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Hello,Exiles! This is Ryan here to share some Path of Exile (POE) tips for beginners regarding Skill Points for the PoE Passive Skill Tree, Skill and Support Gems and Weapons for your characters. Let’s dive into it!

Do Quests to Earn Skill Points!

Skill Points are the currency needed to navigate the Passive Skill Tree. If you want to survive Wraeclast in one piece, you’ll have to upgrade your passive skills wisely and tailor it to both your play style and to your character’s strengths. Normally, you earn skill points from levelling up, but you can also earn a few from quests! Here are two notable quests to keep in mind:

  1. At the start of the game, Tarkleigh tells you of a fearsome beast known as “The Dweller of the Deep”, located in the Flooded Depths. To access this area, head down to the lowest level of The Submerged Passage (don’t forget a Sapphire Ring for cold resistance!); there, you’ll find the entrance. Defeat the Dweller of the Deep (easy if you’ve been allocating passive skills and leveling up gems consistently) and return to town for your skill point!
  2. Near the end of Act 1, you’ll find yourself in “The Ship’s Graveyard,” hunting the Siren Merveil. Mid-way through the area, you’ll run into Captain Fairgraves, marooned thanks to a slave girl. He asks you to find the Allflame that was stolen from him. There’s a cave near the waypoint that you can enter and travel through to find the dead girl holding said item. Turning it into the wayward captain, he explains that the flames need life to continue burning, and decides to take yours to accomplish that!

Defeating the captain and his summoned minions (a manageable fight) and speaking to Bestel at Lioneye’s Watch will reward you with another skill point!

Skill and Support Gems

After reaching the Prison for the first time, a quest notification will pop up telling you to return to Lioneye’s Watch for some assistance. In town, Nessa will hand you your first Support Gem! These items bestow supporting effects on your skill gems when equipped in linked slots on weapons and armor. Some effects include adding a chance to ignite enemies, summoning a totem that will use the linked skill, added elemental damage or adding debuff effects to skills. These are invaluable, especially for the fight against Brutus at the top of the prison, so get your hands on these as soon as you’re able to!

Also, keep a wary eye for Strongboxes, especially Gemcutter’s Strongboxes. A Strongbox is defended by a wave of monsters that ambush you when you try to open it. Defeating them opens the strongbox and releases the loot inside. Gemcutter’s Strongboxes yield tons of Skill and Support Gems and yield a Gemcutter’s Divination Card, which three traded in will yield a Gemcutter’s Prism, a rare currency item that improves the quality of your skill gems.

Have any unused or unneeded gems on hand? Store them in your stash in town for future use! You can keep them either to trade with other players or to use on a new character build.

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Weapon Vendor Recipes

Weapons: you won’t survive without them. So, it’s important that beginners keep a sharp eye out for good weapons, either with lots of stat modifiers or plenty of sockets for your skills that will help get an edge over everything and their mother trying to kill you. However, if you trade a few items to your local vendor, they can hook you up with some great weapons for a relatively easy cost! Here are a few examples:

  • For witches or others who enjoy using these types of weapons, you can score a wand or a sceptre that increases the level of any fire, ice or lighting elemental skill gems equipped by one (perfect for using Area of Effect spells and skills to quickly gain levels.) All you need is a wand or sceptre with blue rarity or higher, an Orb of Alteration and a Ruby, Sapphire or Topaz Ring, depending on your preferred element.
  • For those who like to get physical, trade for a weapon with increased physical damage (between 40-60%) by handing over any weapon, a magic rarity or higher Rustic Sash and a Blacksmith’s Whetstone.
  • If you’re looking to deal extra spell damage, trade in any one dagger, sceptre, staff or wand, a magic rarity or higher Chain Belt and a Blacksmith’s Whetstone to receive the weapon back with the modifier.

Armed with these tips, new Exiles, you’ll be unstoppable! However, if you’re looking for some of the items above (especially those Gemcutter’s Prisms, which are very useful currency for your skill gems!), go check out the Path of Exile store at PlayerAuctions! You’ll find all of the above at their store for reasonable costs, and all transactions are safe and secure.

See you on the battlefield!

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