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World of Warcraft: The Eternal Palace Raid

The Eternal Palace Raid
By | July 27th, 2019 | Categories: World of Warcraft

Leading Your Army to Conquer Nazjatar

One of the best gaming mechanics that World of Warcraft has been offering us through the years is, without a doubt, the Raids. When you’re talking about dungeon formats, nothing comes easy. They require a party between 10 to 30 players (depending on the selected Dungeon), where people need to work together in flawless execution. On top of that, all of the mobs (low-level monsters) and the bosses tend to escalate—depending on the quantity of the raid. Most importantly, every boss in the dungeon has the potential to deploy devastating abilities; which can practically deplete a player’s entire health bar in a matter of seconds.

In WoW: The Eternal Palace Raid, the tradition goes on, most notably with its difficulty. Due to its “aquatic” theme, we get to see different guardians trying to protect their Queen. And as they fall one by one to the might of the Alliance/Horde, we get to experience the last epic battle with Queen Azshara herself. To longtime players of the franchise, this is a great payback for all the destruction that she had wreaked upon the previous expansions.

How Can We Start the Raid?

Create a schedule over the WoW Calendar and gather your guildmates for an epic journey. Remember to cover all the essential requirements for your party by picking the right members for the different archetypes like Tanks, Healers, and DPS (Damage per Second). After that, head over to Nazjatar to find the Raid entrance. Over at the northern part of the map, you’ll be able to see a massive Azshara statue where the “Gate of the Queen” is. Use the whirlpool to enter the dungeon. Just as it is with other Raids, you’ll need to fulfill some requirements to enter:

  • Complete the Sunken Ambitions (Alliance) / Unfathomable (Horde) storyline achievement: In other words, complete all the main quests in the area. It may take some grinding to move around and explore the environment, but it’s a must.
  •  Around 400 iLevel: To withstand all that damage from the various enemies you’ll encounter in the raid, you’ll need an average item level of 400.

Even though you can skip these by summoning your teammates over the entrance of the dungeon, we still recommend that you enjoy the narrative through the quests and “be prepared” for the challenge with the appropriate item levels.

What Type of Bosses Can You Find in the Raid?

  • Abyssal Commander Sivara (1st Boss): Once you start the fight, the group splits in half when a powerful debuff affects every single player. Players that have the “Frost Mark” then go to the left part of the arena while players with the “Toxic Brand” go to the right. This debuff affects each player in different ways as the fight progresses.
  • Blackwater Behemoth (2nd or 3rd Boss): Due to the structure of the Raid, the party can opt to encounter either the Blackwater Behemoth or Radiance of Azshara. Before you start the fight, you need to interact with the Oxygen-Rich Membrane to obtain a buff that can enable you to breathe underwater and boost your swimming speed. After that, you’ll need another buff from the Pufferfish (Bioluminescence) to restore the healing capabilities of the group.
  • Radiance of Azshara (2nd or 3rd Boss): This time around, all the players stand in a broad platform while the enemy waits in the middle of everything. Radiance of Azshara will spam powerful tornados. Take note that one random player will get a debuff which will appear as a white circle around the player. This white circle has the potential to stun not only the player but the teammates too if they stand still. Players need to be in healing range while they avoid the different traps.
  • Lady Ashvane (4th Boss): To deal with this enemy, your group will need a heck of a lot more coordination to endure the different traps. While everyone attacks, Lady Ashvane will bash the ground, leaving a debuff circle in the field. Tanks need to lure her to avoid further damage from these rings. She will spawn “Coral Growths” that regularly release bubbles that travel and explode.
  • Orgozoa (5th Boss): Things will get a little bit more complicated when the party reaches this part of the Raid. This boss tends to deal a ton of damage with every hit while giving damage stacks to the tank at the same time. It randomly casts powerful spells that affect a large ground area. In the middle of the fight, the boss will run towards a lower chamber to cast another powerful spell. The group has to follow it while avoiding different traps to interrupt the cast.
  • The Queen’s Court (6th Boss): In this part of the Raid, the group will encounter two bosses at the same time, Silivaz the Zealous and Pashmar. To avoid triggering some abilities, the enemies need to be apart, and both need to perish within a 15-second interval. Each boss has different tricks that affect parts of the ground or a random player on the group.
  • Za’qul (7th Boss): Portals is the name of the game here. The boss will use them to summon harmful tentacles, powerful mobs, or even teleport party members to other dimensions. The party will need to address these portals to avoid further complications. In the middle of the fight, some DPS will need to cross to another dimension and deal as much damage as possible.
  • Queen Azshara (8th Boss): This is it; the party now has to deal with the Queen herself! Things will definitely get heated and your team may need to restart the fight on more than one occasion. Besides dealing with constant harassment from different mobs and Azshara, you also need to maintain the Ancient Wards online. A different member of the team may need to stand still in some yellow circles to keep the power on. There is a catch though: Each member receives a debuff while he or she stays within the ring.

Dive Within

Even though the Word of Warcraft: The Eternal Palace Raid is filled to the brim with challenges and is a tall order to overcome, it never fails to entertain. Every boss comes with a different gaming mechanism that demands your attention and your microphone active all the time. Finally, every drop from all the bosses has the potential to improve your character even further and making him/her ready for the upcoming challenges.

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