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WoW Classic The Burning Crusade Expected Changes & Beta

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By | March 25th, 2021 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Both players and developers want to extend (and retell) the experience of playing World of Warcraft. To reach that point, the community asked for the first expansion to hit the servers once again. And after a long while (since WoW Classic became a thing), we are now given the opportunity once again. Indeed, there’s no official release date, but some “experts” think WoW Classic the Burning Crusade could arrive in May (we hope).

Furthermore, with the First Expansion announcement, we now have a clear idea of how they will make it work. Those nostalgic players who want to stay in the vanilla Classic will keep their accounts intact. As a result, they can remain in that version of the game “forever.” Additionally, those players who want to relive the same transition experience will soon have the chance.

In other words, your hero(s) will have the possibility to transition into the Burning Crusade servers, leaving the vanilla Classic behind. Still, though, if you want to have both sides of the coin, you could opt to “copy” a version of your character(s); you obviously can (in exchange for a fee).

This article will discuss the new enhancements of playing WoW Classic the Burning Crusade Expansion whit the new content.

The WoW Classic the Burning Crusade Expansion

Besides the exciting events that revolve around the Burning Crusade, you’ll have extensive new content to explore as a player. Between the latest activities, you’ll find elements such as:

  • Two New Races: Choose between two primary races that practically changed the player base when they first came. On the one hand, you get the Draenei for the Alliance, an “alien” type that looks for Azeroth as their new home. At the same time, if you follow the Horde, you’ll now get the chance to play as a Blood Elf. These “arcane thirsty” survivors only want to redeem themselves and resurface as one of the powerful races on the planet.  
  • New Maps to Explore: First of all, the developers kept their original storytelling experience by keeping the different starting points. As a result, you’ll see new places to explore as you discover how the latest two races make their way to war. Secondly, you will have new lands that add more story to the game and help you reach level 70.
  • Quests to Complete: Since you’ll get more territory to explore, in between, you’ll get to meet new interesting characters. Through their dialogue and different tasks to complete, you’ll experience the events that concern the Azeroth’s habitants. Furthermore, you will have new content as a new player with the two new races. Simultaneously, all the WoW Classic veterans will get to see the Outlands as they travel through the Dark Portal.
  • More Dungeons and Raids: Test your skills and new abilities with the latest threats that appear with this expansion. As you move further within Outlands, you’ll discover ways to assist and repel the “evil” forces that linger around these maps. Furthermore, you’ll experience the bosses as old players did when the Burning Crusade made its way from the first time. Hence, it may take a lot of practice to overcome such challenges when they become available to the community. Still, though, you could wait for a while and try the dungeons/raids after the nerfs.
  • Flying Mounts: Even though this kind of “thing” is old in the current version of World of Warcraft, to the Classic player, this is a blessing. Instead of wasting coins constantly as you move around maps, you now have the power to summon your Flying Mounts. Overall, it is a remarkable ability to possess. It requires a lot of Gold, which is always tricky on the Classic version. Therefore, you should prepare your pockets and farm Gold before the expansion arrives.
  • Jewelcrafting: Welcome the life of luxury with the crafting capabilities you’ll get with this (new) Profession. If you want to invest time (and money) to increase this Profession’s level, you’ll have a great reward in the end. Most noteworthy, since it will become the new WoW Classic element, you could quickly sell the goods and make a profit.
  • Increase of the Profession Levels: Check for the Outland trainers in the new maps and learn new recipes for your Professors. This time around, you’ll get a new level cap (375), which may take some time to reach. Additionally, you’ll need a lot more WoW Classic Gold to invest in the latest recipes and materials. Moreover, if you only have Gathering Professions  (Mining/Skinning/Herbalism), you could earn a lot of in-game currency if you reach the highest levels quickly.
  • Play as a Paladin for Horde and Shaman for Alliance: With the addition of the two new Races, you can opt to try the Paladin class with Blood Elves or Shamans with Draenei. To those players that like to stick in the same faction, you now have the opportunity to try these abilities with a new character. Above all, both of these classes add new ways to interact with a party, adding more replayability to WoW.
  • Level Boost: For the first time in WoW Classic, we now have the chance to acquire this token and increase the level of a champion to 58. Indeed, you can only use this boost once per account. Therefore, you need to choose wisely. Most noteworthy, you can always skip this process and practice the old Classic ways and level your characters normally.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will WoW Classic the Burning Crusade Expansion arrive on the servers?

At the moment, there is no official date for the Burning Crusade, though some people speculate that it may appear around May 2021.

Are there additional costs to unlock the Burning Crusade Expansion contents?

There’s no official documentation of further costs for Classic players.

How Can I Sign for WoW Classic the Burning Crusade Beta?

To join the WoW Classic Burning Crusade beta, head over to the official WoW Classic website, sign-in, and click on the “Join Beta” part of the site.

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