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PoE 3.7 News for Legion

By | June 3rd, 2019 | Categories: Path of Exile

Following our article on the newly revealed Legion league last week, this week we’re following up with even more PoE 3.7 news! Following last week’s melee changes to players, we have quite a few melee changes to minions, as well as some more ways for players to react to these changes! We also got the first of the ascendancy reworks. Lastly, we got some new incubators that I’d like to touch on briefly. Let’s break it down!

How were minions changed?

Players aren’t the only ones getting a melee revamp in 3.7. In the Baeclast last week Jonathan – one of GGG’s lead devs – discussed that monsters from acts one to three would be getting a full overhaul on how their attacks worked. Previously minions had very sweeping attacks that had very little connection to the actual visual effect. In fact, Jonathan was honest in the fact that while going through the animations, quite a few of them had the application of damage disconnected from the visual connection. This has been fixed, but alongside this, they made all of the attacks far more connected to their visual effects. If Brutus swings at you from the right, dodge left. Now small sidestep dodges will actually work.

To compensate for players being able to dodge enemies, the enemies themselves were given buffs. This means that you actually will want to be dodging properly. You will want to be taking advantage of the animation canceling that we discussed last week in order to properly dodge attacks, particularly if you are using slow attacks or multi-strike, which would normally lock you in place for a long time.

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How can players avoid these mechanics?

You don’t actually have to dodge every attack. They have added several new skills that help mitigate damage, as well as changing some existing ones. Last week we discussed the new reservation skills Blood and Sand and Flesh and Stone, both of which can make you significantly tankier. However, they also added a dodging ability called Dash. It’s a movement skill with an instant cast that allows you to dodge in a specific direction instantly. If you hold shift while activating it, you will fly away from your cursor instead, truly allowing for instant reaction time. You access this skill at level four, allowing players to engage with the dodging mechanic very early.

They have also added a new purely defensive ability called Steelskin. Steelskin “instantly hardens your skin, granting a damage barrier that absorbs 70% of all damage taken”. It has a maximum amount of damage that can be absorbed, which is based on the gem level. Since it doesn’t last very long, it will be used to block specific attacks with manual reactions, unless you plan to put it on a cast when damage taken setup.

They also reworked two major defensive abilities. Immortal Call and Molten Shell. Immortal Call no longer grants full immunity to physical damage. Instead, it blocks 35% of physical damage, as well as 35% of elemental damage. The physical blocking can be scaled up with endurance charges consumed, up to five endurance charges for a maximum 85% of physical damage blocked. The elemental damage does not scale. For players who can generate endurance charges easily, this should be a huge buff. For those who cannot, it’s probably a nerf.

Lastly Molten Shell was changed entirely. Now it works very similarly to the new Steelskin ability. It blocks 75% of damage taken during the duration, to a maximum which is based on your armour. For characters with high armour, this could be an incredible new ability to use, whether manually or in a Cast When Damage Taken setup. I’ll certainly be trying it, since this is the melee league and I’ll have quite a bit of armour!

Which Ascendancy has been reworked?

So far it is confirmed that four ascendancies will be reworked this patch – Chieftain, Berserker, Slayer, and Gladiator. There have been rumors about the other three, but so far we’ve only seen Chieftain’s actual numbers. The Chieftain rework is interesting. It maintained its existing identity while adding little buffs here and there, as well as tweaking quite a few numbers.

Tasilo, Cleansing Water was given massive buffs, and single-handedly is a reason to look at Chieftain again. It was previously known as Ramako, Sun’s Light. Now it has an additional 1% of life regenerated per second, and the 2% of life regenerated per second if you’ve been hit recently was changed into 50% increased life recovery rate if you’ve been hit recently. That’s huge. It cannot be overstated how big that it. Life recovery rate applies to every source of life. From regeneration to leech, everything you receive will be increased by 50%. To compare that to the previous numbers, as long as you’re regenerating more than 4% of your life per second, it’s already better. In all likelihood you’ll be regenerating close to 10-15% of your life per second, meaning this will give an extra 5-8% on top of that. Not to mention that it also applies to leech.

The other nodes were moved around a bit, and it’s questionable whether they are better or worse. Totems no longer taunt, which is a huge downside to totem-based Chieftain players. Overall, anyone who previously went Chieftain will likely still go Chieftain, and be a bit happier because of the changes. I doubt this will make too many builds swap to Chieftain though.

What are Incubators?

As our last little tidbit today, Incubators are a new mechanic tied to the Legion mechanic. Occasionally you will find incubators in the wild. They can then be attached to your gear, and after killing a certain number of monsters, they will ‘hatch’. So far, we’ve only seen examples where the hatching will grant a unique item, but the system’s style allows for a lot of interesting interactions. Hopefully, this will be something they play with quite a bit because it’s a cool progression-based system!


PoE 3.7 is shaping up to be one of the best leagues we’ve seen in quite a while. The melee changes are huge, the melee system changes are even bigger. We have new skills to play with alongside animation canceling, and instant reaction spells to block massive boss hits. Four reworked ascendancies, including Chieftain which we have already seen, as well as incubators providing some extra loot for you to look forward to. There’s something for everyone, and I personally can’t wait!

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