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Did you know there was a trade marketplace run by players in Path of Exile? Wanna know how to use it? Yes? Perfect! And if the thought of trading in PoE stresses you out, don’t worry, you’re not alone. The system can be confusing and intimidating for first-timers, particularly if they’re worried about angering other players if they’re not doing it right. That being said, most players in the game are really helpful, and if you just ask someone for help, you’ll probably get a positive response. However, to try to make the experience easier for newer players, this helpful guide will run you through everything you need to know to start trading in PoE.

Today I’m going to show everything when it comes to basic trading in PoE: from how to access the trade market to proper trade etiquette. Let’s get started.

Where is the market itself?

You actually don’t access the PC PoE trade market in-game (unlike on consoles). First, you must go to the Path of Exile website and click on the “Trade” option located just under the League header. From there you will be taken to a new page where you can start your trading experience.

How to use the market?

Before we use the market, we should ask ourselves, “What do I need?”, “Do I have currency to spend”, and “How necessary is this?” Once we figured all of that out we can move forward to the next step, which is narrowing down our search options to find the best offers for what we want. I will use a few examples to help demonstrate.

Let’s say we are level 47,  a critical-based Cyclone Slayer and our weapon of choice is a two-handed sword. First, we would need to find the “item category” section located in the “type filters” category at the top of the screen and type “two-handed sword”. Next, we should ask ourselves: “do I need any specific colors on my sword”, if yes I would go in the “Socket Filter” category and choose in the links section our desired colors in each color slot. Next, we will determine our budget in a category at the bottom called “Trade filters”, then put in the “buyout price” section the maximum price we are willing to spend in Chaos Orbs. From there we search and simply click on your desired DPS under the first weapon that comes up. This will prioritize the highest DPS possible within your price range.

I found my item. Now what?

Once you find your item, click on the whisper option located near the price of the item. Then go in-game and open your chat by pressing ENTER. Once you do that just press CTRL+V and then ENTER. This will whisper the person who is selling the product a message similar to this: “@”PLAYER NAME” Hi, I would like to buy your Goblinedge Ambusher listed for “X” chaos in Scourge (stash tab “Sell”; position: left 24, top 8)”.

They Invited Me! What do I do?

Well, firstly don’t worry! Feel free to grab the currency required for the purchase and accept their invite. Next, teleport to their hideout by right-clicking on their name and choosing the “travel to hideout” option. Once you arrive feel free to walk around if you wish or just stand there, either work. They will send you an invite to trade and from there all you have to do is insert your currency and review the product, just to be sure it’s the right thing. 

I have my item now!

Don’t forget to press ENTER and thank the seller! Now you are done! Have fun out there folks and make sure to have a great day, hopefully this brief guide will be helpful for figuring out how to use the PoE trade system.

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