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ESO Thieves Guild Guide

ESO Thieves Guild
By | June 13th, 2020 | Categories: ESO

There are a number of different aspects of Elder Scrolls Online that offers plentiful variety to those playing the game. One such feature is the ESO Thieves Guild, and this guide will outline everything you need to know about joining, levelling up and more.

The following guide will discuss the following:

  • About the ESO Thieves Guild, and how to join it.
  • How to Raise Rank.
  • What is Reputation?
  • The Skills Offered by the Thieves Guild.

So let’s get started on discussing what the Thieves Guild is, and how you can be a part of it.

What is the ESO Thieves Guild?

The Thieves Guild is an NPC group of (you guessed it) thieves that are currently wanted by the Iron Wheel for a heist gone wrong in Taneth. This DLC addition offers players a questline which you will have to steal and hunt for treasure in order to gain reputation within the guild. It can be found in the city of Abah’s Landing, where you will find Hew’s Bane.

How Do You Join the Thieves Guild in ESO?

There are a couple of ways for you to join the Thieves Guild. The simplest way is to open your collections and go to the DLC option. From there, accept the “Partners in Crime” quest and you’re good to go. Another way is to look for an outlaw refuge and talk to Quen, who will then give you the quest you need to get started.

What is Rank, and How is it Raised?

Your Rank is essentially your status within the Thieves Guild. There are 12 ranks in total, and you will need to gain reputation in order to make your way up these ranks. To gain reputation this will involve completing quests that are relevant to the DLC.

If at any point you lose access to the DLC, then this will cause your progress to be disabled. However, you will still be able to use the skills that you have already earned.

What is Reputation in the ESO Thieves Guild?

Reputation is a key component of levelling in ESO. Where the Thieves Guild is concerned, your reputation is increased by completing quests and jobs that will benefit the guild. Earning reputation will increase your rank, and the majority of quests will see you earning 10 Thieves Guild rep. You can also do Tip Board jobs to gain five rep, or go big with large heists that will earn up to 20 rep, provided that you complete them within the given time limit. So as you progress through the questlines, jobs and heists, you will garner more rep to rank up.

ESO Thieves Guild Skills

There are a number of perks that you can unlock by playing the Thieves Guild questline. These are unlocked when your rank increases, of which you must earn reputation in order to get your hands on these passive abilities.

Finders Keepers

The first skill you can get is “Finders Keepers”, which outlines Thieves Troves that are scattered around Tamriel, and can only be opened by Thieves Guild members.

Swiftly Forgotten

Another skill is “Swiftly Forgotten”, which differs in effect depending on what rank you are. This is a common trait that you will notice with another skill that we will discuss shortly. The ranks go up in both line and skill, and both will need to have reached certain levels before they can be used. So for example, with “Swiftly Forgotten” your bounty decreases by 46 after three minutes and your heat decreases by 36 after 3 seconds when you hit skill rank 1 and line rank 2. At skill rank 2 line rank 5, your bounty is decreased by 69 after three minutes and your heat is decreased by 46 after three seconds. This goes up to skill rank 4 line rank 11 where your bounty will reduce by 115 after three minutes, and your heat decreases by 64 after three seconds.


As with the previous skill, “Haggling” is also improved as you rank up. Starting at skill rank 1, your stolen items sold at a fence are worth 2% more. Once you have reached skill rank 4 and line rank 12, then your stolen items will be worth 10% extra. Keep in mind that this skill does not apply to Laundering, but its still a great skill to have.


The next skill is “Clemency”, which you can use once per day if you are accosted by a guard. This will effectively stop the guard from taking your money, stolen goods or arresting you. It will also buy you one minute after using it to stop guards accosting you, just be careful not to void this by committing more crimes.

Timely Escape

Timely Escape” allows you to spot a Footpad if you are in a Refuge town when in combat and have a bounty on you. By interacting with this footpad, you will be transported to the nearest Refuge.

Veil of Shadows

Finally, there is “Veil of Shadows”, which will decrease your detection by 10% from Guards and Witnesses. Whilst this doesn’t have much effect on what distance you are noticed from, or the crimes you commit, it still makes you less likely to be spotted.


So as you can see, in the ESO Thieves Guild you are getting a similar experience that you would see in other guilds such as Fighters and Mages. It offers a vast questline that sees you lurking in the darkest shadows of Tamriel, committing crimes and uncovering lost treasures.

So if you want to learn some new skills, take on new trials, and get away with playing dirty, then the ESO Thieves Guild DLC is definitely worth looking into. You will be honing your skills as a thief with heists, trespassing in forbidden areas and much more using the new mechanics that accompany the content to keep you in the dark in the best possible way. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out the Thieves Guild DLC in Elder Scrolls Online, and get thieving today!

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