A Perfect Combination: PoE Vendor Recipe Overview

PoE Vendor Recipe
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One of the things that set Path of Exile apart from your usual hack-and-slash dungeon crawler MMORPG is its lack of currency. That means other than grinding, players have to trade gear and items if they want to get a particular piece they want and/or need. Other than that, there’s another way for players to get a certain gear or item, and we’ll share it in this PoE Vendor Recipe article.

One at a Time

The vendor recipe system is relatively simple: you just sell a town vendor a certain set of items, and in exchange, you’ll be receiving either an orb or a piece of gear.

Recipes are divided according to the number of required items. First would be single-item recipes, wherein its mods determine the result. For example, selling an item with cold/fire/lightning resistance mods yields an Alteration Shard. There are also other single-item recipes whose result is not only determined by mods but also the rarity. For example, an unidentified Magic item yields two Transmutation Shards, while an unidentified Rare item yields five Transmutation Shards.

The Hand You Play

Next would be multiple-item recipes. These kinds of recipes are formatted similarly to hands in poker. There’s X of a Kind, where you sell a certain number of items that are similar to one another. For example, by selling two identified Rare items that have the same name, you’ll receive an Orb of Chance. Make that three, and that would be the Orb of Alchemy recipe.

Then there’s the Straight Flush, where you get three items of the same base item type but have different rarities. For example, if you have a Normal, Magic, and Rare Kris, you’ll be getting an Orb of Augmentation. If they’re all unidentified, you’ll get two. And if they’re all 20% quality, you’ll be getting an Orb of Alchemy – two if they’re unidentified. And finally, adding a Unique item into the mix will give you an Orb of Chance.

Last but definitely not the least in this Path of Exile poker recipe game would be Full Rare Sets, where you sell an entire set of orbs. A full set (two-handed weapon/one-handed weapon and shield/two one-handed weapon/two shields, helmet, body armor, gloves, boots, belt, amulet, and ring) whose lowest piece is at level 60 to 74is thePOE Chaos Recipe. And if the lowest piece is at level 60 to 74, and all pieces are either unidentified or 20% quality, you’ll get two out of the Chaos Orb Recipe. If that’s still not a bargain for you, change the level of the lowest piece at level 75 to 100 and that would beRegal Orb Recipe. Lastly, if you have a full set of Shaped or Elder Items, you can sell them for 2 Exalted Shards – 4 if they’re unidentified.

Crafting, Gear, and Flasks

While it’s mostly gear that is being sold as crafting recipe in order to yield certain orbs, the same process can also yield crafting materials, equipment, and even flasks.

For crafting materials, items that are used to modify items’ properties, a popular choice, and a good example would be Vaal Orbs, a POE currency that corrupts an item, modifying it to produce unpredictable results. For the Vaal Orb recipe, you need Vaal Skill gems (which, conversely and ironically, is made using Vaal Orbs), or a Sacrifice Vaal fragment. As for equipment, you can either create rings and amulets – even unique ones – boots, weapons, and helmets. And last but definitely not the least, flasks – life, mana, jade, granite, and hybrid flasks. With the right recipe, you can make the one you need out of the ones you don’t.

Wraeclast, despite its dark and fearful atmosphere, holds a few wonders. One of those would be the Recipe system. Hopefully, with these few tips – and upcoming ones- you’d get to use this feature to its fullest.

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