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Dragonflight Legacies
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Dragonflight: Legacies is a series of animated shorts about the different Dragonflight. In World of Warcraft, Dragonflights were dragons that represented a color of the rainbow. Five dragons held dominion over their brethren and were Keepers who chose to lead the world. Each leader was called the Dragon aspects, the Great Aspects, or simply the Aspects. The colors of each dragon are black, blue, bronze, red, and green. This article will go over the upcoming shorts series and answer some frequently asked questions like where to watch Dragonflight: Legacies

What to Expect in Dragonflight: Legacies

Nozdormu, an Aspect of the Bronze Dragonflight, will look into an ancient past that can hold the key to saving their future. After 10,000 years of slumber and the return of Dragonflights of Azeroth, they shall defend their home as their enemies attack their sacred homeland. Each short will focus on the history of the Dragonflights, although there is no information about what each story will be told. The trailer does show scenes of the rise of the Aspects. Scenes include defeating Galakron, the fall of Deathwing, the imprisonment of the Dracthyr, the War of the Ancients, and the history of the Primal Incarnates.

Where to Watch Dragonflight: Legacies?

Blizzard premiered Dragonflight: Legacies on October 25, and we can expect that there will be an episode to be released every Tuesday after that. The timing is perfect, as November 15 will be the second phase of the Dragonflight Pre-Patch. Dracthyr will also become playable and Primal Storms Pre-Patch event in World of Warcraft. The release of each episode schedule and the in-game patches are perfect companions when Dragonflight is released. You can watch Dragonflight: Legacies on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft YouTube channel, other shorts and cinematics like Shadowlands Afterlives, Battle for Azeroth, Warbringers, Harbingers, and many more.

The first episode of Dragonflight Legacies.

Dragonflights Lore

The lesser Dragonflights are under the main five; these dragons are either artificial or unnatural. When Deathwing fell, the Dragonflights, including the former Aspects and Alexstrasza, all lost their power and dragon eggs in the Wyrmrest Temple sanctums and their ability to reproduce.

Each colored dragon is proud of its heritage and lineage; they honor and remember the name of all past dragons. The Dragonflights were later separated into small groups called Broods, and each occupied and held territory within Azeroth. Some are more common than others, as the rest are nearly driven to extinction due to waging wars on their kind.

Blizzard will focus these animated shorts based on these dragons on expanding the World of Warcraft universe, allowing players to get familiarized with famous characters or groups that play an essential role in the expansion. Blizzard also plans to lead up to Shadowlands by launching the Afterlives Animated Series to highlight each of the four covenants. You can also refer to the list below of Primary and Lesser dragons, their descriptions, leaders, former leaders, and capitals to get an idea of which dragons you may expect to see in the upcoming series.

Primary Dragonflights

Red Dragonflight:

  • Description: A dragon granted dominion over life by Eonar the Lifebinder.
  • Leaders: Alexstrasa, the Life-Binder
  • Former Leaders: None
  • Capital: Wyrmrest Temple

Green Dragonflight:

  • Description: A dragon granted control over the Emerald Dream by Eonar the Lifebinder.
  • Leaders: Merithra of the Dream
  • Former Leaders: Ysera the Awakened
  • Capital: Eye of Ysera, Emerald Dream

Bronze Dragonflight:

  • Description: A dragon granted control
  •  over time by Aman’Thul, the Highfather
  • Leaders: Nozdormu, the Timeless One
  • Former Leaders: None
  • Capital: Concerns of Time, Tanaris

Blue Dragonflight:

  • Description: A dragon granted dominion over magic by Norgannon, the Dreamweaver.
  • Leaders: Kalecgos, the Spell-Weaver
  • Former Leaders: Malygos, the Spell-Weaver
  • Capital: Nexus, Borean Tundra

Black Dragonflight:

  • Description: A dragon granted control over the Earth by Khaz’goroth, the shaper, but the Black Dragonflight was almost entirely corrupted by the Old Gods, then later driven to the brink of extinction by Wrathion.
  • Leaders: Wrathion, the Black Prince (Azeroth), and Sabellian (Outland)
  • Former Leaders: Deathwing, the Destroyer
  • Capital: Neltharion’s Lair

Lesser Dragonflights

Chromatic Dragonflight:

  • Description: A dragon created by Nefarian, using the blood of other flights.
  • Leaders: Unknown
  • Former Leaders: Deathwing and Nefarian
  • Capital: Blackrock Spire, Blackrock Mountain

Infinite Dragonflight:

  • Description: A corrupted Bronze Dragon that seeks to disrupt time.
  • Leaders: Murozond
  • Former Leaders: None
  • Capital: None

Netherwing Dragonflight:

  • Description: These are spawns from Black Dragon eggs infused with raw nether energy when Draenor was torn apart.
  • Leaders: Neltharaku
  • Former Leaders: Unknown
  • Capital: None

Nightmare Dragonflight:

  • Description: These are corrupted Green Dragons by the Emerald Nightmare.
  • Leaders: None
  • Former Leaders: Ysera, Xavius
  • Capital: Emerald Nightmare

Plagued Dragonflight:

  • Description: These dragons were bred in Scholomance by the Cult of the Damned to spread the Plague of Undeath.
  • Leaders: None
  • Former Leaders: Vectus, Lich King
  • Capital: None

Storm Dragonflight:

  • Description: A Dragonflight found on the Broken Isles; these are different from Skywall’s Storm Dragons.
  • Leaders: Thrymjaris
  • Former Leaders: Unknown
  • Capital: Unknown

Twilight Dragonflight:

  • Description: Sintharia created these dragons by using the power of Nether Dragons to feed on magical energies.
  • Leaders: Unknown
  • Former Leaders: Deathwing, Sintharia, Zeryxia, Vexiona
  • Capital: Twilight Caverns, Blackrocks Mountain

Non-Dragon Members

  • Dragonspawn
  • Drakonid
  • Dragonman
  • Drakeadon
  • Undead Dragonkin

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