How to Get Mora in Genshin Impact?

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  • How to Get Mora?

    Mora is the currency of Teyvat, coming from the Golden House in Liyue, powered by the Geo Archon. While you can eventually enter this building, you cannot pick up all the coins lying around in it. You can also earn it from most of the activities in the game. Quests, opening chests, fighting, and participating in events reward Mora. It might be easier to list what you can do to not get it, which are
    l  Collecting resources
    l  Killing wildlife for meat/fowl
    l  Talking to NPCs (in most cases)
    l  Any action that consumes it
    If you need Mora to level up or otherwise upgrade your characters or for some other reason, here are the fastest ways to get Mora:
    l  Mora Leyline Challenges (use Condensed Resin for double the amount)
    l  600 Mora Bosses (see below)
    l  Exchange Childe's Huge Bag of Mora in the Northland Bank
    l  Exchange Sigils
    l  Exchange Realm Bounty Tokens in Tubby's shop
    As for what I personally call ‘600 Mora bosses,' they're Elite Enemies. They're stronger than usual mooks but weaker than actual Normal Bosses. As a bonus, you don't need to spend resin to get their rewards. Though, they respawn every day, which is a longer wait than other bosses. They are:
    l  Geovishaps
    l  Lawachurls
    l  Ruin Hunters
    l  Ruin Graders
    l  Eyes of the Storm
    Rewards are World Level dependent, so don't worry if you get less than 600. It's only the maximum amount you get at a certain rank. Mark their locations as you see them and get back to them tomorrow.
    The route I go through lets me fight:
    l  Eye of the Storm (2x)
    l  Geovishap (2x)
    l  Lawachurl (7x)
    l  Ruin Grader (2x)
    l  Ruin Hunter (1x)
    While not exactly a 600 Mora boss, I also fight the four Ruin Guards in Guyun Stone Forest (200×4)
    In total, that amounts to 9,200 Mora. It may look like a small amount, but if you do it consistently for a week, you get 64,400 Mora. That's not even all the Elite Enemies that are on the map. Those are just the ones I remember the location of.
    How to Save Mora?
    Rank your characters in order of priority and gear/level/increase talents of the top 8 you'll use in the Abyss. Leave off the others because upgrading characters has a steep Mora price. Avoid buying anything or crafting anything for a while, and see above how to increase your income relatively quickly.

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