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    Lost Ark Stats Explained – Best Stats for Each Class

    Lost Ark is rapidly becoming one of the top MMOs. With the lack of new games on the market, plenty of players are flocking to the Korean ARPG to […]

    byDillan|22 Feb 2022|Lost Ark

    Lost Ark Leveling Guide

    Lost Ark Leveling Guide NA – How to Get to 50 Fast

    Leveling Guide for Lost Ark Lost Ark is generating a lot of hype ever since its official release. The game has been around locally for Korea since 2019 and […]

    byDillan|14 Feb 2022|Lost Ark

    How Xingqiu Got His Vision

    Lost Ark NA Class Tier List

    The Best Class in Lost Ark Lost Ark has been on many gamers’ minds over the past few weeks. Ever since Smilegate partnered with Amazon to release the Korean […]

    byDillan|10 Feb 2022|Lost Ark

    Rosaria Materials

    How Does the Auction House Work in Lost Ark?

    Smilegate’s Lost Ark is about to go fully live for the NA and other western regions in a few more days. Gamers are getting ready to log in and […]

    byDillan|07 Feb 2022|Lost Ark

    WotLK Best Racials

    Monster Hunter Rise vs. Monster Hunter World

    Which is the Better Monster Hunter? Rise or World? The Monster Hunter franchise has added a new installment to its selection. Monster Hunter Rise was released exclusively for Switch […]

    byDillan|24 Jan 2022|Monster Hunter

    BDO Treasures

    Four Must-Have Black Desert Treasure Items

    BDO Treasure Items Black Desert Online players rely heavily on consumable items such as food that give buffs, buff potions or recovery potions, and other items used for traveling. […]

    Easiest Bosses Elden Ring

    Black Desert Online Oasis Event: The End of An Era

    The BDO Oasis Event is Coming to an End Black Desert Online has been one of the most popular MMORPGs in recent years, alongside Final Fantasy XIV, World of […]

    Cobalt-B ToF Build

    Best Ahri Build and Guide

    League of Legends Ahri Build and Guide The League of Legends champion Ahri can be considered as a jack of all trades as a mid-lane champion. She has a […]

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