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WoW BfA Alchemy Guide

By | June 18th, 2019 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Professions have always played a major role in World of Warcraft, without a shadow of a doubt. And the Battle for Azeroth expansion makes no exception, with all the changes and adjustments that it brought to the in-game professions. Logically, these changes affected one of the most lucrative and exciting professions out there – Alchemy. Thus, in order to make your life as an alchemist easier, we’ve decided to create this neat and easy-go-digest WoW BfA Alchemy leveling guide!

We’re going to take a closer look at all the main details regarding reaching level 150 in Alchemy. Keep in mind that every piece of information in this guide is meant to help you level up your profession in a fast and efficient manner. So, if you’re looking for the best way to ding lvl 150 as an alchemist, look no further!

How and where do I learn Alchemy in Battle for Azeroth?

You acquire Alchemy as a profession in BfA by visiting your factions Alchemy trainer and spending 50 gold. Subsequently,  Alliance players will learn Kul Tiran Alchemy, while Horde players get Zandalari Alchemy. And as the names suggest, the former (Alliance Alchemy) is located on the Kul Tiras continent, while the latter (the Horde one) is found on Zandalar.

Alchemy Trainer

There’s also a specific Alchemy trainer for each faction that you must find in order to learn this profession. And here they are:

  • AllianceElric Whalgrene who can be found in the capital of Boralus (in the Tiragarde Sound zone). He resides in the northernmost area within the Tradewinds Market area in Boralus. Exact coordinates: 74.2, 6.6
  • Horde – Clever Kumali who’s situated in Dazar’alor (Zuldazar). She can be found at the northwestern corner of Dazar’alor, near the huge waterfall where all the other trainers are. Just note that she’s outside the Great Seal, not inside it. Exact coordinates: 42.23, 38.11

Once you’ve found the Alchemy trainer for your faction, you’ll be buying your first recipes to start the leveling process. Now, these two initial trainers are going to be your main source of Rank 1 and 2 recipes as you level up.

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What is the BfA Recipe ranking system all about?

There are 3 recipe ranks in Battle for Azeroth that represent your profession’s skill level. Each recipe rank also has different characteristics and you must meet certain criteria to reach some of them (Rank 3). Here’s a more detailed explanation:

  • Rank 1 – These would be your basic recipes used for leveling your Alchemy. And you can acquire these recipes from your faction-specific Alchemy trainer.
  • Rank 2 – Once you reach a higher skill level and Rank 1 recipes turn green, you can start using Rank 2 recipes. These come with the bonus of decreasing the number of reagents that are required for crafting stuff. Also, most of these recipes can be obtained from the same Alchemy trainer (like the Rank 1 ones), while others are acquired through other means.
  • Rank 3 – After you learn how to make Rank 2 Alchemy recipes, you can then proceed to Rank 3 ones. Rank 3 recipes are much more challenging to get your hands on but are also more rewarding. For instance, you have a chance to create several potions (or flasks) as a free bonus when using these recipes. And to obtain these recipes, you’d have to reach Revered reputation with the new sub-factions in Battle for Azeroth.

What is the cheapest and easiest way to level up?

Typically, the most efficient and affordable way to level your Alchemy in BfA is by acquiring hefty amounts of herbs first. You’d have to spend some gold prior to leveling your Alchemy as a sort of preparation to save time. Obviously, prices of the herbs that we’re going to show you next vary from server to server and even from faction to faction. Regardless, here’s a sample list of herbs that you can get in order to make your Alch leveling as efficient as possible:

Sure, these total up to an almost 2k worth of herbs, but it shouldn’t cost you a fortune to buy on the AH. Besides, if you’ve already reached Revered reputation with most of the new factions, you’d need a smaller amount of these herbs. That’s because you’d be able to take advantage of Rank 3 recipes, which will speed up the skill leveling quite a bit.

What’s the most optimal Alchemy leveling path without using Rank 3 recipes?

Focus on more basic Rank 1 (until you can) and Rank 2 recipes for the first several dozens of skill level. Then, once basic recipes won’t level your Alchemy anymore, start crafting more advanced Rank 2 recipes. To give you a better idea here’s an in-depth look at the most efficient way to level your Alchemy to 150, without using Rank 3 recipes:

Alchemy: Levels 1 to 60                                 

Once you pick your Alchemy profession, focus on Coastal Healing Potion and Coastal Mana Potion until you reach skill level 40. After that continue making these two potions but use them to craft the Coastal Rejuvenation Potion all the way up to skill level 60.

Alchemy: Levels 60 to 80

Once you’ve hit skill level 60 it’s time to concentrate on Rank 2 recipes. We’re talking about Demitri’s Draught of Deception,  Lightfoot Potion, Potion of Concealment and  Sea Mist Potion. All of these turn green once you reach 82. It doesn’t really matter which recipe you go for. Just craft whichever you have the herbs for, and you’ll comfortably reach skill level 80.

Alchemy: Levels 80 to 112

As soon as you reach 75 in Alchemy, you’ll be able to conjure the following Battle Potions (Rank 2 recipes) – Battle Potion of Stamina, Battle Potion of Agility, Battle Potion of Strength and Battle Potion of Intellect. Note that these Battle Potions will go yellow at 95 and green at skill level 112, so simply make them until you get to 112.

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Alchemy: Levels 112 to 145

Since you’ll be approaching the skill level cap here, things tend to get slower. At 112 you’ll want to put your efforts towards creating 4 flasks (Rank 2 recipes) – Flask of the Vast Horizon, Flask of the Currents, Flask of the Undertow and Flask of Endless Fathoms. However, you’ll need to have a skill level of 115 to conjure these, so create whatever you can to reach that skill level. All these flasks go yellow at level 140 and green at 145, so go with them until you get to 145.

Alchemy: Levels 145 to 150

This is the last push towards 150 so make it count. Your best friend here is called Mystical Cauldron and you’ll basically craft these until you ding skill level 150. The only issue here will be time and gold as you’d have to acquire Hydrocore and Expulsom to conjure Mystical Cauldrons.


So, there you have it folks, this is how you can reach skill level 150 as an alchemist in BfA. It’s safe to say that with this knowledge, leveling your WoW BfA Alchemy will be a piece of cake. You now know how and where to get this profession from, what herbs you might need and what the best potions/flasks for reaching 150 in Alchemy are. So, what are you waiting for? Time to get to the skill level cap of Alchemy!

Over to you now – do you enjoy leveling your Alchemy skill in BfA and fast/efficient are you? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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