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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Terastal Pokemon Guide

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By | November 3rd, 2022 | Categories: Pokemon

Since Generation 2 (Gold/Silver/Crystal), new mechanics have been added to Pokemon battles. Here’s a short list:

  • Hold items (Gen 2)
  • Double Battles (Gen 3)
  • Wonder Launcher Battles and Wild Double Battle encounters (Gen 4)
  • Triple and Rotation Battles (Gen 5)
  • Mega Evolution, Horde encounters, Sky Battles, Inverse Battles (Gen 6)
  • Z-Moves, SOS Battles, Battle Royale (Gen 7)
  • Dynamax and Dynamax Raid Battles (Gen 8)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet (Gen 9) continue the tradition with Terastal Pokemon. In this guide, we’ll explain everything we know about this phenomenon.

What is the Terastal Phenomenon?

Terastal energy suffuses Paldea. Nobody knows why this unique phenomenon happens only in this region. It creates a jewel-like luster around the affected Pokemon, changing or reinforcing its typing. Those with two elements, like Charizard, will turn into their singular Tera Type upon activating the phenomenon. The transformation makes a ‘Tera Jewel’ sprout from the creature’s head, denoting the new type. Its forms vary depending on the element it represents.

From this trailer (timestamp 2:45), we can see six Tera Jewel forms:

  • A bunch of flowers with a giant sunflower in the middle (Grass)
  • A candelabra with five flames, one big one in the center surrounded by four smaller ones (Fire)
  • A fountain splash (Water)
  • Diamonds (Normal, confirmed in the Nov. 1 overview trailer)
  • A bunch of balloons (Flying)
  • A ghost shape reminiscent of Gen 1’s Pokemon Tower encounters before getting the Silph Scope (Ghost)

The other forms for the remaining 12 types will be revealed later or on the games’ release.

Activating it will need a Terastal Orb, which you’ll receive in the story. Like Mega Evolution, it can only be done once per battle and lasts until it ends (or your Pokemon gets KO’d). However, the orb must be recharged by touching a Tera Energy Crystal or going to the Pokemon Center. That’s something you don’t have to do with Mega Stones.

Each Pokemon has a Tera Type. It doesn’t depend on species or typing, as a Pikachu you caught could have Ground while your friend’s Pikachu has Fairy. Similarly, if you capture or breed a bunch of Eevees, they could all have a variety of Tera Types.

It could also be one of the Pokemon’s original typings. In the linked trailer, the player’s Quaxly has a Water Tera Type, its actual typing. If you know about STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus*), this increases that damage bonus for any Water attack.

Since the transformation changes the Pokemon’s type, the increased damage bonus will only happen when the Tera Type matches (one of) its original typings.

Note: STAB increases the damage of an attack by 1.5 if the attack’s type matches the Pokemon’s (ex., Bug Pokemon uses Leech Life). With the Adaptability ability, the bonus rises to x2. The Protean and Libero abilities allow the creature to always have this additional damage.

The attack’s type when it is used determines whether it will receive STAB or not. A Water-type using Weather Ball while it is raining will receive the bonus. However, despite being listed as a Normal-type attack, a Normal-type Pokemon will not get additional damage if it uses the move in the same conditions.

Wild Tera Encounters and Tera Raids

Sometimes, you’ll see wild Pokemon with a glow around them. These are wild Tera encounters, and you’ll fight one under the effects of Terastallization. This lets you know what Tera Type they have without having to catch them first. Dealing enough damage breaks the transformation, reverting to their original typing.

Tera Raids have eye-catching entrances in the form of crystal growths in the environment. They also sparkle with crystal dust, so they’re easy to identify. You’ll need the help of (up to three of) your friends or AI characters to battle these stronger-than-average Terastallized Pokemon with rare Tera Types.

These raids have improved over the last generation’s Dynamax Raids. You don’t have to wait for the others to take their turn, making fights faster and easier. Instead of having a 4-knockout limit, there is a time limit, so be efficient in using your turns. If your Pokemon gets KO’d, they can return to the battle after 5 seconds of waiting.

Also, instead of attacking, you can cheer for your side, giving a variety of effects. There’s one for an attack boost, another for defense, and the last can heal the team. Successfully defeating the Pokemon lets you capture it and rewards you with some items for the trouble.

You can also Terastallize your Pokemon during the raid. However, it is not known yet if there’s a limit to how many can do it. The trailers only show one doing it, so there’s likely to be a limit of one, just like in Dynamax Raids.

Additional Information

Trailers have shown that Gym Leaders also use the phenomenon, which can be advantageous for trainers. After all, Leaders wouldn’t use an off-typed Pokemon if its Tera Type doesn’t match their Gym’s theme. It also signals to you when they would use Terastallization.

Otherwise, it can be something to turn the tides of battle. For example, when faced with an enemy with your last Pokemon’s weakness, Terrastallizing changes that weakness and gives you space to stall. Either you can keep fighting or revive another in your party with a better type match-up.

Like it or not, this battle mechanic is a core feature of Pokemon battles in Scarlet and Violet. How you’ll use it is up to you.

Enjoy Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

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