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Battle for Azeroth: The New World of Warcraft Expansion

Battle for Azeroth
By | November 5th, 2017 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Can you stop the hype from happening?! In Blizzcon 2017, Blizzard presented us with many new amazing announcements. However, one of them was the new WoW expansion and we’re going to talk about: the main plot, new maps, new sub-races, and more.

“Battle for Azeroth” is the name of the expansion and in this cinematic, played at this year’s Blizzcon, we can see that Horde and Alliance forgot about friendly truces to support each other against bigger threats.

We’re coming back to the beginnings along the never-ending battle between factions. In the trailer we see Sylvanas battling alongside her people as a strong Warchiefand on the other side of the battlefield we spot Anduin, the King of Stormwind and leader of the Alliance, in a light we never saw before.

This clearly supposes they’re going to end the Legion together but the events happened in the Battle of the Broken Shore are hard to overlook.  Both sides have a different perspective on this matter. Who betrayed who? The wounds are hard to mend.

The oldest conflict comes to life again after so much time. Let’s remember that Horde and Alliance have been in truce pretty much since Siege of Orgrimmar in Mist of Pandaria and even more with Legion and its order halls, we see lots of synergy between the factions.

Also, the original posts have been talking about fighting the Blood God, this may refer to Hakkar the Soulflayer, a Gurubashi god. We have fought against many powerful manifestations but we never really got to fight a true entity, a true god. Maybe we get the opportunity to clear Azerothof the Old God’s corruption!

Obviously, this resolves the question: “what comes after Legion?” Well, it is not called World of WARcraft in vain and the epic battle begins once again… with the Battle for Azeroth!

New Allied Races

Before the announcement, there were lots of ideas and speculations about the races that would come with the next expansion. Some talked about Vrykuls and Nagas but the winners are the six sub-races I’m going to show you below.


  • LightforgedDraenei: These draenei underwent a ritual to become Lightforged, this means they infused their bodies with the essence of the Light, turning into holy warriors.
  • Void Elves: Thanks to Alleria and her success to harness the Void whilst not losing her character, a group of fearless elves are going to be led by this Windrunner and learn how to control their shadow powers.
  • Dark Iron Dwarves: These dwarves have been wanted for a very long time. The situation in which we can get to play them is, to the date, uncertain.


  • Nightborne:Silgrynhad a conversation with Liadrin revealing the similarities between Nightborne and Blood Elves and their addiction to magic. They talked about the Horde, too, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to welcome this sub-race into the red faction.
  • HighmountainTauren: they were a tribe that got separated from the Tauren we already know, right after the sundering. It’s just expected that they will join their kin in the Horde.
  • Zandalari Trolls:We don’t have much information about this, just like we are uncertain about the Dark Iron Dwarves, but I’ll take my best guess and hope that they’ll blend nicely with the lore and the Horde coming to Zandalar.

Until now, there is little information about the racial abilities that these sub-races will have. Nevertheless, before you get excited and wait for the expansion to make a new character, you need to know that it’s not that easy. We will have to gain the trust of these races and take them as allies first doing the respective quest line. Then we’ll have the right to make a character that will start at level 20.

New Maps

The new World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, will feature two new continents: KulTiras (home of JainaProudmore) for the Alliance and Zandalar (the oldest city in Azeroth) for the Horde.

Within the Alliance Kingdom we will find Tiragarde Sound, Drustvar and Stormsong Valley. It is said that the inhabitants of these lands are not only larger in size but they also hunt sea monsters!

Within the Horde Empire we will find Zuldazar, Nazmir and Vol’dun in the very land that gave birth to the Troll race, an existence that even predated the coming of the titans.

New Stuff

With the races, maps, and quests, it’s only reasonable that this new expansion will feature new dungeons and raids. There will be 10 new dungeons and each faction will have the right to explore their very own four dungeons; the remaining two will be unlocked when players reach level 120.

No more boring travels in zeppelins or boats because we will also have islands to explore. Have you ever wondered about the uncharted territories of The Great Sea? These expeditions will consist in three-person scenarios to complete with friends.

The Battle for Azeroth also features new 20 man cooperative raids or “warfronts” representing a large scale war pretty similar to the RTS (real-time strategy) origins of Warcraft. We’re going all back to basics with this expansion!

The first new raid will have its place in a pyramid in Zandalar and it definitely has everything to do with the Old Gods. It was first designed by the Titans to keep away and study the Old Gods, their very first enemies and the ones that brought chaos to The Great Dark Beyond.

The Heart of Azeroth (Legendary Item)

Of course, we can’t have an expansion without a legendary quest line! In this case, players will have a legendary neck provided by Magni Bronzebeard.  The battle against the Legion seriously damaged Azeroth and now it’s “leaking” its essence in the form of Azerite which players can use to infuse power into the new artifact.

A new meaning for the old world

Every player has at least frowned when facing the tedious leveling in World of Warcraft. The quick leveling leaves zones uncharted and quests undone.

To fix that, a new scaling leveling system will be implemented so you can completely enjoy the maps you like the most without completing useless gray quests. And the best thing about this is that players won’t have to wait until the expansion because Blizzard want us to enjoy these changes as soon as possible and it will be on the Public Test Realm as for patch 7.3.5. The fix will provide the player with a smoother and more story oriented game-play.

Wrapping things up:

After seeing the beautiful job Blizzard did with the current expansion and after finally defeating the Legion, we will have to gather allies to join our cause and that is only normal when we talk about war. This may be a flexible expansion that goes from the conflict between factions to the battle against Old Gods.

From convincing strangers to link with us, taming new beasts, defeating fearful new bosses and even maybe taking down Azshara herself, the Battle for Azeroth will surely be an amazing 7th expansion for World of Warcraft.

These are just the very first things that Blizzcon gave us this weekend and there surely will be more and more to add.

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