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This is the ultimate hub for PoE announcements, updates, new expansion previews, and more. If you’re looking for a consolidated page of the latest breaking information, make sure to bookmark this page.

PoE’s Latest Announcement of Expansion: Sentinel

PoE’s Past Patch Note and Expansion List

Feburary 2022

New Kirac’s Vault Mechanic

PoE introduced a new Kirac’s Vault mechanic. It is a Battle Pass type system which is used in unlocking new skins. Kirac’s Vault is available for $30 and grants access to eight unique skins.

3.17.1 Patch

  • In PoE’s upcoming 3.17.1 patch GGG is improving the Archnemesis Panel so that players will be able to better filter their discovered Archnemesis recipes.

New Expansion: Siege of the Atlas

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