Revive the Nostalgia with an NES Controller Table

NES Controller Table
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Remember the good old days when things seemed simpler? Fun was available outside (kids playing ball games, tag, and hide-and-seek) or inside (playing board games, card games, or having fun on an Atari or Nintendo). Remember the nights spent playing the original Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, or Super Mario Brothers? How about pioneering the first Metal Gear game or other hot titles? There’s a wealth of NES memories to uncover. Now, we can bring it all back with an NES Controller Table.

One thing you probably don’t miss about childhood is being dependent on your parents for money. You either have to ask mom and dad for a new game or console or save up an allowance for months just to afford what you want. Not to mention that kids have a short attention span and usually don’t delay gratification. Those savings could be chipped away by buying candies and other knickknacks.

Today, you probably have a job and no longer depend on your parents solely for money. Buying anything is easier now, just within the limits of your paycheck. Then again, if the desire is strong enough, you can save up and get the coffee table. No more waiting for months collecting meager allowances; you don’t have to ask for permission to buy it. Go to VGCT and get your NES table.

The Lowdown

For the purposes of this article, we’ll take the NES controller-shaped coffee table. It stands 18 inches in height. The width and length are about 35-38 inches and 20-23 inches. Keep in mind that these are just estimates because the dimensions of this particular table are not listed. You’ll have to email the company to get the scope.

The tabletop is designed to look like an NES controller, but a jumbo version: the directional button (left), A and B buttons (right), and the select and start buttons (middle). The color is like what you’d expect: a solid black bordered with some gray and black d-pad outlined in white. Grey stripes are in the middle where the start and select buttons are, boxed in white. Finally, the A and B buttons are red, boxed in with white, and labeled in red. The Nintendo logo appears above the A and B buttons.

The table has a drawer too; it’s not compartmentalized or anything, just a compartment underneath it. What’s more, the product is handmade. Orders and production are on a first come, first served basis. Order now, or you’ll end up waiting a long time for an epic handmade table.

Other Gaming Tables and Chests from VGCT

Checking out the rest of VGCT’s catalog for more video game-related coffee tables is a must. They’ve got tables of other consoles, including game cartridges and controllers. You can even have a specific game printed on those game cartridges! If you want the cartridge for Breath of the Wild as a table, no problem! Perhaps an obscure game cartridge as a table is up your alley. You won’t know until you message VGCT. Besides, the company can create NES, SNES, N64, and Switch cartridges.

With controller tables, there are Xbox, PS, the featured NES controller and so on, even retro gaming consoles. Speaking of which, there are tables based on consoles too (e.g., Gameboy, NES, and PlayStation 1). Lastly, a Zelda chest with a drawer is available. Prices range from $450-$550 (except for the Zelda chest, which costs $600). The wait time might not be fast since priority orders come first.

In any case, these tables are sure to get conversations going, and will spice up any gathering held at your home unless you decide to stash it in some hideout only selective people can see. In that situation, enjoy your Nintendo table.

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