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WoW Plate for 3 Classes (Part 3)

WoW Plate
By | October 20th, 2017 | Categories: World of Warcraft

WoW Plate is shiny and solid. Those who wear it are full of strength and the will to fight! From princes in shiny armors to rune forged blades wielded by knights of the darkness, or just a guy full of rage with two huge swords. You don’t want to mess with these guys.

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Death Knight (DK)

The DK is an interesting class to pick! It’s the first hero class and starts at level 55. It’s completely melee and as all plate-wearing classes, it has a “tank” specialization. The starting zone is amazing and very enjoyable as you begin by serving the evil Lich King until you realize everything is not perfect. This class seems darker than usual as you are literally an undead. However, they do not only take lives, they can also Raise a dead Ally. Whichever race you pick, you’re part of the Scourge Army.


  • Blood: The easiest tank to use, the blood specialization provides a full-healing tank that uses dark forces to leech life. The Blood Boil and the Death Grip are a bliss to new tanks as getting the attention of the enemies is child’s play. Just make sure you always have your Bone Shield up!
  • Frost: Like a frost mage, it uses the chilling forces of nature but with the help of runic power. Easy to use, the Remorseless Winter and the Howling Blast prove the Frost DK as one perfect class to do massive AoE. Also, they have the greatest looks with dual-blades and dark armor!
  • Unholy: The Unholy spec is the necromancer of plate-wearing classes. Vanquishing enemies with the help of diseases and undead minions. The infection spreading as damage over time makes it a great spec to use in PvP. Contrary to Frost, Unholy has Icebound Fortitude, with the DoT and the outrageous Army of the Dead cooldown make this one the best spec to play in battlegrounds and arenas.

Races to Pick

  • All races can be chosen to be DK except for Pandaren.

Some Great DKs

  • Arthas Menethil, Thassarian, Baron Rivendare, Dranosh Saurfang, Darion and Alexandros Mograine

DKs’ Artifacts

  • Maw of the Dammed (Blood) – Icebringer and Frostreaper, former Frostmourne (Frost) – Apocalypse (Unholy)


The paladin is the epitome of the Light, perhaps even more than priests. They live by the Light’s command and they are utterly pure. If you’re into role-playing you’ll surely feel paladins are lawful-good in all their extent. Divine Shield and Lay on Hands give the feeling that paladins are not killable.


  • Holy: In Legion, this spec was changed altering its gameplay to make Holy Paladins more “real.” The closer they get to the fight and their allies, the more they heal; this is thanks to the Mastery: Lightbringer. With Light of the Martyr they sacrifice themselves for others, that’s what all paladins want to do and their AoE healing is great. They are amazingly resistant and hard to kill, though still being great healers. In the name of Light, of course. One of the most annoying healers in PvP for sure.
  • Retribution: Using the power of the Light to smite their enemies, the Ret Paladins are not about smashing buttons. They have a mana bar and holy power, which is something like combo points. They can be great both at single target and AoE thanks to the customization provided by talents. The Shield of Vengeance, Hand of Hindrance and the talent Eye for an Eye make this spec great for PvP.
  • Protection: The protection paladin defends his allies with the power of the Light and it’s a easy to playtank. It’s nothing complicated and has really high survivability, great for new players who want to start tanking. Through Consecration and Avenger’s Shield they will never lose the enemies’ threat. Also, with Guardian of Ancient Kings everything can be saved.

Races to Pick

  • Alliance: Draenei, Dwarf, and Human.
  • Horde: Blood Elf and Tauren

Some Great Paladins

  • Tirion Fordring, Uther the Lightbringer, Maxwell Tyrosus, Lady Liadrin, Aponi Brightmane, Turalyon

Paladins’ Artifacts

  • The Silver Hand (Healer) – The Ashbringer (DPS) – Truthguard (Tank)


This class is “a must” in every game. Simple, fierce and powerful, these plate wearers are easy and fun to play. Fuelled by rage, warriors strike quickly and execute their enemies without any sight of compassion. They intimidate others by mighty roars and their aggressive attitude.


  • Arms: Arms is a little bit complex but the results are completely worthy. Colossus Smash and Mortal Strike make this spec great for PVP as they focus on increasing the damage you deal to your enemies and reducing the effectiveness of healing they receive, respectively. And Die by the Sword? Great cooldown for emergency moments.
  • Fury: Wielding two great swords, the fury warrior is a pretty bad-ass spec to play. These lords of war have a different gameplay than the arms spec, thanks to focusing on being enraged and blood-thirsted all the time, which gives them outbursts of power and deadly attacks. Thanks to the Enraged Regeneration, fury warriors have all the reasons to skip anger management (and I’m not talking about the talent).
  • Protection: Nothing protects better than a sword and a shield and these warriors use them proudly, putting themselves between allies and danger with Intercept. Instead of tanking through healing, these tanks specialize in damage mitigation with spells like Shield Block, Ignore Pain, and the cooldowns Shield Wall and Last Stand. Charge provides mobility and Thunder Clap is a great way to control the threat they generate.

Races to Pick

  • All races

Some Great Warriors

  • King Varian Wrynn, Genn Greymane, Garrosh Hellscream, Durotan, Cairne and Baine Bloodhoof

Warriors’ Artifacts

  • Strom-kar the Warbreaker (Arms) – Warswords of the Valarjar (Fury) – Scale of the Earth-Warder (Protection)

Final Words

Combining specializations and talents make you switch from one game-style to another, turning the game into something versatile in case you get bored easily. Let that alone, you can also change specializations whenever you’d like to!

All right, thanks for peeping this piece. Part 4 (WoW Mail) will wrap things up, and it’s coming soon.

Want to read the Part 1 and Part 2? You can read them here:

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