chaos and holy spells.

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What are the new Spells?

  1. Soulrend
  2. Bane
  3. Purifying Flame
  4. Wave of Convocation
  5. Divine Ire
  6. Zealot
  7. Malevolence

1. Soulrend

It’s is very similar to Essence Drain. It shoots out tendrils that pass through enemies, dealing chaos damage. It also grants energy shield leech, 4%, which is very high – higher than most builds ever achieve. Soulrend itself is very simple, but the fact that energy leech and leech off of spells is going to be a thing is very interesting, and meta shaping!

2. Bane

Is similar to Blight. It instantly deals chaos damage to a large area. The interesting part of it is that it applies linked curses without the need of a Curse on Hit gem link. It also deals significantly increased damage for each curse than Bane applies, up to your curse limit. It appears that it’s a supporting skill currently, it stands to see if it will be strong enough to use as a main offensive skill.

3. Purifying Flame

Is an entirely new holy spell. It shoots out in a straight line, then explodes in a small AoE. This explosion leaves behind consecrated ground, and then sends out a wave of damage across all connected consecrated ground. This works with itself to create large swaths of damage, as well as with Sulphur flasks and Inquisitor’s ascendancy.

4. Wave of Convocation

Is a 25% fire 25% lightning physical based spell that sends out a wave of holy damage along the ground. It extends outwards creating a massive swath of damage, but if you recast it, the currently expanding wave will disappear. Wave of Convocation reduces the elemental resistance of whatever the highest damage it deals is. So if it is dealing mostly lightning damage, it will reduce monster’s lightning resistance. With the expanding nature and debuff, Wave of Convocation is a strong support skill, if you don’t want to use it as a main skill.

5. Divine Ire

Is probably the strangest of the new skills. While channeling it, lightning crackles around you hitting nearby enemies. Upon release it shoots out a beam of damage in a tight line. This is meant to be a finisher to the initial clear, taking out rare or unique mobs, and being effective on bosses. Either this spell will be strong enough to carry itself, or it will have very interesting aspects of Cast When Channeling elements.

6. Zealotry

Is a new aura that increases spell damage, spell critical strike chance, and a chance to create consecrated ground on hitting a rare or unique enemy. It works well in conjunction with Purifying Flame.

7. Malevolence

Is a new aura that increases damage over time and skill effect duration. It works well in conjunction with Soulrend, but also existing damage over time abilities.


There’s a lot of new stuff to look forward to in PoE 3.6. A new league, new mechanics, new items, and a host of new spells. Most interesting is the spells rework, which will enable entirely new metas. We highlighted seven of the new skills, but this update will enable nearly every spell to be used differently, hopefully more effectively. I can’t wait to see what happens!

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