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WoW BfA Talents: All of the Changes to the Talent System

By | December 5th, 2018 | Categories: World of Warcraft

There’s no denying that World of Warcraft’s 7th expansion titled Battle for Azeroth has been quite successful so far. The entire theme and the nostalgia-infused lore are definitely some of the strongest selling points of this expansion. Also, this game reached 3.4 million copies sold during the first 24 hours from BfA’s release, speak volumes about Blizzard’s effort to make this their biggest expansion so far. But what about the gameplay aspect of Battle for Azeroth… what about the WoW BfA Talents?

Well, as you might imagine, there was a plethora of gameplay changes in BfA. There were lots of adjustments and tweaks in various aspects, including talent trees. All of this makes for a distinctive and unique game mechanics that are meant to take class balance to the next level. Logically, adjustments to the talent system is a great way to shake things up and there are plenty of tweaks in this regard.

So let’s now take a look at every talent change that Battle for Azeroth brought upon WoW’s universe – read on!

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What kind of changes to the class Talents were made in BfA?

Each playable class in the game received notable changes in terms of talent trees. A good amount of talents have been removed from the game and replaced by other ones, including talents from past expansions. Here’s the complete list of talent modifications in Battle for Azeroth for all in-game classes:

Death Knight Talent Changes

1. Blood

2. Frost

3. Unholy

Demon Hunter Talent Changes

1. Havoc

2. Vengeance

Druid Talent Changes

1. Balance

2. Feral

3. Guardian

4. Resto

Hunter Talent Changes

1. Beast Mastery

2. Marksmanship

3. Survival

Mage Talent Changes

1. Arcane

2. Fire

3. Frost

Monk Talent Changes

1. Brewmaster

2. Mistweaver

3. Windwalker

Paladin Talents

1. Holy

2. Protection

3. Retribution

Priest Talents

1. Discipline

2. Holy

2. Shadow

Rogue Talents

1. Assassination

2. Outlaw

3. Subtlety

Shaman Talents

1. Elemental

2. Enhancement

3. Resto

Warlock Talents

1. Affliction

2. Demonology

3. Destruction

Warrior Talents

1. Arms

2. Fury

3. Protection


As you can see folks, Battle for Azeroth brought boatloads of adjustments and tweaks to the talent tree of every class in the game. But even if some of the changes might not exactly be your cup of tea for WoW BfA Talents, it’s all for the better since Blizzard are trying to fix balance issues etc.

Over to you now – what’s your favorite or least favorite change to the talent system of your class in BfA? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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