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Genshin Fishing Guide

By | May 30th, 2022 | Categories: Genshin Impact, Genshin Tips

  • How to Unlock Fishing in Genshin?

    You'll need to have unlocked the Serenitea Pot (at least AR 28 and finished Archon Quest Chapter I Act III). This makes you eligible for the “Exploding Population” quest that unlocks fishing. After that, automatically get a fishing rod to complete the quest.

  • How to Craft Bait in Genshin?

    Use the crafting table and select the bait you want to make. Use the filters as they are found further down on the list. The results are always in batches of 10, meaning setting the slider to 10 will give you a hundred bait.

  • Where to Get Bait Recipes in Genshin?

    It's something that isn't immediately obvious. Unless you thought to look through the Fishing Association's shop, you wouldn't know how to get more recipes. You can exchange Medakas (the small red fish) for other bait recipes. There are three other baits, and each one needs three Medakas for the exchange.

  • How to Get the Catch?

    The Catch is a polearm obtainable through the NPC Kujirai Momiji in Inazuma. She also provides the refinement material of the weapon, enough to reach level 5 refinement. While Kujirai Momiji 'sells' the polearm, its price is listed in fish. You must fish for the correct amount and type to get it and its materials.

    Here are the fish you need and where to find them:

    The Catch

    (6) Raimei Angelfish – Has only one spawn point, the shipwreck to the east of Tatarasuna. Only appears at night (18:00-6:00).

    (20) Golden Koi – The Stormbearer Mountains in Mondstadt. In Liyue, across Wangshu Inn, on the broken bridge in Guili Plains, and near the domain in Luhua Pool. A fishing point near Koseki Village in Inazuma.

    (20) Rusty Koi – Same locations in Liyue and Inazuma as the Golden Koi, with only its Mond location differing. It can be found in Cider Lake instead, nearer to the city.

    Ako's Sake Vessel (4x)

    (3) Raimei Angelfish – See above.

    (10) Pufferfish – May be found in Cider Lake (near Springvale) and the Dawn Winery in Mond. Liyue locations include the point near the city and in the Underground Mines of the Chasm. In Inazuma, they can be found in Ritou and across from Koseki Village on Seirai Island.

    (10) Bitter Pufferfish – They appear in the exact locations as the normal Pufferfish in Mond. In Liyue, they're found in Qingce Village instead. While they may also appear in Ritou, their alternate fishing spot in Inazuma is in Nazuchi Beach. Lastly, they can also be found in the Chasm's Underground Mines, but near the Underground Waterway instead of its southern tail-end.

    That means you need a total of (18) Raimei Angelfish, (20) Golden Koi, (20) Rusty Koi, (40) Pufferfish, and (40) Bitter Pufferfish. If you want to get the weapon and refine it to its max level, that is. Of course, you'll need to have unlocked fishing and gained access to the locations.

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