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WoW Classic release date and top 3 things to know

WoW Classic Release Date
By | August 27th, 2019 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Prepare to Go Back in Time

World of Warcraft Classic turns back the hands of time and brings us back to 2006, a glorious time when World of Warcraft was more balanced, stable, and essentially feature complete. Back then, the MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game genre was relatively new, and this particular game was making tsunami-like waves on PC gaming charts. For players around the World, indulging in this RPG (Role-Playing Game) meant hours of blissful vicarious existence as you were set in the awe-inspiring world of Azeroth.

This lush fantasy world is brimming with adventures galore as you find Quests to complete and NPC (Non-Playable Characters) to “meet.” One of the most fantastic features World of Warcraft has was (and still is), the difference in starting points of races and their respective lore. For instance, if you want to start as a Forsaken, you’ll learn how you end up “reviving” in a cemetery and what your “Warchief” expects from you all in the first minutes of your journey!

WoW Classic Release Date

The official Release Date has just passed (August 26 to be precise), and the servers have been online for players from all around the World. We can expect throngs of players to hide from the “outside world” for a couple of days, energy drinks on-hand, as they try to advance as far as possible in the game. If you’re a veteran player, you may already know a few steps that you need to take before enrolling in this “classic” journey. However, if you’re relatively new to Azeroth or haven’t played this video game at all, you could find the next tips invaluable as they can serve to improve your overall gaming experience. Before we continue, though, remember that these are merely suggestions that can expand the gameplay. At the end of the day, you have the freedom to follow them or not.

Without further ado, here are some essential tips that you need to know before you start questing.

Top 3 Things You Need to Know Before You Start Playing World of Warcraft Classic

1. Learn to Choose the Right Realm

One of the main problems that has plagued Blizzard (even before the release date) is the fact that everyone wants to start on the same server. Needless to say, this pushes the population limit to an almost unbearable load in mere hours. Of course, this “problem” doesn’t affect the development team or the gaming experience per se; but logging in may become troublesome for the players. If the overpopulation persists, people may need to queue and wait for hours on end until they can find a spot in the server. To avoid problems such as this, consider these elements for that “perfect” server to start your journey on:

Population: If you see the word “Full” next to a server, just avoid it at all cost. It’s best to just find a Realm with a Low or Normal when it comes to availability. Remember that Classic is in its early days and even that peculiar server that you chose may find more players in the next couple of weeks!

Alliance/Horde Affinity Realm: If you already know what faction to follow, the next thing to consider is how many players you want around you. So if you feel like sharing quests and meeting players on your first level is a must, you need to start in a Realm that has more players from the same faction. On the other hand, if you’re more of a “Lone Wolf,” beginning in a server with low population may be the best option. Tools around the Internet (“realmpop”, for example), have been regularly working on WoW for this particular data; in Classic though, these tools may not be readily available—at least for the first few weeks. Still, you need to associate the name of the Realm with the Faction Lore.

PvP, RP or Normal: This depends on your personal preference and play style, if you focus on doing quests and instances, then Normal is your best bet. But if you want more “action” between factions, go right ahead and pick PvP. However, if you’re looking for more immersion and act/chat like your character, RP is your best bet.

2. Research Your Ideal First Character:

Due to the starting version of World of Warcraft Classic, there are some things to consider when you are trying to create your first adventurer:

  • Available Races: This time around, you have four options to choose from as your starting race for both factions. In the Alliance side, you have the Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, and Gnomes. As for the Horde, you can pick between Orcs, Undead, Taurens, and Trolls. Remember that Blood Elves and Draenei became available with the First Expansion, Burning Crusade.
  • Classes Limits: If you have some experience with the current Classes in World of Warcraft, you may feel like some abilities aren’t quite optimal or are otherwise entirely missing. In the Classic version, you need Trainers to add skills in exchange for Gold.
  • Shamans or Paladins: In the old days, these two classes were limited to their respective factions. This is the norm in Classic once again; which means that the Shamans belong to the Horde and Paladins to the Alliance.

3. Gather Your Friends

If you’re determined enough to start your journey in World of Warcraft Classic, you need to be aware of some roadblocks that you’ll undoubtedly encounter as you level up your character. First of all, you’re going to need more Gold and Experience to do practically anything. Next, monsters are more powerful and can swiftly kill you if you’re not careful. Lastly, there is no “LFG” (Looking for Group) feature in the game, which means that it is now a lot more difficult to find a team and explore dungeons.

Because of these, the best option to enjoy the game, is to find trustworthy friends and join a Guild as soon as you can. With the support of your peers, you can complete quests and explore dangerous places.

Conquer the “Old” Azeroth

Even though everything looks more complicated than the regular version of the game, World of Warcraft Classic is still an enjoyable game. Whether you were there in 2006 and want to indulge in sheer nostalgia or you just want to experience the game in its original format the first time, the experience it gives you is incredible. So get going and start your adventures in World of Warcraft Classic; it’s time to overcome each and every obstacle this fantastic game has in store for you.

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