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Getting Ready for Skyrim: ESO Leveling Guide

ESO Leveling Guide
By | February 5th, 2020 | Categories: ESO

If there’s a good reason to play Elder Scrolls Online now, it’s that Skyrim will be the next chapter expansion, which is coming next year. So, if you want to play catch-up and get to where the Dragonborn’s adventures are, then you need to start grinding hard and smart. Check out our ESO leveling guide for that!

ESO leveling guide #1: Why should I not rush to 50?

If you noticed, we didn’t say grind fast. That’s because Elder Scrolls Online characters grow differently compared to other MMORPGs, as players can get skill points outside of leveling up. If you stick exclusively to grinding, you’ll only get 64 skill points. Going for outside sources, on the other hand, will allow you to get up to a whopping 350 skill points. So don’t be in a hurry to hit the cap!

One good way to obtain these extra skill points would be through Zone Quest Chains. However, not all of them grant skill points. As a safe rule, quest chains that involve Factions do and they’ll bring you to another region where you get another quest chain that will yield a skill point as well. As for quest chains that aren’t a part of Factions but yield a skill point, a simple Google search should be able to tell you that as there are sure to be plenty of reference materials.

ESO leveling guide #2: How can I boost EXP gain?

Despite what we’ve said about taking your time to reach the cap, it’s still better to reach the cap in the fastest way possible. Without compromising pumping skill points on important skills, that is. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to do that is to have armor with the Training trait, which increases EXP gained from kills. This trait, however, can only be obtained by choosing the Research option when crafting armor. By choosing this, you get a particular trait.

There’s also the item called Psijic Ambrosia, which increases EXP gain from all sources by 50%. On the other hand, if you have money to burn, you can buy Crown Experience Scrolls. You can also obtain them through Daily Login Rewards and special Holiday Events, but they’re not going to be enough to tide you over. Do note, however, that these items do not stack, so you have to choose one.

You can also increase EXP gain by 10% by subscribing to ESO Plus. For only 10-15 USD, you get that perk, and a lot more! However, this is an EXP guide, so we won’t be discussing those perks in this ESO leveling guide.

ESO leveling guide #3: Why should I do dungeons?

Last but definitely not least in this ESO leveling guide are dungeons. You can do a Random Daily Dungeon, which will get you a boosted amount of EXP. Aside from that, you should also run dungeons that give skill points. For that, you have to choose a specific dungeon, which you have to click on the arrow on the upper right corner and choose Specific Dungeon instead of Normal Dungeon.

Before doing dungeons, it’s best to take EXP-boosting items. To make the most out of them, you need to first finish as many quests outside of dungeons as you can without turning them in. Once you’re satisfied, go for the Random Daily Dungeon, and then use either the scroll or the ambrosia before you take on the final boss fight. This will not only give you increased EXP for defeating the boss but also boosted EXP for completing the dungeon, which is already 4x the usual EXP because this is the first random dungeon of the day. After that, go back to all the quests you’ve managed to complete and finally turn them in. They will now yield even more EXP, thanks to either the scroll or the ambrosia!

Leveling up doesn’t have to be boring or inconvenient. In fact, we gave you this ESO leveling guide so that your grind won’t be any of those things! Hopefully, you try them out and get to level 50 efficiently.

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