Total Apex Legends Cosplay with the Bloodhound Costume Mask

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rather large rock over the past few months, chances are you’ve already been bitten by the Apex Legends bug. The sensational release by Respawn Entertainment & Electronic Arts has been making waves in the gaming scene and has yet to show any signs of slowing down in the near future.

One of the game’s characters, the Bloodhound, has managed to endear itself (Bloodhound is non-binary) in the hearts and minds of the Apex faithful—so much so that a replica of Bloodhound costume mask is now available for you to enjoy. For those of you who want to ratchet up the vicarious experience each time you go on an Apex binge, read on. It’s time for a bit of Apex Legends Cosplay!

What’s behind the mask?

Behind the mask is an absolutely legendary experience! Made by GoToBetterLife, this mask is a replica of the one worn by Bloodhound—at least as close a representation as can be. While we wouldn’t necessarily recommend playing Apex Legends while donning the mask (visibility impairment issues), we can’t deny the allure that wearing such a masterfully-crafted mask has.

The mask is made of high-quality latex materials and is non-toxic. It is the perfect gift for gamers ranging from 14-years-old and above. The makers of this mask are also responsible for bringing us novelty items ranging from Thanos LED Gloves to various Halloween party masks.

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Out of all the Apex Legends characters, why Bloodhound?

Bloodhound is among the most popular characters to come out of the Apex Legends arena. Although a free character that’s available from the onset, Bloodhound remains a go-to choice for players who prefer a strategic approach to the game. The character boasts of distinguishing abilities such as the Eye of the Allfather and Tracker that make him such an invaluable part of any Apex squad.

As it is with other franchises, it’s the unique characters they have that ultimately carry the game’s momentum and further endear them with the gaming public. Bloodhound is definitely one such character. Its accessibility, unique playstyle, and overall charisma have all helped to make it an immensely popular Legend among players. It’ll be interesting to see is if the folks at GoToBetterLife will release goodies featuring other Apex characters in the future.

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Should I get it? What’s behind the Apex Legends hoopla?

If you’re absolutely smitten by Apex Legends, yes! It’s an ideal item to gift to fellow gamers. Passion for your fandom doesn’t have just a single avenue. While it’s true that it all begins and ends with the game itself, your appreciation for the franchise is free to manifest in different ways. From statues to action figures, intricate costumes, and all sorts of cool collectibles and merchandise, the possibilities are practically endless. Besides, who needs Halloween just to have an excuse to wear an awesome getup? With the kickass Bloodhound costume mask, you can go on full Apex Legends Cosplay mode every single time you play the game!

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