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A Sneak Peak into PoE’s Fall of Oriath

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By | June 26th, 2017 | Categories: Path of Exile

Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath made it on June 8th. Even though the update isn’t fully patched onto the game yet, the beta version is up and running. Something is better than nothing! In a nutshell, the update is so far, so good.

Act Big and Kick Back

For those who haven’t been following gaming news, PoE’s Fall of Oriath is the greatest update since its release four years ago. The update adds six new acts, including fresh areas and maps for existing ones. Act 5 (Oriath) is the new area, an island where the exile was cast off from. Finally, the exiles have a chance for vengeance!

Payback, however, isn’t a walk in a park. Then again, it never is, especially since Oriath is a big place that’s packed to the gills with new enemies. The maps are in the ancient Greece/Rome-inspired island, which is much wider than its Wraeclast counterparts in Acts 1 through 4.

Beyond God-Mode

There’s another kind of enemy blocking your path to retribution: the Oriath gods, who are nothing like you’ve faced before. These gods are hard hitters! To kill them with more ease, utilize a new method introduced to the game: the Pantheon System. Players can gain buffs from the gods that they’ve taken out and activate them. Also, you can activate two buffs at the same time: one from a primary deity, and the other from a minor one. Part of the fun of this is in finding out which buffs work in synergy, or which buffs to use for a particular god.

After Act 5, you’ll return to Wraeclast for Acts 6 through 9. As mentioned earlier, these new acts revisit familiar areas. However, this time around, they will be set on new maps with new mobs. As for Act 10, it’s a new area. Fall of Oriath breathes new life on old maps on Acts 1 through 4, giving them a much-needed change to freshen up the experience. Also, Fall of Oriath features less noticeable updates, including enhanced graphics, new support gems, better perks for Dealing with Bandits quest, a more intuitive mini-map, and fewer hassles in equipping cosmetic/cash items.

Reacting to the Fall

Although the game is in the beta phase, positive things have been said regarding the Fall of Oriath. The continuation of the storyline was brilliantly written and satisfying, especially Act 5, which is the center and peak of the expansion’s storytelling. The new maps for old areas add a nice touch, as they make the game seem new, in particular, for gamers who’ve been playing for years.

The Pantheon System is considered a huge plus because it gives players more options with how they can make their characters stronger. At the same time, the system is being seen by some players as something that adds to PoE’s looming problem: its complex. Even though it’s a good thing to have gameplay become deeper by having new mechanics, it eventually makes the game less user-friendly toward newcomers. More challenges can limit the game’s player base to long-time and hardcore players. Still, the Pantheon System can be a useful backbone to certain players.

PoE has been a stellar game for a few years. With the Fall of Oriath, it’s going to get even better in many ways. At this point, to say that the game is good is an understatement, enough to get you exiled over and over again. Stay tuned since the full version of Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath will be out and about in mid to late July.

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