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Getting one of the Best Legendary Cloaks in the Game

WOW Legendary Cloaks
By | April 1st, 2020 | Categories: World of Warcraft

The eternal constant War between the Alliance and the Horde has finally taken its toll in the World of Azeroth. In the middle of the conflict, a new Legendary Cloak makes an appearance at a crucial moment of WoWs history. As a result, we, as Heroes of this fantasy planet, have the chance to collect a valuable tool that will stay with us for the time being.

First of all, since the World of Azeroth is breaking apart, one of the Old Gods has suddenly awakened and is planning to take control over the living (and undead as well). This time around it is N’Zoth, the weakest of the Old Gods who has the power to control anyone’s mind. Therefore, without even noticing, all of the senses give misdirections, and your emotions become unstable. We as players suddenly succumb to the “Madness” when we make direct contact with this entity and its powerful allies.

Thankfully, with the assistance of Wrathion, the Dark Prince, we come across one of the most vital pieces of equipment in the WoW. With the Legendary Cloak, we have to potential to withstand the Madness for a considerable amount of time. With this kind of power, we now have the potential to make a stand and protect Azeroth once more.

How to obtain the Legendary Cloak in World of Warcraft

To receive this powerful Legendary Cloak in WoW, you’ll need to complete the following requirements:

  • Battle for Azeroth: First of all, you need the latest expansion currently available for WoW. When you have unlocked this content in your account, you’ll have the chance to follow your adventure even further.
  • Reach Character Level 120: By continuing with the new content and completing tons of quests, you’ll reach this milestone in a couple of hours. Indeed, you have the potential to acquire heirlooms and complete dungeons to reduce the process. Still, though, it is recommended that you advance with the narrative.
  • Friendly Reputation with the New Factions: With the Alliance, you’ll need to increase rep with Storm’s Wake, Proudmoore Admiralty, and Order of Embers. On the other hand, with the Horde, it is Voldunai, Zandalari Empire, and Talanji’s Expedition
  • Nazjatar Introduction: Follow the starting quest from patch 8.2 and unveil the events from the Nazjatar region. Through the story, you’ll discover how the Naga faction wants to take revenge and “sacrifice” important heroes from both the Alliance and the Horde.
  • The Heart Forge: In the middle of the battlefield, you’ll suddenly see Magni appearing out of nowhere to give news about Azeroth and how to improve your powers. When you complete this achievement, you’ll collect 50 levels for your Necklace.
  • Completing Uldum, Pandaria, and Blackrock Mountain Dungeons: Following the improvement of the Heart of Azeroth, you’ll suddenly get another pop-up Quest that leads you back to Stormwind or Ogrimmar.  After a short brief, you’ll uncover a new plan to stop the Old God’s threat and fight it back.
  • N’Zoth Assault: Between here and there, you’ll notice that some of the familiar places are now complete with powerful enemies that corrupt the place. As a result, you’ll have the opportunity to assist Azeroth’s habitats and stop the invasion.
  • N’Zoth Realm and Blackrock Mountain: For the last part, you’ll need to travel back to Uldum, but in the middle of everything, you’ll activate an altar which teleports you into a N’Zoth vision. At first, you’ll see how quickly the “Sanity” bar drains out just by being present in that realm. Soon afterward, Wrathion comes with a plan to endure this Madness and gives you another Quest.
  • Obtaining Ashjra’kamas Shroud of Resolve: After you complete this little dungeon, you’ll receive the new Legendary Cloak as a Quest reward. At the same time, you’ll notice that you have the potential to improve its stats even further as you continue with the struggle.
  • Horrific Visions: After you receive and complete this quest, you’ll have the potential to improve the Legendary Cloak even further. This time around, you’ll have 15 ranks to obtain which may take a while.

Recommendations for the Quest Line

To reduce the struggle for a bit, here you have some critical information that may help you in getting this Legendary Cloak quickly:

  • Have an iLevel as close to 400 as possible: Since this is the latest patch in the main client, some of the monsters may “feel” too powerful after you just got to level 120. Therefore if you have powerful weapons and armor, things may not look that complicated. Indeed, you still have the chance to complete these quests with a low iLevel, but you’ll probably die a lot and use too many potions.
  • Unlock Master Riding: In between quests, you’ll notice that you’ll need a lot of speed in your flying mount to reach destinations a lot quicker. As a result, with the highest velocity possible, you’ll save a couple of minutes traveling around different maps.
  • Invite some friends: With a little assistance from trustworthy contacts, you’ll take less time traveling in the dungeon and kill monsters with ease.
  • Let Magni take care of Bosses: If you’re struggling for a while with an Elite Monster that just spams different abilities until you die, have no worries. Instead, just leave Magni to do the work while you move around, avoiding damage and healing yourself until the threat dies.

Frequently Asked Questions About the New Legendary Cloak

Why is it essential that you obtain this Legendary Cloak?

It assists with the new “Madness” gaming mechanic for the latest patch (8.3). Most importantly is a must if you want to have some runs in the Ny’alotha (N’Zoth) Raid.

What milestones do you need to complete before getting the Ashjra’kamas Shroud of Resolve Questline?

Reach level 120, be friendly with the BfA factions, and have “The Heart Forge” achievement.

How many Ranks does the Ashjra’kamas Shroud of Resolve have to maximize its potential?

At the moment, there are 15 Ranks to complete, which changes the appearance of the Legendary Cloak and increases its stats.

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