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WoW Mail for 2 Classes (Part 4)

WoW Mail
By | October 23rd, 2017 | Categories: World of Warcraft

It’s not leather, it’s not plate… It’s WoW Mail ! This wonderful armor delivers both mobility and resistance to damage, making it useful when going to battle. But who wears mail nowadays? From healers that purify spirits to beast tamers that track down enemies, these are the hunter and the shaman!

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Hunters are rangers, skilled archers who survive in the wild and tame beasts. However, they not only rely on ranged weapons for they can use polearms, too. These mail wearers are fully resourceful, finding hidden enemies, setting traps, rooting them, interrupting them, and dealing full damage with their skills and the aid of their pets. With Disengage, Exhilaration, Feign Death and the Aspect of the Turtle, hunters are slippery, fast and resistant.


Pets can have specializations too. Before, pets could only have one, but later on, Blizzard was kind and let them choose their paths (well, the hunter chooses). Having said that, pets can pick the following:

  • Ferocity: mainly DPS, with abilities like Dash, Heart of the Phoenix (a resurrect) and passive skills that improve damage.
  • Tenacity: mainly Tank, with abilities like Charge, Last Stand to resist heavy damage, Thunderstomp as AoE damage and passive skills that increase health and healing while decreasing damage taken.
  • Cunning: a mix, with abilities like Bullheaded to reduce damage taken, Roar of Sacrifice shares the damage taken by the pet with the target, and Cornered, a passive skill that causes the pet to deal more damage when it has low health.


  • Beast Mastery: Ranged DPS. Not only dogs are hunters’ best friends but all kind of creatures. Exotic beasts can only be tamed by these hunters and they rely on their pets’ abilities. Kill Command is the BM’s way, sending pets to the battle and leading them with authority. I’m not talking about Pokémon, no… It’s more like this: “My bear is going to tear your guts out.”
  • Marksmanship: Ranged DPS. Trying to put an arrow in every knee, Marksmen focus their efforts on hitting every Hunter’s Mark with a wide variety of shots. Concussive Shot is used to slow the enemy’s movement, Multi-Shot for AoE damage and Aimed Shot to deal greater damage.
  • Survival: Melee DPS. These hunters are the most badass and primitive. They engage in melee combat and flank their enemies with the help of their pets. Traps and cunning attacks are their signature moves. The Mongoose Bite will sever the enemies’ limbs and their expertise with polearms is sure to be feared.

Races to Pick

  • Alliance: Dwarf, Draenei, Gnome, Human, Night elf, Worgen
  • Horde: Blood elf, Goblin, Orc, Tauren, Troll, Undead
  • Pandaren

Some Great Hunters

  • Alleria, Sylvanas and VereesaWindrunner, Rexxar, Zhu Longbrow, NathanosBlightcaller, Hemet Nesingwary, HulnHighmountain, FenrisWolfbrother, ShandrisFeathermoon

Hunters’ Artifacts


Shamans commune with the elements and reach the spirits of the ancients. The elements hear their call and answer with beautiful powers. Storms, quakes, lightning, and fire are just an example of the amazing abilities these wise shamans have. They are so versatile, switching from doing damage to healing in a second, or just resurrecting themselves. Shamans can shape-shift to wolves, summon elementals to help and conjure totems to reach their goals. They are also supportive with Bloodthirst/Heroism, increasing the party’s haste. Oh, and don’t mess with them or you will be turned into a frog!


  • Elemental: Ranged DPS. Ele Shamans are dynamic and fun to play. They use Maelstrom to call greater powers like Lava Storm that always crits if the target is affected by Flame Shock, and Earth Shock, an excellent damage dealer when used with full Maelstrom. Transforming into Flame Ascendants and summoning elementals make this specialization a enjoyable one thanks to its great visuals.
  • Enhancement: Melee DPS. Using maces to bend the elements and engage in close combat, enhancement shamans exceed expectations doing single target DPS. They enhance their weapons with fire, frost, and lightning to improve damage or slow the enemy’s movement. With their simple rotation, they propose a easy to play game-style.
  • Restoration: They heal with the help of nature, throwing water over their allies with the use of Healing Surge (more like a bucket of water), Riptide as a healing over time, Healing Rain as AoE healing and Chain Heal (a flow of water that connects allies and heals them). Spirit Link Totem and Healing Tide Totem prove to be great cooldowns that can save entire raids.

Races to Pick

  • Alliance: Dwarf, Draenei
  • Horde: Orc, Goblin, Troll, Tauren
  • Pandaren

Some Great Shamans

  • Thrall, Drek’Thar, FarseerNobundo, Rehgar and MulnEarthfury, MagathaGrimtotem and Ner’zhul, who started as a shaman.

Shamans’ Artifacts

The Fist of Ra-den + The Highkeeper’s Ward (Elemental) – Doomhammer + Fury of the Stonemother (Enhancement) –  Sharas’dal, Scepter of Tides + Shield of the Sea Queen (Restoration)

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