How to Get Mega Energy in Pokemon Go

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Mega Evolutions first came to be in Pokemon X and Y on the 3DS, but they’ve also been a part of Pokemon Go since August 2020. It allows you to power up certain Pokemon where they’ll gain a much more impressive form. Mega Evolutions are merely a temporary transformation, requiring you to use Mega Energy. These evolutions are frustrating for the collectors in Pokemon Go since you can’t keep the super-powered Pokemon you’ve toiled for. Mega Evolved Pokemon often look cooler than the usual creatures they evolve from. Still, the rewards for having a Mega Evolved Pokemon in your battle party are worth the grind—even if your buddy slinks away into its familiar form after a few hours.

Mega Evolutions in Pokemon Go Had A Huge Update

In April 2022, Mega Evolutions underwent an update; the core concepts were—for the most part—the same where certain Pokemon could Mega Evolve once after you’ve collected enough Mega Energy. Now, you’re allowed to evolve your Pokemon without Mega Energy after the first use and level up your Mega Evolutions to gain additional bonuses.

Once the cooldown has ended for the Pokemon once, you’re free to evolve it again in the future. The Mega Energy you’ll accumulate while playing can be spent to Mega Evolve that Pokemon before the cooldown ends. The shorter the CD, the less Mega Energy will be required, making it the perfect option if you need a boost during battles or raids.

Another part of the update is the inclusion of Mega Levels. Each time you Mega Evolve your Pokemon, its Mega Level will increase. Mega Levels introduce additional bonuses, which are divided into different tiers. The bonuses include an XP catch bonus, an increased Candy XL drop rate, and a reduced cooldown.

Moreover, you can now Mega Evolve from the battle prep and raid screens. This is a great add-on, considering that all the members of your party will get an attack boost should you use a Mega-Evolved Pokemon.

Getting Mega Energy

If you want to Mega Evolve your Pokemon, you’ll have to gather some Mega Energy first. Mega Energy works similarly to Candy, where each Pokemon capable of Mega Evolving has its own Mega Energy. For example, if you’ve got a Charizard, you’ll have to scrape up some Charizard Mega Energy—you can’t use another Pokemon’s Mega Energy as a substitution.

There are different methods to getting Mega Energy. You can opt to battle Mega Evolved Pokemon in raids; this lets you earn the Mega Energy of the Pokemon you’re against. You’ll get more Mega Energy if you complete the raid faster. The only caveat to this method is that Mega-Evolved Pokemon aren’t always available in raids—which is a pain since battling them is arguably the quickest way to get your fix. When a Mega-Evolved Pokemon disappears from raids, it can take a long time before it returns.

If raids aren’t your thing, you can choose to complete specific research tasks instead. The research tasks can reward you with Mega Energy for a particular Pokemon.

If you’re looking for a more passive way of obtaining Mega Energy, you can “walk” your buddy Pokemon with you. There is a requirement to this, however. You must have Mega Evolved a Pokemon in your buddy’s evolution to get this bonus. So let’s say Mega Blastoise is registered in your Mega Pokedex. If you make a Squirtle as your buddy, you’ll get the mega energy for its evolution line.

What Bonuses Do You Get From Mega Levels?

Following the April 2022 update, Niantic included Mega Levels in the fray; this lets you upgrade your Mega Pokemon even further. If you want to get a higher Mega Level, you’ll have to Mega Evolve your Pokemon a couple of times. Each level has its bonuses, and each time you reach another Mega Level, it will reduce the rest period of your Pokemon.

Here’s a table to give you an idea of how many times you’ll need to perform a Mega Evolve before leveling up your Mega Level. Note that some bonuses only apply to Pokemon of the same type as the Mega Evolution.

LevelMega Evolutions RequiredCooldown DurationBonuses
Starting17 daysBoosted Ally BonusReduced Mega Energy required to Mega EvolveCatch Candy Bonus
High75 daysBoosted Ally BonusMega Energy required to Mega Evolve is reduced greatlyCatch Candy BonusCatch XP BonusGreat Candy XL chance increase
Max303 daysBoosted Ally BonusMega Energy required to Mega Evolve is reduced massivelyEnhanced Catch XP BonusExcellent Candy XL chance increase

Why You Should Consider Getting Into Mega Evolutions

Mega Evolving a Pokemon for just a few short hours may not sound appealing to some, but there are still a couple of reasons why you should at least consider getting into the gimmick. The most obvious benefit of having a Mega-Evolved Pokemon is that they get boosted attacks and Combat Power (CP) in battle. Mega Evolving a Pokemon can also change its type, giving you an advantage in certain circumstances.

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