The Server’s Auction House: WoW Undermine Journal for Legion

WoW Undermine Journal for Legion
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WoW Undermine Journal for Legion

The Undermine Journal, sometimes abbreviated as TUJ, is a website that compiles data from each server’s auction house in World of Warcraft (WoW). The website provides statistics and data that you can use to achieve your gold making goals in whichever realm or location you play.

For every server (and groups of servers if it applies) there is only ONE auction house for both Horde and Alliance players. The faction markets were merged for Warlords of Draenor. Here are points we can highlight for this WoW Undermine Journal for Legion.

The Population

The number of people playing on the server greatly affects the market, changing the law of supply and demand.

Higher population means higher supply and higher demand. It doesn’t mean that low pop markets don’t work, they just work different. In a high pop server, we see a constant and fast movement of items and gold. The high quantity of items selling lowers the prices but as there are so many people buying, it’s still worthy because you can sell more quantities that you wouldn’t sell on a low pop server.

In low pop we see higher prices with low quantities and it may seem like a struggle because sometimes a spot of the market is held by one or three people, a thing that doesn’t happen in the high pop realms


The number of horde players is not the same as alliance players. Even that, these two are very different, just look at their personality and how it sometimes combines with the faction. Horde players tend to be more aggressive and this impacts the market. A realm with more Alliance than Horde will act differently than one that’s mostly Horde.


WoW has players in Europe and the United States, we find realms in both US and EU, however, we can reduce more the location. For example, in the US we have servers for Latin, Brazilians, Australians, and of course, USA gamers. In EU we have realms for France, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia and United Kingdom.

The location of the servers may affect the token price (and the markets) because European players don’t think the same as Americans do. In Europe, the token price is higher than in America. This just gives out the importance of location (and it’s technically more expensive to play in Europe).

Breaking Down The Undermine Journal

The first thing you see when you enter the site are several lists:

  • Top Sellers: players who sell more.
  • Most Available: items in high quantities.
  • Potential Deals: let’s focus on the word “potential” here. This just means the current price is under the mean price, it’s technically a deal because it’s cheaper, but this doesn’t mean the item is useful for you.

Then, there is a column of links just below the search box, the name of the realm and the updates. The column is made of interesting and useful categories.


Deals: in a very organized way, TUJ shows the existent deals with the name of the item, the availability, the current price, the mean price, the regional price (US or EU) and the last time the auction had activity.

Let me give you an example: We have a Terrible Turnip (battle pet) in Silvermoon. The mean price is 1,033.16g on this realm but in the region, we see that the mean price is 2,308.66g. Then the CURRENT price is 500.00g and there’s only one available. With 533.16g down from the server’s mean price and 1,808.66g down from the Regional mean price, it clearly is a deal.

When you click on the Terrible Turnip link, you can see in “Current Regional Prices” that Silvermoon is one of the servers with the lowest price for this battle pet. The same goes with the Price/Population Scatter Plot.

Source: The Undermine Journal

Unusuals: in this category are the items that don’t appear often, therefore, they are unusual. They are not always deals, but thanks to the data you can see if it’s worthy or not to buy them.

Blood of Sargeras: very useful when you trade your Bloods for items. This way you can see which item is more profitable to sell.

Professions: there is a link to every profession showing EVERYTHING that sells from that one profession, with the current and mean price as always.

Companions: this is the list of battle pets and mounts, detailed with availability, current price and mean price, with the respective “last seen.” It’s worth noting that in the companions list you cannot see the type or qualities of a battle pet because they are caged.

Battle pets: a list with only battle pets organized into pet families. You can sort it by availability, current price, mean price and regional price. Clicking on the link will get you to see the breeds.

Archeology: a list with Keystones.

Transmogrification: if you click any of the transmog links, you are going to see a useful page with all the appearances of the current armor and weapon items sorted by price from low to high. After you choose the type of armor, you can then select from the specific part of the transmog set: chest or shoulders, etc. It’s great for transmog collectors.

Custom: you can customize your own category with a list of item IDs of your preference.

The Undermine Journal Features

  • Easy to use interface: the website is very simple, intuitive.
  • Updating time: TUJ updates the data from the AH every hour, so there’s a possibility that you don’t find the auction you seek in-game.
  • Organization: everything is organized into categories.
  • Charts: there are the best because they show EVERYTHING you need to know about the auction. Let’s starts with the Snapshots, where you can see the market price and the availability for a period of time. You can zoom the chart, too. Also, we have the Pricing Heat Map and the Quantity Heat Map, which are perfect if you’re currently selling or buying that item constantly. If you’re looking at a Battle Pet page you can see the regional price per breeds at the end and the current breeds and prices.
  • Display of the item: if it’s armor equipment, you can see how it looks.
  • Easiness to sort everything: if you click on every data title, like name, availability, and price, it will be sorted alphabetically or numerically.
  • Notifications: you can get a free subscription and get notifications if the item you’re seeking is available or underpriced and a variety of more notifications. However, these are every 8 hours unless you have a paid subscription.

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