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Getting Started with 4 PoE 3.7 Builds

PoE 3.7 Builds
By | June 9th, 2019 | Categories: Path of Exile

Well, Legion is officially here! Recently, we saw the official patch notes and skill tree announced, and today we have received the skill gem information. With all that said, it is time to commence the theory crafting! Presenting our PoE 3.7 Builds! These builds will be focused on league starting, considering the league is about to, well, start. Hope you enjoy, and great luck in the league!

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What are good starter builds?

  1. Cyclone Slayer
  2. Tectonic Slam Juggernaut
  3. Lacerate Berserker
  4. Flicker Strike Slayer

1. Cyclone Slayer

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has been following along with the release cycle. Cyclone is one of the gems that has received the most love in 3.7, and it has been eagerly anticipated by many. Slayer was also given a full rehaul, making it extremely strong once more, just in time for a melee focused league. Cyclone Slayer is an old favourite build of mine, and many players. For us, this is not only a great league starter but a great nostalgic build.

But enough reminiscing! What has actually changed with Cyclone? Well, all melee skills got quite a bit of quality of life, many of them having flat physical damage added onto them to make leveling and low to mid tiers of gear feel a lot better. Cyclone is not an exception to this, getting a fair amount of flat damage added onto it. However, with Cyclone that added damage is only the tip of the iceberg. The biggest thing that changed is that now Cyclone has the ‘Channeling’ tag, and when you use it, it channels properly. Compared to the old Cyclone that stilted forwards and often got locked into particularly long routes, this is a massive change both in terms of balance and quality of life. Having the channeling tag means that you can use Cyclone in conjunction with quite a few things, including but not limited to Infused Channeling Support, Cast While Channeling, and the new channeling clusters on the skill tree. Cyclone was also given +1 weapon radius for each stage that you’ve channeled, up to six stages. This means that Cyclone simply gets a massive area of effect bonus.

Slayer itself might not be as exciting as Cyclone, but the changes to the ascendancy range from nice quality of life to massive boosts. For Slayer fans, you’ll be pleased to note that the stun immunity while leeching was restored, and is once again attached to the Overleech branch. The other nodes that people typically took were all buffed fairly substantially, and there are two new (or reworked) nodes for critical scaling builds. They aren’t anything to shrug at either. Now for two points, Slayer can get +2 to weapon range, 50% global accuracy, increased area of effect, and 15% more damage when they are beside an enemy. All that for two points! And on the other side, they get base crit chance of 8%, more critical strike multiplier, and some defensive bonuses. Increasing your base critical strike chance multiplies with all sources of critical strike chance, so this is essentially 60% higher critical strike chance, versus the typical base chance of 5%.

Cyclone Slayer is certainly the build I’m playing, and I’m sure I will be one of the millions! Here’s the tree I’m using.

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2. Tectonic Slam Juggernaut

This is not going to be a particularly exciting build if you’re looking for new content. Nothing serious has changed about Tectonic Slam or Juggernaut. However, both skill and ascendancy are in very strong places, and they are comfortable and easy picks for the player who likes to play ‘melee’ while also clearing an entire screen with the click of a button.

Tectonic Slam itself was changed to attack a bit slower but hit harder. For starter builds this will be better for the most part, as it will typically result in fewer attacks. However, for top end builds this will be a slight nerf to clear speed. Not a ton of change here though, just some small particulars. If you’re interested in this build check out this beginner guide, which is extremely on a budget.

3. Lacerate Berserker

Lacerate is another one of the skills that got a rework. It now makes use of the new Blood and Sand stances, which rely on using one of the reservations skills to swap between them. Once you have one of the reservation skills on, simply toggle the skill in order to swap stances. In Blood Stance Lacerate has a higher chance to bleed and deals more bleeding damage. In Sand Stance Lacerate has much wider slashes, including a focal point in which the slashes overlap, dealing double damage. You are in Blood Stance by default if you do not use one of the reservation skills.

Sand Stance is looking to be pretty incredible on many of the new skills, and Lacerate is no exception to this. Having massive area bonuses is great for mapping, and allowing it to overlap is a huge bonus for bossing – there’s really no downside to it!

Berserker itself got a full rework as well. Or rather they tweaked the numbers enough to make it feel like a whole new class. Rage now triples rather than doubles its effect, but the degeneration was halved, and only takes effect when you are not actively attacking. It is also on hit rather than on kill, allowing you to keep your stacks and avoid degenerating on bosses. There are also some new Rage based skills you may want to play with. The 40% more damage node is still there, and the Warcry node got a ton of quality of life, including large amounts of damage and attack speed. Berserker is still a glass cannon class, but it’s a lot more reasonable than it was before, and its potential output was massively boosted.

4.  Flicker Strike Slayer

Flicker Strike is often viewed as a meme, but those who have used it know just how powerful it can be. Now they have given it chance to gain Frenzy charges on hit and on kill, giving it even more ease of sustain. It was also given a very slight buff. There’s not a ton to say about this one honestly.

If you’ve played Flicker Strike in the past, you know what you’re getting into. If you haven’t, I wouldn’t recommend it as a league starter, because you may be one of the many people who find themselves unable to play the build due to the headaches the flickering screen can cause. That said, Flicker Strike is likely the fastest clearing skill in the game – when it goes right. You hold down your mouse button and everything on the screen dies. Sometimes you find yourself three screens away, sometimes you clear a whole map without letting go. It has incredible potential, and alongside the melee and Slayer buffs, now is the time to play with it! If you do want to play Flicker Strike, here’s one of the many builds you can follow!


We hope that these PoE 3.7 Builds start you off on the right path. Now go out there and make something happen. Cheers!

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