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Preparing for the Fall: Path of Exile 3.0 Builds

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By | July 14th, 2017 | Categories: Path of Exile

Path of Exile (PoE) lets players get creative with their builds, especially with POE Ascendancy Classes. The sky’s the limit. On the other hand, some builds are “up there,” depending on the game’s version. Now, with 3.0, what are the best classes? How’s a build considered to be one of the best? Well, it moves at a comfortable pace, doesn’t easily die on traps, can handle the Shaper and Uber Atziri without difficulty, and is achievable.

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Golemancer Elementalist

In a previous blog (5 Best Path of Exile Builds), we touched base on this build. To recap, the Elementalist-Golemancer is a reliable offensively (you have a mini-army that helps in dealing damage) and defensively (they serve as meat shields since they can distract mobs into attacking them instead of you). The problem with this build is that it requires rare and pricey gear. Given how effective the Elementalist-Golemancer is, it’s worth every orb you’ll put up for trading.

Ancestral Warchief

Another solid build is the Ancestral Warchief (Chieftain). It’s been reliable before Patch 3.0 and continues to thrive. The Ancestral Warchief is straightforward and efficient in taking down waves of mobs, including bosses. Besides, this build can knock out some framing. Arguably, this is the best class for solo missions.

However, the Ancestral Warchief doesn’t have a shield, so you’re going to have to do some serious dodging, flask spamming, or come up with ways to get wins to restore HP. As the character gets stronger, the gear gets more expensive, but that’s not a problem exclusive to the build. Like all good builds, investing in looking like a lean, mean, fighting machine is wise.

Azure Knight Assassin

If Elementalist and Warchief aren’t for you, then perhaps the Assassin is your cup of tea, especially the “blue” one: the Azure Knight. It’s not exactly a build that’s specifically for this class; rather it’s adopted since it’s originally for Occultist. The bottle line is this: it works. It’s a must-try if you have an Assassin, or if you plan to make one.

What sets this apart from the usual high-critical/high-speed assassin build is its elemental ice damage. You’re going to need gems that boost melee physical and elemental damage and cold penetration. You’ll be able to take out common enemies with one shot, and dealing with stronger opponents will be easier. Now, for the downsides: you’re going to have to come up with a way to regenerate HP; plus, there’s the fact that the assassin is, for lack of a better term, squishy. The Azure Knight is a creative and robust build that you should try if you’re a DPS type.

Dual Wield Gladiator

If you’re not into assassins and would prefer a gladiator instead, there’s the Duelist Gladiator with Dual Wielding and Blade Flurry. Similar to the Assassin build previously brought up, this particular build is more convenient because it deals non-elemental melee damage.

The Dual Gladiator suffers the same softness as other non-Strength-based melee classes. The disadvantage can be somewhat alleviated since you can use a shield for this build rather than going full-on dual wielding. Although it would mean a bit of a dip in DPS, it would improve survivability.

HOWA Raider

If you want balance in attack speed, DPS, and Hand of Wisdom and Action, the HOWA Raider is the best bet. It’s well-rounded (speed, physical and elemental damage, and toughness) since it can have up to 10K+ of energy shield.

As the name suggests, the weapon is a must for this build, and so are these gems: (1) Vaal Haste, (2) Vaal Discipline, (3) Lightning Golem, (4) Whirling Blades, and (5) Spectral Throw. You’ll also need some INT; the weapons deal 1-6 Lightning damage for every 10 INT. The requirement is a disadvantage, so is the build’s need for pricey gear and a faster play style. At the end of the day, it’s a solid build. If you got the time, effort, and funds for it then give it a spin.

These five builds are worth experimenting, thanks to their uniqueness and effectiveness. Whether you want tried-and-tested or something completely unorthodox, the important thing is that you enjoy the game. Perhaps you have ideas on how these builds can step up 3.0. Drop us a comment!

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