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PoE Patch Notes for 3.7

PoE Patch Notes
By | June 23rd, 2019 | Categories: Path of Exile

Legion has been out for nearly two weeks now, and it has received an incredible reception. Nearly everyone has lauded this as one of the best leagues we’ve ever had in terms of mechanics and pure enjoyment. However, it has also come with its fair share of bugs and server issues. And when I say its fair share, I mean that Legion has been one of the worst leagues ever in terms of raw performance issues. Needless to say, there have been many, many PoE Patch Notes, including one that is updating for me as I write this.

Have they balanced Legion content?

Typically, by this point in the league, there have been several patches addressing the new league content, fixing it up and getting it into a state where players can better enjoy it. As a testament to how much people are enjoying Legion content, there have only been two major balance changes to the league mechanic so far.

The first change was an extremely necessary change that was causing havoc for players. This was the Vaal Legion’s attack known by many as the Red Mist, or the Red Wall of Death, or “what the hell just killed me?” The Red Mist attack was incredibly overtuned. It hit my character for nearly 3000 damage, post-mitigation, several times per second. I myself had built a character tanky enough to survive something like that, but many of my friends were at their wits end trying to deal with an attack so strong. Not just that, it also had no visible indicators for when it was starting, dealt damage before the animation appeared, and could easily be cast from off-screen. It was one of the most overtuned abilities we’ve ever seen in Path of Exile, and it was rightfully tuned down, quickly.

The second balance change is one to Legion rewards themselves. One of the incubators was slightly underperforming, so they increased the number of items that it dropped. That’s pretty much it in terms of actually balancing Legion content – the content was very fun and balanced, to begin with.

In terms of clarity, they have also made the indicators over the monsters easier to see, as well as giving the incubators a progress bar on the side of your screen when they are close to popping, similar to gem levels. There were also a couple glitches and bugs regarding the Timeless Conflict, which have been fixed.

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Have they fixed the many Skill bugs?

As of writing this, most of the bugs to do with skills have been fixed. Today they finally fixed the double flame dashing, which seemed to fix my own similar issues with Leap Slam and other skills as well. A bug that many of us were unaware of was also fixed today – Bladestorm’s initial hit wasn’t actually dealing damage. So for those who were excited about Bladestorm and found it underwhelming, like myself, it was likely due to it missing approximately half its damage!

There have also been a variety of other fixes including but not limited to: Infused Channeling once again works with channeled skills, Multistrike was fixed for most of its interactions, fortify from shield charge once again works with wands, etcetera.

They also fixed many if not all of the animation canceling issues that have been brought in with each patch. You no longer cancel movement skills by trying to walk or get stuck in certain animations.

How is Server stability?

There are still some crashes, for sure. However, a vast majority of the crashing instances have been fixed. Channeling skills no longer crashes your game if you proc a Shaper interaction while using them. Monoliths will rarely cause game crashes anymore due to sheer number of mobs released. Running in a group, particularly one with an aurabot, does not cause the entire instance to die spontaneously anymore.

I’m still crashing more this league than any previously, but at this point, it’s once or twice in ten hours, not twice an hour. Sure, it’s still frustrating, but it’s very manageable.

Far more irritating is the presence of lag in certain fights. The biggest offender for myself and my group is Uber Elder. For whatever reason, that fight is incredibly laggy for us. Personally, I have a very difficult time playing in other realms for the Uber Elder fight, which I have had no issues within the past. Since my entire group is in a different server than me, this is quite frustrating at times.

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Are we done Patching?

As of writing this, nearly all of the known bugs and glitches have been fixed or are a top priority. There are a few outstanding, but nothing standing in the way of enjoying the game. If you were frustrated by the issues and put PoE down, I highly suggest you pick it up again. It is unlikely that you’ll experience much more than small hiccups in play at this point. It is well worth your time to give it another shot, given how much work has gone into this league and how much potential it has to truly shine.

How is Legion?

This entire article has been discussing all of the various bugs and their fixes. At this point, I could write a book for Legion’s PoE Patch Notes. It doesn’t pain Legion in a good light. It’s not being unfair either, this has been the least stable and most buggy launch of any league that I have played, since 2.6 when I started. That said, Legion is actually incredible. It might be the most fun league I’ve played so far, and that’s saying a lot. Sure, it’s buggy. Sure, it’s laggy. But the actual content is fun, the balance changes revitalized melee, and players are having a blast. Legion will go down as one of the buggiest and most fun leagues in Path of Exile history.

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