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WoW Legacy Servers Officially Announced by Blizzard!

wow legacy servers
By | November 7th, 2017 | Categories: World of Warcraft

It’s happening guys, it finally is! Mark the date – 03/11/2017, because this is the day that saw Blizz officially revealing classic legacy servers for World of Warcraft.

Something that the old school WoW community has been anticipating ever since the launch of The Burning Crusade (yeah, we wanted vanilla back even in 2007) and it’s now a reality much to everyone’s amusement. I’m super excited (and I bet you are too) about this news, but if some of you think I’m pulling a prank on you guys, take a look at this clip:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYQPtxFICFQ

This is the official announcement made by J. Allen Brack himself (love the icecream intro). Now, note that there are no dates revealed, he just vaguely mentioned that it’s gonna take some time, but eventually, it will happen.

While that may insert some uncertainty about the situation, I’d imagine that they wouldn’t prolong the release date for too long. The hype is real and I’m sure that Blizzard wants to capitalize on that, so a 2018 release date sounds reasonable to me. What do you think?

Anyway, let’s have a look at the things we already know.

What do we know about classic WoW legacy servers so far?

For starters, we do know that classic servers are happening, whether it’s next year or even 2019, legacy servers will be a reality. So, the main question is always “when?”, but let’s see what we know for sure so far.

  • There’s no set release date yet
  • The legacy servers will be separate realms, completely different from the current game
  • The new legacy servers will be Blizz-like so they’re after quality and authentic vanilla WoW experience
  • There’s uncertainty about which patch the servers will run on (1.12 perhaps?) and if they will implement some sort of progression
  • There might be other legacy servers as well (BTC for example), apart from vanilla WoW ones
  • We don’t know if account-wide things will be available
  • They are currently hiring new people for the legacy WoW project
  • Overall, we don’t know much yet, because classic servers are still being developed

Apart from things we do and don’t know about this back to the roots WoW servers, many people are wondering whether or not it’ll be free to play. Honestly? I highly doubt Blizz will not take advantage of the vast amount of hardcore vanilla players eager to jump aboard on the new legacy servers.

So no, I believe it will be a paid experience. Most likely it’ll be free for people who have active subscriptions, as having to pay extra specifically for the legacy servers would probably be too much.

And we have no information if tokens will be allowed or not. If they stick to their promise, you know, the authentic vanilla experience, then WoW tokens will not be a part of classic World of Warcraft. They never were, to begin with, so that’s pretty logical.

Plus, there’s no info about how the economy in-game will work. Obviously, the current inflation in Legion is an issue, so I can’t imagine that being transferred to vanilla servers. It’d be complete lunacy so I believe that Blizzard will implement the original economy from back in 2005.

Anyway, I believe that with this announcement, there’s the dire need to discuss something very important concerning us vanilla fanboys.

What will happen to private vanilla servers?

That’s a great question, indeed. I don’t want to be the doombringer (pun intended), but it seems like the most Blizz-like and authentic private servers will cease to exist. And I can see why.

In fact, Light’s Hope (the new Nostalrius, after Elysium died) have responded to the news about official WoW classic servers. Have a look for yourself:

wow legacy servers

First off, love their honest and genuine position towards how the classic WoW community should proceed after these events. Light’s Hope only one month old at the moment, but nonetheless they carry the original Nostalrius spirit after the break down of Elysium.

And since the guys behind Light’s Hope want to continue what Nostalrius started two years ago, apparently they will be shutting down their servers when Blizzard’s official ones are released. After all, that’s what this petition is for.

They will keep the progress going on the Light’s Hope servers, so expect Naxx on all of them by the time they decide to call it a day. Taking into account that we won’t be seeing official legacy servers for at least a few months (more like an year really), this is not such a big issue actually.

Oh noes, but what will happen to my character/s?

Chill, they’ve got your back. Before shutting down, Light’s Hope staff will give players the privilege to download a cryptographically signed copy of their character/s. How awesome is that?

A very noble thing to do indeed. Especially when some people have invested huge amounts of time into this game, and losing it all would hurt, a lot!

This is obviously helpful if you intend on ignoring Blizzard’s official servers (they might be paid, for all we know) and going for other private vanilla servers. I’m sure that servers like Kronos will continue to offer sort-of authentic experience, so that’s always an option.

Wrapping it up

Anyway, If you’re currently jumping in excitement because of this awesome news – I can relate to that! We’ve been waiting for an official statement from Blizz regarding vanilla for a long time.

If it wasn’t for Nostalrius and everything that transpired afterwards, legacy servers would’ve been nothing but a dream. But since they got so big (hundreds of thousands of players) and clearly attracted Blizzard’s attention, even if it was in a negative way initially.

But the reality is that it’s all now official and all we have to do is wait. How long do we have to wait for? In my opinion, like I said already, mid to late 2018 sound feasible. Anything sooner than that is welcome of course, but I doubt it since mr. Brack said that “it will take some time”.

Make sure to drop a comment in the comment section below and share your thoughts (and excitement) with us!

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  1. Bombinou
    Bombinou November 9, 2017 at 5:48 pm - Reply

    OMG this is happening ! bye bye social life 😀

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