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PoE Vendor Recipes 2017: NPC Bro Deals

POE Vendor Recipes
By | November 22nd, 2017 | Categories: Path of Exile

Greetings Exiles! Doc. Moo here and today we are going to talk about PoE Vendor Recipes, why they are important, and when we should (and should not) be doing them. This will work in with my Currency and Crafting guides.

Veteran’s of Wraeclast may not take a lot from this article but if you are freshly washed up on the Twilight Strand this may be a source of invaluable and time saving information for you. And with that let’s get to it.


Vendors in Path of Exile (POE) do not operate in the traditional sense as the currency we trade with, which comes in the form Orbs that we also use to craft our tools of destruction. In every main hub there are 2 essential vendors, one who will sell wands, potions, jewelry and orbs and another who will sell weapons and armor of low rarity (little to no magic properties). The fact that there is an NPC who sells everything from Scrolls of Wisdom to Orbs of Regret and Orbs of Alchemy means that the prices of these are virtually fixed (despite some players attempting to sell them for alternate currencies at what ends up being a higher rate).

Having a repertoire of useful vendor recipes can take the edge off a new league or race when you have no access to leveling unique’s. They can also generate substantial currency when farming if done efficiently.

Crafting Recipes

These are recipes that will make your spell based characters have a much welcomed early punch starting out in a new league or race by adding +1 to a socketed gem of a specific type to wands and scepters. Others are for quality of life like creating early movement speed boots. Keep in mind that without a Regal Orb being used, these items will be of Magic quality and a very low item level and as a result are only intended to provide a significant boost to damage and QOL very early on.

Crafting a +1 Elemental Wand/Scepter

You will need to have a Magic quality Wand or Scepter, this can easily drop or be crafted by using an Orb of Transmutation and 1x Orb of Alteration.

Next, we will want a ring of a color corresponding to the gem you intend on using. Their rarity is irrelevant. These can be obtained by vending 1 x Iron Ring and either a Red, Green or Blue gem respectively.

Ruby – Fire Sapphire – Cold

Topaz – Lightning

Selling all of these to any vendor will result in a Magic quality Wand/Scepter with +1 to Socketed Cold/Fire/Lightning Gems.

Crafting a +1 Chaos Wand

A +1 Chaos Wand is the same as the Elemental Weapon except instead of the ring you simply require a Chaos Skill Gem. This recipe is extremely easy to make in comparison as Blight can be purchased at level 1 by most classes. This is extremely useful as Essence Drain is an excellent league starter.

Crafting 10% Movement Speed Boots

Combine a pair of White (Normal) Rarity boots, 1 x Quicksilver flas of any rarity and 1 x Orb of Augmentation.

The result will be Magic quality boots with a guaranteed 10% movement speed. This can prove invaluable if you are racing and have a Quicksilver flask to spare.

Upgrading Crafting Materials Through Recipe’s

Essences, Sextants and Maps will all be upgraded one tier by vending 3 of the same. This is an excellent way to consolidate your maps or get yourself some higher level Essences for crafting or Sextants for your Atlas. Essences and Sextants in particular can fetch quite a pretty penny for the more end game variants.

The Money Makers

The next recipes we will look at are the Chromatic, Jewelers and Divine Orbs. Chromatic and Jewelers will be some of the most used currency for you throughout a league.

  • 1 x Chromatic Orb: vending an item with a red, green and blue socket LINKED. As you are leveling this is something you need to keep an eye out for as the RNG (random number generation) lingering over coloring items can be insane. The next part of this is to understand whether the size of an item is worth picking up for 1 Chromatic Orb.

Inventory space is almost its own commodity as you get further and further into mapping, and as a result picking up an item that takes 6 spaces in your inventory to vendor for 1 Orb worth 0.07 Chaos Orbs is something you really want to avoid doing.

Thankfully, there are plenty of Item Filters out there (a small script that reduces screen clutter from item drops and helps highlight items of importance) to help you make this decision quickly.

  • 7 x Jewelers Orbs: vending an item with 6 unlined sockets. This recipe is probably going to end up being your highest source of consistent income.
  • 1 x Divine Orb: vending an item with 6 LINKED sockets. I am yet to find a situation where doing this is worth it. Unless you have something drop that’s corrupted (unable to be crafted) and rolled horribly, I don’t think you would ever do this.

The Infamous “Chaos Recipe”

Chaos Orbs are the cut off point for Vendors, and as a result, they are in the sweet spot for filling the role of dollar bills within POE’s player driven economy. To gain these bad boys from a vendor, you will need to sell a complete set of equipment (including neck, rings x2 and a belt) over a certain Item Level. I will list these recipes below since they can be helpful generating currency in the early stages of a new League for newer players. The numbers are referring to the item’s level which can be viewed by holding the “Alt” key whilst moused over an item.

  • 1× Orb of Chance – 1 to 59
  • 2× Orb of Chance – 1 to 59, all unidentified OR all 20% quality
  • 3× Orb of Chance – 1 to 59, all unidentified AND all 20% quality
  • 1× Chaos Orb – 60 to 74
  • 2× Chaos Orb – 60 to 74, all unidentified OR all 20% quality
  • 3× Chaos Orb – 60 to 74, all unidentified AND all 20% quality
  • 1× Regal Orb – 75 to 100
  • 2× Regal Orb – 75 to 100, all unidentified OR all 20% quality
  • 3× Regal Orb – 75 to 100, all unidentified AND all 20% quality

The above recipe’s providing 3 of a currency are almost never used as you would not realistically find enough 20% quality items. I personally end up selling my unwanted Armor Scraps and Blacksmith stones (used to add quality to Armor and Weapons respectively) to save me time form picking up Srolls of Wisdom.

Additionally, the recipes rewarding an Orb of Chance will almost never be completed as items of that level will stop dropping once you finish leveling and stopping to organize your inventory and then stash for such a low return is not advised.

So, we are left with the recipes rewarding either 1 or 2 Chaos or Regal Orbs.

If you are either new to POE or casual (only running a few maps during a session), this will absolutely prove profitable until you get an understanding for the value of stats on certain items.

POE has had a massive influx of new players (this is going to sound beyond evil) that have no idea how things should be priced or their value. As a result, you will probably get significantly more value out of identifying your drops, especially jewelry, rather than vending an entire set for just 2 Chaoses or Regals. The current meta for stats in a League hold a huge amount of weight in this regard. Right now, getting a piece of jewelry with a decent life roll, two resistances and an open slot for crafting will easily sell for 1 or 2 Chaoses alone.

For me personally, the process required to perform this vendor recipe is not worth the effort or the time.  If you are looking to really push your currency per hour efficiency is key, and time is your most valuable resource.

Skill Gem Recipe’s

Decrease level of skill gem by 1 requires 1 x Skill Gem over level 1 and 1 x Orb of Scouring.

This can prove useful should you equip an item to round out resistances but reduce your core stats in the process preventing you from using a gem.

Decrease level of skill gem to 1 requires 1 x Skill Gem over level 1 and 1 x Orb of Regret.

I haven’t used this since 3.0 brought with it new vendor’s that sell every gem (purchasable) at level 1.

20% quality skill gem requires 1 x level 20 skill gems and 1 × Gemcutter’s Prism.

I’m not sure I would recommend this outside of Solo Self Found and even then you would probably find running Uber Labyrinth more efficient and cost effective as vending Quality gems that equal 20% total quality will result in 1 x Gemcutter’s Prism.

The experience required to level a gem to 20 is definitely a grind if you aren’t running something that falls into the “speed clear” meta.

This is honestly scratching the surface with regard to vendor recipe’s in Path of Exile. As a result, this merely serves to provide you with what I deem to be the most useful and the most used, and providing some insight into the much debated Chaos Recipe; also, determining if it is worth it for you personally.

You can find every known recipe over on Wiki.

Until next time, stay safe Exile!

-Doc. Moo.

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