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WoW: King Mechagon Lore

King Mechagon Lore
By | August 10th, 2019 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Keeping the “Curse of the Flesh” Alive

Ever since the release of World of Warcraft (2004) we got a vast fantasy universe to explore with our avatars. First of all, before the beginning of the journey, you get the option to pick your favorite Faction, Race, Appearance, and Class. Afterward, depending on your race, you have the chance to explore the state of your nurturing lands and what you need to consider to proceed with the game. Secondly, with the right combination of the Keyboard and Mouse, you get the chance to control your avatar, activate its skills, and fight some threatening monsters.

Even though all those amazing gaming mechanics can keep you glued to your screen for an extended period, another truly fascinating element is the actual Lore. Most noteworthy, even though the first game of the franchise (Warcraft) back in 1994, which had a tremendous focus on the war between humans and orcs, the Lore doesn’t start there. Furthermore, with the aid of books and a particular NPC (Non-Playable Character) with the name of Chromie, we get to explore “ancient” times.

Taking all this into consideration, we’ll focus on King Mechagon’s Lore and explore his true intents.

How did the Gnomes Race come to be?

Before we go deep into the psyche of the King himself, let’s explore the conception of the Gnome’s Race. A long time ago, Azeroth became dominated by the “Older Gods”; some powerful entities that destroy everything in their path. Indeed, it all felt hopeless to this particular planet, until the “Titans” appeared out of nowhere to save the day. In contrast to the Older Gods, these “aliens” had the intention to restore peace to this World and make it prosper.

Therefore, to deal with those malignant beings, they forged an army which they famously named “Titan-Forge.” Most noteworthy, this army conformed of different “models” were astonishing strong and immortal. With the “Forge of Wills” machine, they somewhat had limitless growing potential to supply their troops.

Thanks to all the efforts of the Titans and their army, they were able to imprison all the Older Gods and restore peace through all Azeroth, but this conflict doesn’t end here. Indeed, even “behind bars,” the Older Gods were able to “corrupt” the Forge of Wills by adding “flesh” to the new models. As a result, the army “Mechanome” slowly became the all well-known Gnome Race.

Who is King Mechagon?

After the corruption of the Mechanomes, the King had the notion that his entire Race was not as powerful as it used to be. Therefore, with the aid of technology and tinkering, he was able to develop improvements and overcome some difficulties. Still though, to him, it wasn’t enough.

Due to sickness and aging, all these improvements did not matter if you cannot prevent death itself. As a result, to find answers to his inquiries, he gathered a group of Gnomes to explore Azeroth and possibly find the “promised land.” In contrast to the King himself, almost all the Gnome Race stood still in Gnomeregan and kept their flesh corruption through all these years.

Around 400 years later, a holographic message of the King himself manifested in a Forgotten Vault in Kul Tiras. Above all, in this recording, both factions (Alliance and Horde), discovered that the King is still alive. Furthermore, he now has the answer to eliminate the “Curse of the Flesh” and obtain immortality. At the same time, they discover the location of Mechagon and that only Gnomes are welcome.

What is going on in Mechagon Island?

Through the comics (which it also has the name of Mechagon) and when you arrive in the Island, you soon find out that everything is not what it seems. Furthermore, with the aid of Prince Erazmin, we discover that his father’s vision has become tainted. Most noteworthy, the King’s true intentions are to eliminate the “flesh” of every creature in Azeroth and transform them into robot-like creatures. Consequently, to accomplish this task, he has built a machine called “Mechoriginator” that instantly turns anyone.

As a result, both factions join the Prince Erazmin’s rebellion to stop his father once and for all. Therefore, you need to complete quests around the island, gather information, and defy the King’s intentions. Indeed, to achieve this task, we as players have the opportunity to adventure in a Mythic Dungeon where we get the chance to stop King Mechagon once and for all.

In the “Operation: Mechagon” Dungeon, we get the chance to fight between the streets and the palace itself. Furthermore, with a party of five, you get the opportunity to defeat eight bosses. Above all, the last encounter is between your friends and King Mechagon. Indeed, due to the nature of all the Mythic Dungeons, this fight can become overwhelming to some players. Most noteworthy, the party needs to be aware of his capabilities; which have the properties of either electric, magnetic, or plasma attacks.

What if he succeeds in this endeavor?

In a side quest, we aid Chromie as we travel to an alternative reality. In contrast to our main story, in this reality, King Mechagon was able to activate the Mechoriginator. Sadly, it didn’t work as expected. Instead of “fixing” the flesh, everything that was organic died in a powerful storm. As a result, knowing these results, we have no other choice but to fight and prevent this possible future.

Tinkering About It

Even though the Gnomes have the same characteristic of having a short height, they all have the potential to outclass every other Race in Azeroth. Furthermore, with the crafty ideas and powerful tools, they can practically achieve anything that they set in their prevailing minds.  In World of Warcraft, they have bonuses that improve Engineering and can easily scape immobilizing traps. Another “advantage” comes with the Hunter class, which has the potential to tame robots as your pets.

Above all, if you love technology, you’ll probably want to start a journey with a Gnome as your main character. Indeed, with the knowledge of the King Mechagon Lore, you now have more understanding about their conception. Most noteworthy, how some of their members perceive Azeroth and how they want to change it.

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