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Happy 13th WoW Anniversary

WoW Anniversary
By | November 19th, 2017 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Every year at this time we get together and celebrate an event that possibly changed our lives forever: the WoW Anniversary. November 23, 2004 (13 years ago), World of Warcraft (WoW) was released. Even though I have been playing for six years, I can say without hesitation that this game defined me as a gamer.

I used to play MMORGPs but after WoW, nothing could compare, and believe me, I’ve played a lot of this genre. Blizzard has had ups and downs and still, overall, the game is so brilliantly thought, so masterfully crafted, it’s one of the greatest.

Since Classic WoW, players have been stuck like a person in love. Perhaps, sometimes, this game acts like a lover you want to leave but you keep coming back recurrently. Let’s say you stopped playing in Warlords of Draenor, and then Legion comes out and you go back. That’s how it happens and the last expansion proved to emphasize the will of Blizzard to not stay behind and keep connecting with the fans and players.

They listened to our concerns and suggestions, and they work on that. For that excellent customer service, the great maintenance, and there are very few bugs! I mean, I know WoW has bugs but they try to fix them on time, quickly, and my overall experience has been always tranquil, without any problems. I’m grateful.

For the past 13 years, Blizzard has been working on WoW, releasing expansions, patches with more stories and creating an everlasting and evolving lore, one of the greatest ever! Six expansions have been released and the 7th one is coming up close.

Similar to previous years, WoW commences their birthday party a week early and end it a week later, coinciding with the Pilgrim’s Bounty seasonal event. Warcraft is one year older and WE get the presents!

The first thing you encounter as you log in for the first time in the middle of the anniversary is that you’ve gain the WoW’s 13th Anniversary achievement.

You’ll also get mail with The Anniversary gift, which contains a letter and the Celebration Package that increases all Experience and Reputation gains by 13% for 1 hour. You can receive this in all your characters.

“A Slightly More Urgent Letter from the Timewalkers” is the letter that will come in the mail and it shows you where to go: to Stormwind if you’re Alliance or Orgrimmar if you’re Horde. It’s not repeatable. After you get there, you’ll have two daily quests:

  • The Originals: requires you to be at level 60.
  • A Time to Reflect (for any level): the quest giver asks you one lore question that has to be answered correctly. But no worries since you can try until you get it right.

If You’re Alliance

After you receive the letter, you’ll be prompted to go to the Stormwind Library and find Historian Llore, complete the quest you were given with the letter and then you’ll pick The Originals daily quest that you have to go and kill Lord Kazzak, Azuregos, and the Dragon of the Nightmare.

In the Mage Tower of Stormwind, you can find the portal to Blasted Lands (click it). Once inside, just fly to the spot marked on the map and kill Lord Kazzak.

After that, for the Nightmare Dragons there are four spawn spots: Duskwood, Ashenvale, Feralas or the Hinterlands.
After getting to Forest Song, go east and you’ll find the Dragon of Nightmare close to a big portal. Kill whichever dragon that spawns. Now, being that close to Azshara, just fly east and south of The Secret Lab, and you will find the last world boss: Azuregos.

After getting to Forest Song, go east and you’ll find the Dragon of Nightmare close to a big portal. Kill whichever dragon that spawns. Now, being that close to Azshara, just fly east and south of The Secret Lab, and you will find the last world boss: Azuregos.

If You’re Horde

You receive the quests in Orgrimmar from Ju’Pa in the Valley of SpiritsIf the Dragon of Nightmare is in Ashenvale, go there first; if not, the others are in Duskwood, Feralas or the Hinterlands. After you finish the dragon, you still have another dragon to kill: Azuregos. Go east of where you are and you’ll find the blue dragon pretty soon. After this fight, port to Orgrimmar or use the Southern Rocketway flight path in Azshara to fly to Orgrimmar.

Now in Orgrimmar, fly to the Cleft of Shadows (underground), find a portal to the Blasted Lands and after clicking it, fly straight to where Lord Kazzak is located. Once you kill him, go back to Shattered Landing and take the portal back to Orgrimmar where you can turn in your quest.

The Bosses

  • Lord Kazzak: world boss is a Doom Lord that dies quickly and barely fights back. Perhaps the easiest boss of the three that you have to kill for this quest. Lord Kazzak is one of WoW’s favorite bosses as he appears both in Outland and later in Tanaan Jungle.
  • Azuregos: In the very south of Azshara this blue dragon flight is waiting for you to give him a fight! It casts Blizzard, some moving AoEs and as you get pulled to the center of the battle, you’ll get stunned. It is located south-east of the Secret Lab, but beware because it drains your mana. Azuregos also appears in the Arcane Mage and Discipline Priest artifact quest lines with a more amiable attitude.
  • Dragon of Nightmare: as the music grows grim, a portal to the Emerald Dream can be spotted and so does the Dragon of Nightmare, a dragon that conjures AoEs and put you to sleep, and also makes you run away in fear. So, beware of the green poop and the purple pools. The Dragons of Nightmare appear also in the Legion Raid Emerald Nightmare and they are Emeris, Lethon, Taerar, and Ysondre.

The Rewards

As reward we will be getting Timewarped Badges that can be used to buy things from Historian Llore for the Alliance and Ju’Pa for the Horde; 900 (going up to 915 if you’re lucky) ilvl versions of the world boss’ classic loot and the Celebration Package, which increases 13% of experience and reputation gains.

The new things you can buy are:

Even though there are new things, you can still get stuff from the past anniversary:

Boss’ Loot

The bosses we get to kill doing the “The Originals” quest can drop loot that goes from 900 to 915. Some of the drops are highly wanted by people who like to transmog, giving more use to these items. They drop all kinds of items, even trinkets and rings so it’s great to gear low ilvltoons. Some of them are:

  • Strangely GlyphedLegplates (Plate) dropped by Ysondre. This goes in the same set as Gauntlets of the Shining Light (Plate) dropped by Lethon.
  • Typhoon (Sword), a nice katana lookalike dropped by Azuregos.
  • Amberseal Keeper (Staff) dropped by Lord Kazzak.
  • Hammer of Bestial Fury (Mace) dropped by the Green Dragons (shared loot).
  • Green Dragonskin Cloak (Back) dropped by the Green Dragons (shared loot).
  • Nightmare Blade (Sword) dropped by Ysondre.

Tips to Get the most of the Anniversary

  1. Use the group finder to make or find raid groups to kill the bosses easier and quicker.
  2. Be alert around the opposite faction if you’re in a PvP realm. They want to do the quest, too, but won’t hesitate to bring you down.
  3. Collect some Seal of Broken Fate if you’re interested in the loot and use them adequately.
  4. If you want to rush the Timewarped Badge gains, you can do The Deaths of Chromie Scenario.
  5. Don’t forget to always have the experience buff!
  6. Check the spots of the Dragons of Nightmare before planning your route. 

Wrapping Things Up

This anniversary will be great to level up toons with that awesome experience buff or you can farm reputations for quartermasters’ rewards or achievements. The bad news is that the players kind of have to work to get their rewards as they’re bought with the Timewarped Badges, leaving the XP buff as the only real gift.

Thanks for reading, and Happy 13th anniversary, World of Warcraft!

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  1. Bombinou
    Bombinou November 19, 2017 at 5:36 pm - Reply

    Happy birthday !

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