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Warcraft Movie Means WoW Competition!

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By | June 2nd, 2016 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Fans of the World of Warcraft universe have a lot to be pumped about right now: ten years from its announcement, and a whopping 22 since the original Warcraft video game was released, this beloved universe is about to get its well-deserved first feature length film. Releasing June 10 this year, Warcraft is the movie fans have dreamed of for decades, depicting the lore of the world of Azeroth at a time when the orc race invades from their own world of Draenor.

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Wild plot twists, famous characters and locations and, of course, many more Warcraft races. In fact, the trailers show an attempt to bind the humans and orcs together in a tenuous alliance against a bigger threat.

A monster of a movie

This will be a high-budget, CGI-heavy action romp through one of video gaming’s most beloved franchises. And its producers have put a cast and crew at the reins of this film that should have fans super excited. For one, legendary game universe creator Chris Metzen- who invented not only the Warcraft universe but also StarCraft and Diablo’s – wrote the screenplay for the film. Alongside Blood Diamond writer Charles Leavitt. That the man who invented the universe itself is bringing the movie version to life is cool enough. But how about having the BAFTA winning son of David Bowie and director of the awesome sci-fi flick Moon, one Duncan Jones, directing the film? That’s a level of cool that’s hard to match, and it’s a heck of a pedigree.

The Cast:

Not to be outdone by the guys behind the cameras, the actors who have put on the armor are equally exciting. The creators of Warcraft have cast actors to play a huge number of characters from the game’s lore. Including Anduin Lothar (Vikings‘ Travis Fimmel), Garona Halforcen (Mission Impossible- Ghost Protocol‘s Paula Patton). Orgrim Doomhammer (Robert Kazinsky, long-time voice actor for the games and actor from True Blood, Pacific Rim and more). And even the incredible, and incredibly prolific, Clancy Brown of Highlander, Shawshank Redemption and Buckaroo Banzai fame.

Clancy plays Blackhand, the first orc Warchief of the Horde, and adds a layer of film history to this already stacked cast that also includes Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer and Daniel Wu, all of whom seem super hyped to be a part of this epic endeavor. Robert Kazinsky particularly pushed anticipation levels to the brink at Blizzcon 2014 when he talked to Chris Hardwick (founder of Nerdist) and thousands of fans about his personal experience playing over 500 hours of World of Warcraft, going on to demonstrate his completely perfect rendition of Doomhammer’s orc walk onstage to thunderous applause. It’s a very cool moment that’s definitely worth checking out if you have a few minutes to YouTube it, and it says a lot for how much passion the guys behind this film have for their subject, which is just what fans want.

The competitions arrive

In the run-up to the movie, and in honor of this monumental film (just because people are so dang excited for it), many different we are holding some awesome contests for fans of the film and game, meaning you fine folks reading this article can grab some easy swag if you check out our page here.

The Warcraft Contest

This contest is going to be a biggie, spanning four weeks (yes, you read right), and with well over $400 in Warcraft prizes up for grabs! We’re giving away Warcraft gold, a super rare mount, power leveling and a truly awesome WoW Fan Package including real metal swords, shirts and more.

In fact, we’re kicking off this party starting June 1 with our WoW Fan Package giveaway, which is super easy to enter. All you need to do is guess what you think the Rotten Tomatoes score for the Warcraft film will be three days after its US release (that’s what you think the score will be after those three days, you can submit before then). Send us your inspired guesses either on our Facebook or Twitter, tagging us with @PlayerAuctions and #ScoreCraft, or you can use our onsite messenger using offer ID 1234567, as long as you’ve registered with us already.

Once June 7 has passed and the week is up, we’ll pick a winner randomly from the participants who guessed the score exactly right, or whoever got closest to it.

The winner for the first week will be announced on our Facebook page on June 13, and they’ll be the lucky recipient of a seriously cool Warcraft Fan Package, which includes:

  • A Frostmourne 11.8 inch Metal Sword
  • An Alliance Lion’s Shield & Sword
  • A Dethling Statue
  • A WoW Logo T-Shirt
  • A Warcraft Branded Gaming Mouse Pad
  • 2 Limited Edition World of Warcraft Cups

This package is worth over $100 and is a collector’s dream, so put your thinking cap on and guess away!

The more about the Contest:

The World of Warcraft fun doesn’t stop with the Fan Package though: when you enter this week’s contest, you also get an entry into our WoW gold contest that spans the whole month! That has a first prize of 6 months of $30 in WoW gold per month, a second prize of 3 months of $30 of WoW gold, and a third prize of $30 of WoW gold. Each time you participate in one of our loot-tastic weekly contests, you’ll get an entry into this random draw, and you can get another chance of winning with every purchase you make on PlayerAuctions.com during the contest!

We’ll announce the winners of the gold contest on July 1, so enter each contest early and watch our site for info on what you need to do for each weekly contest. This should be a lot of fun, and we can’t wait to get these WoW goodies into the hands of you members of the mighty Horde and the magnificent Alliance.

Now, go watch the trailer again, get those guesses in, and let’s all get pumped for what will surely be Warcraft’s biggest month in years!

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