The Best WoW Apps to Make Gold AFK: WoW Armory & Legion Companion

Best WoW Apps
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There are apps, official World of Warcraft Apps that remarkably aid you with your Azerothian business. If you’re a respected goblin you surely need the Best WoW Apps installed on your smartphone.

What’s the deal with WoW Armory?

Downloadable from the app store, this app basically features some interesting things as remotely getting in touch with your guildies. Also, you can look up some guild events or personal events from your in-game calendar, browse items, and more. However, the most important thing about this app is the remote Auction House, because it can help you grow your gold vaults.

Auction House

With the remote auction house, you have four tabs: buy, sell, bids, and auctions. Also, you can see how many bids you’re selling, how many bids you’ve won, gold earned and your mailbox.


You can search for items to buy and you can sort them out in whichever way is more convenient to you. You may search for categories, level range, and minimum rarity. After you click on an auction, you will see the item details and you’ll have three options: (1) bid, (2) buyout, or (3) price check. With the latter one, you will select the lowest price for that item.

In the item details, you’ll have item facts with the item level, the cost and how much it sells. You get the name of the seller and other useful information that comes with the item type.


Here you’ll get a list of all your sellable items, sortable by all items, bags, bank, mailbox, consumables, trade goods, and equipable items. You can also sort by name, rarity and required level.

After you click on the item you want to sell, you can start an auction with a Stack Size and Total Stacks. Sometimes it’s best to sell smaller stacks and many total stacks instead of a one 200 sized giant stack. You can see the price per item and the price per stack, so that you don’t get yourself confused.

You can change the Auction Duration (12, 24, and 48 hours) and with that, you’ll know the Total Deposit you need to give in to start your auction.

Then you’ll have to set the Starting Price of the auction and the Buyout Price. It says the Buyout Price is optional but it’s highly recommended to use it always because you can get undercut without realizing until it’s too late.

At the end, you’ll find the Similar Auctions. This functions as a reference for prices and quantities.


Here you will see your active, won and lost bids.


Here you will see your active, won and ended auctions.

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Get the most of the WoW Armory

  • Stack size: think about your item and the best way to sell it. Some items are expensive and it’s good to sell just one at a time or by “usable” stacks.
  • Edit Default Price: click on settings and change your Default Auction Duration to 12 hours and your Default Price like “Undercut by 0g 0s 1c.” The first one is because you don’t want to lose time, if you are undercut and you don’t realize it because you’re not paying attention, you’ll get the item back in less time so that you can create a new auction with a new price. The latter tip is because it’s always recommended to undercut by one copper (it shows first in the list and you know what that means).
  • Time to sell: remember that post about The Undermine Journal? Well, you need to aid yourself with that tool, check for the mean price and decide a low limit to sell like “I’m not going to sell this item at a lower price than 500g.” Constantly check the armory and sell when you see it’s appropriate.

The Legion Companion

This app was added for Legion in the needs of a remote control of the new Class Halls. With this amazing app, you can level up your champions by sending them in missions, create orders to bring more minions, champion armaments or even seal of fates.

You’ll never miss the opportunity to complete a mission because of being AFK. Now, how can you make money out of this?

You can send your followers into missions that award gold. The ultimate trick is to ALWAYS send them with 200% success chance. The latest and higher level missions award up to 1,750g of EXTRA gold. If you have many characters with sufficient leveled champions (and you’ve already gone to Argus and gain access to the KrokulRidges talkers) you have greater chances to gain more gold.

The missions I’m talking about are not always up, you have to check them every 6 hours. These reward between 700g and 1,150g with a bonus of 1,750g. Let’s say you earn approximately 2,600g a day (and I’m sure you can be luckier than that), if you regularly check the missions and try to have them at 200% success chance, by the end of the month you’ll have 78,000g of almost passive income. Just imagine a scenario where you have two or three characters max level with champions well-geared (you know where I’m going with this, right?).

Maybe it’s not the most profitable thing to do, but it’s an easy activity that you can do whilst being AFK, and the app has an option to notify you when a mission is complete.

Install these apps ASAP

Inflation in World of Warcraft is happening and the price of the token goes up. People could freak out but fret not, there’s always a way to make more gold, there is no excuse. See you later, friends!

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