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WoW Classic News for Drums of War: What You Need to Know

WoW Classic News
By | October 14th, 2018 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Ever since the groundbreaking WoW Classic News first surfaced back in Blizzcon 2017, the World of Warcraft community has been buzzing with excitement and there are no signs that this excitement will die down anytime soon.

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Sure, Battle for Azeroth is now officially live and players from across the globe can now enjoy the brand new WoW expansion that’s jam-packed with stunning new zones, raids, dungeons, items, and whatnot. But that doesn’t mean that vanilla lovers aren’t dreaming about venturing into the old world once again, where mobs are actually challenging.

And the good news is that we now have additional information regarding the classic rendition of Blizzard’s most successful franchise. So we’ll take a look at what we know already about the upcoming back to basics version of the biggest MMORPG of them all.

So, is it concrete that WoW Classic will be running on Patch 1.12?

Absolutely! Back in mid-June, it was confirmed by the development team of WoW classic that the game will be built on the Drums of War patch 1.12 that every vanilla fan is most likely familiar with. The reasoning behind this decision is that 1.12 was (and still is) the most complete version of vanilla WoW with all the good stuff like Battlegrounds etc.

Now, the dev update mentioned above might sound rather fascinating and promising, but if you read it in more detail, you’ll realize that rebuilding the classic experience is anything but easy for Blizzard. Apparently, trying to bring a 14-year-old game up to the current gaming standards is quite the challenge.

The good news is that the Blizz developers are working hard to implement this:

  • Stable and authentic 1.12 experience
  • Modern anti-cheat and bot detection systems
  • Net integration

At least we know that they’re working on it and doing their best to bring back the golden days of World of Warcraft. Besides, don’t forget that the Drums of War patch is the most comprehensive version of vanilla since it was released just before The Burning Crusade went live, so Blizzard has an awful lot of work to do in order to properly polish it.

What can I expect from the World of Warcraft Classic panel at Blizzcon?

Quite a lot actually. From the WoW classic demo that fans could try to all the difficulties and challenges that the development team behind the game is facing during the development process.

In fact, the official WoW Blizzcon 2018 preview, the game director of World of Warcraft – Ion Hazzikostas, mentioned that they’ll have “a lot to say” about the upcoming reborn vanilla WoW and just everything that guides them to creating the authentic classic experience that we all want.

Ion starts talking about the classic panel at around 2:07 in the video

And if you’re going to be attending this year’s Blizzcon edition (whether it’s physically or via the online stream), then this is what you need to know concerning the WoW classic panel:

  • The actual name of the panel is Restoring History: Creating WoW Classic
  • It’ll take place on the 3rd of November (Saturday)
  • It’ll start at 18:30 EST and end at 19:15 EST
  • It’ll be 45 minutes long

While 45 minutes might seem like far from enough (especially if you’re a sucker for anything vanilla), don’t forget that most of the panels have the exact same length. It’s just how the format of the event works and even if it appears a bit compressed, it’s because Blizzard has a lot of ground (or games) to cover at Blizzcon.

Perk for Ticket Holders

Virtual ticket holders will also be able to enjoy the World of Warcraft Classic demo first-hand! That’s right, those that’ll attend Blizzcon 2018 are not going to be only fans that’ll have the chance to try out the WoW classic demo. Those of you who own a virtual ticket will be eligible to try the demo themselves.

That sure sounds mega exciting, but you have to keep in mind that this is just a demo, not the end product. In fact, it’ll include only two of the starting zones for each faction. So there is going to be one zone for Alliance players and one for Horde players and they are supposed to give us a taste of what the recreated vanilla WoW might be like.

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Is there any official release date for WoW Classic yet?

Not yet, unfortunately. There are only speculations at the moment, a lot of speculations, regarding the official release date of the revised version of our beloved classic World of Warcraft.

With that being said, an interesting ask-me-anything interview with former WoW devs such as Jonathan Staats on Reddit emerged earlier this year. As you might guess, someone asked a question about when classic will be released and Mr. Staats replied that in his honest opinion, it’ll see the day of light sometime after 2021.

Yeah, that sure seems like an awful lot of time, especially since we’re talking about one of the biggest gaming companies and a product that’s not a brand new game per se, but simply a reincarnation of an earlier version of WoW. But Jonathan Staats did mention that MMO games take quite some time to develop, test and tweak so he might be onto something.

After all, this is the man that created half of the instanced dungeons and 90% of the non-instanced ones in vanilla, so he definitely knows a thing or two about designing MMOs.


There’s no denying that the introduction of the Restoring History: Creating WoW Classic panel is one of the highlights of this year’s massive Blizzcon event. Obviously, the hype started building up from the moment J. Allen Brack (the executive producer of WoW) announced World of Warcraft classic last year and it’s picking up even more momentum now, thanks to the inclusion of this new panel.

It’s a matter of time until we hear any official WoW Classic News regarding the release date of this gem, but until then we can only hope that this happens during the 2018 edition of Blizzcon.

What do you think though – are we going to get an official release date anytime soon? Let us know in the comment section below!

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