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Blizzcon 2017 Hype: Warcraft 4 and New WoW Expansion?

Blizzcon 2017
By | October 30th, 2017 | Categories: World of Warcraft

You can’t possibly separate Blizzcon from World of Warcraft (WoW) or vice versa. I’m sorry guys, but you can’t – it’s just not humanly possible. As November is fast approaching, the hype is building up for Blizzcon 2017!

Ever since WoW came out back in late 2004, the game has been a part of Blizzcon ever since. Not only was that the main venue for important announcements regarding the most popular MMORPG, but the whole thing morphed into additional stuff like arena tournaments, WoW cosplay, art galleries, charity auctions, and so on.

It’s now a tradition for Blizzard to make important announcements during the event, such as upcoming expansions and patches. I still remember, back in 2009, watching them reveal Cataclysm and the two new (at that time) playable races – Goblins and Worgen.

That’s why tension builds as we get closer and closer to the 3rd of November 2017, when the whole thing will kick off in Anaheim, California. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited!

There are rumors about a follow-up to the legendary game that gave birth to WoW in the first place, Warcraft itself, are spreading rapidly. This is definitely comforting as Blizzard has stated that there are going to be no Diablo announcements this year.

We’ll most likely witness the introduction of a new chapter in WoW, but what about one of the best RTS games ever?

Will they officially announce Warcraft 4?

To be fairly honest with you guys, Warcraft has always been my favorite among the Blizzard franchises, followed by… Starcraft, of course. The storyline is so captivating and mesmerizing, and when you add the out-of-this-world gameplay you soon realize why.

The last Warcraft game, entitled The Frozen Throne came way back in mid-2003. I’m starting to feel old already – it’s been more than fourteen years since that expansion pack of Warcraft 3 saw the day of light and everyone has been speculating about a follow-up ever since.

While some say that the whole RTS genre is dead and others claim that a potentially new Warcraft game could create internal competition in Blizzard, as it will somehow go up against Starcraft in terms of popularity. I totally disagree on both points.

So back to the main question – why would they release a new Warcraft 4 right now? This is why I believe this is a real possibility:

  • There’s a dire need for a new Warcraft game since the last one (The Frozen Throne) is mega old now as it’s been out since 2003.
  • It seems like they will shift their focus towards the Warcraft universe, now that Blizzard seems ready to deviate from the Starcraft franchise.
  • There have been talks about a remastered Warcraft 3 remastered.

Even if they announce a remastered version of our beloved W3, I believe we’ll all be happy. Although deep inside we all crave a follow-up to that game, don’t we? However, let’s now focus on arguably the highlight of every Blizzcon – WoW!

A new WoW expansion will most likely be announced

Let’s be real here, the chances of this happening are a solid 100%! Legion’s been out for more than one year already. What does that mean? It means that Blizzard is most certainly preparing a new expansion that will be revealed at the Anaheim Convention Arena.

Besides, the only expansion to have been revealed at anything other than Blizzcon is Legion! It was announced at Gamescom 2015 and taking into account that Gamescom 2017 is in the past already, the only logical venue for an announcement is Blizzcon.

Taking into account that Legion has been one of the more successful WoW expansions over the last years (even if Argus seems like a revamped Outland pretty much) and that people seem to enjoy how the storyline advances, a brand new expansion can take things to a whole new level.

What’ll most likely happen are them disclosing the new expac, themed around the South Seas, in particular, the Kul Tiras against the Old Gods. There have been speculations about the whole thing since July and this is the most likely scenario.

And it all makes sense actually if you think about it. We last heard about Kul Tiras during Cata when the Island (south of Gilneas) disappeared into the void as a result of the annihilation caused by Deathwing.

Also, I’d imagine that Blizz will be introducing a new race too. Really, why not? Legion brought us Demon Hunters and now we might be treated by something like the Naga or even Ogres. Personally, I’d go with Nagas, although Ogres would be totally cool!

Now, let me shift the focus a bit and talk about some seriously cool rewards that Blizzard came up with for anyone with a ticket – whether you’ve got a virtual ticket or an actual one. Just and FYI – the standard ticket comes at $199 (same as last year) and the virtual one is $39.99

When you spend these almost-two hundred bucks you are rewarded with two flying mounts! Yep, not one but two – one for your alliance characters and one for your horde ones. Here they are:

Both are kind of neat looking, and they also have special Blizzcon flags on their backs – how awesome is that!? Still, I’d go with the Alliance one as the Orgrimmar Interceptor just looks like a fancy zeppelin.

Final thoughts on WoW/Warcraft and Blizzcon 2017

Whether we are treated with a mighty new Warcraft game or not, at least we are most likely going to get a new World of Warcraft expansion. If that doesn’t happen I would be very, very disappointed (as lots of other players will be too).

There’s only one thing that can compensate for the lack of a brand new WoW expac and that is – the official announcement of Warcraft 4! I’m sure that you’ll agree with me here.

And that sounds totally feasible as a new installment would advance the main story and it could potentially postpone a new WoW expansion. But, I guess we have to wait for two more weeks to find out.

What do you think about all the Warcraft hype surrounding this year’s Blizzcon? Leave a comment in the comment section below and share your thoughts!

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