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How to Increase World Level in Genshin Impact?

By | May 31st, 2022 | Categories: Genshin Impact, Genshin Tips
  • How to Increase World Level?

    World Level will automatically increase when you reach certain AR milestones or complete the Ascension Quest (AQ).

    Level 0: Start the game
    Level 1: AR 20
    Level 2: AR 25 (after AQ)
    Level 3: AR 30
    Level 4: AR 35 (after AQ)
    Level 5: AR 40
    Level 6: AR 45 (after AQ)
    Level 7: AR 50 (after AQ)
    Level 8: AR 55 (current max)

    If you don't (or can't) do the Ascension Quest, it's alright to keep on gathering AR EXP. It will just accumulate, so when you finally complete the AQ, all the experience you got will increase your AR by several steps. Something like a dam breaking so you can progress.

    At AR 40, you also unlock the ability to lower your World Level by 1. If the level increase proves too tricky for you, you can use it to weaken your enemies for more straightforward combat. It has a 24-hour reset, and you can only ever lower your WL by one. When you want to put it back again, you'll have to wait a day. This also means you cannot go back further than WL 4.

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