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Crossing Over: World of Warcraft to World of e-Sports

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By | March 27th, 2017 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Thanks to Legion, World of Warcraft has managed to make a proper number of lapsed citizens of Azeroth to return, as well as persuade fresh blood to create WoW accounts. The renewed interest by Blizzard on their MMO pushed the company to release lots of new content, especially those that have something to do with raiding brought good races. The endeavor involves guilds trying to be the first to finish new content. In fact, this relatively new activity is starting to gain enough traction to make it get dubbed as an “eSport,” not just because it can generate revenue and viewership.

The eSports division of Blizzard has been considering the possibility of adding live raid races as events. Think of it as the video game version of a triathlon. While the particular approach to World of Warcraft’s content is relatively new, it’s safe to say that it’s about time, as those who engage in it have already poured countless hours and strenuous effort.

Raid, Set, Go!

Scott “Sco” McMillan, for example, is the leader of Method, the game’s first raiding guild. Before The Nighthold’s Mythic difficulty was released, he spent about 14 hours a day to prepare for the once-upcoming raid. He spent thousands of hours on his six characters with his main having 54 traits, and his alts having 35 (i.e., 54 traits need 65 million AP, while 35 traits require 7 million, which isn’t an easy accomplishment).

Niklas “Fastnik” Larsen has a similar story when it comes to having the same amount of AP-quantifiable readiness. The leader of Danish Terrace, the guild that bagged third place for the Trial of Valor raid, has five characters: one main and four alts. His characters have the same breakdown of traits as Sco’s characters.

The fact that top-tier raid guilds have almost the same level of preparation from getting traits to farming WoW gold so that they can get geared tells how demanding this activity can be. When the guilds get into these races, they receive recognition and support from the community and to a lesser degree from Blizzard. The guilds get limited sponsorships and the community’s disallowance for these guilds to stream their latest conquests. Despite a few tributes and a great sense of self-achievement (as the only takeaways to what they do), these one-of-a-kind Azerothians persist anyway.

Turning PVE into Quasi-PVP

The days of exceptional players feeling like underappreciated warriors are going to be over, as the company, which once paid little notice to them, will be turning these raid races to events that will be watched by WoW account owners, even eSports enthusiasts worldwide.

One thing, however, is that Blizzard is capitalizing on the competitive aspect of the live raid races. They’ll deliver on that part, according to Kim Phan, Blizzard’s senior director of eSports. Live raid races have been going on for quite some time. Hopefully, their experience and expertise will help them deliver an entertaining and compelling eSports experience.

The promising development would finally bring World of Warcraft into the ever-changing and ever-exciting realm of eSports. Not that the game has to; after all, it’s already in an elite league of its own.

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