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When watching professional League of Legends matches, which are dependent on team composition and a variety of different picks, many players can come away with wrong ideas about how to effectively play the game, chiefly among those being the necessity for a large champion pool. While the breadth of champions able to be played is a staple for any serious professional player, playing too many can be to the detriment of a large majority of the player base. When limiting one’s pool, a player becomes more intimately aware of the strengths and weaknesses of that champion and a better overall knowledge of its various matchups as well. In line with this thinking, League of Legends Champion Mastery has become an element of the game that gives a player the agency to showcase his or her familiarity with a champion and is a nice, extra feature that encourages repeated champion use.

What is League of Legends Champion Mastery?

  • System to showcase familiarity
  • Seven tiers
  • Hextech Crafting involved
  • Different types of rewards included

Basically, it’s a system that was released during patch 5.6 that tracks a player’s progression with a specific champion. After each game played, you will receive a grade based on your performance when compared against other players playing the same champion in the same role. This grade is dependent on a number of different factors such as KDA and CS score. Afterwards, points indicating your proficiency with that particular champion will be distributed.

The points awarded to players towards mastery are known as champion points. These points will be tallied in a circle meter around your grade after the game ends. There are seven mastery tiers in total with never before played champions starting at level 0. Level 1 can be reached only after a single game and players can reach level 5 before Hextech Crafting becomes a factor.

In order to advance from level 5 to 6, a player must obtain mastery tokens alongside blue essence, a champion shard, or a champion permanent. Mastery tokens can only be obtained after first hitting mastery level 5. To reach level 6, two mastery tokens are required and in order to reach level 7, an additional three tokens are needed.

In addition to boosting your confidence, the champion mastery system also has rewards inside the client as well. After reaching level 4, a badge emote and a border can be used. A different colored ribbon will appear on your profile during the loading screen when choosing that particular champion after hitting levels 5, 6, and 7 respectively. The ribbon will change in color between each tier. If you are looking to show off and demonstrate your proficiency with a champion, the system provides an excellent means of doing so.

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How does Champion Mastery help me improve as a player?

  • Look to “one tricks”
  • More focus on macro play
  • Less time spent on mechanics

Oftentimes players known as “one tricks” will rise quickly through the ranked ladder. A person who “one tricks” is someone who will play one champion exclusively, regardless of the role. The player is dedicating to learning the champion to maximum efficiency, attempting to learn as much as possible about a variety of matchups. This allows someone to focus less on mechanics, because they are slowly becoming more ingrained due to familiarity, and more on the macro elements of the game. Champion mastery is an incredibly important tool for climbing.

While the champion mastery system may not have the longest history, what it teaches a player has been in League of Legends since the beginning. Attaining champion mastery promotes a small champion pool. When a player uses too many champions at once, they are a master of none and that creates a problem where too much learning is required on a game to game basis. In order to reach greater heights, less time should ideally be spent on learning the mechanics of the champion. Macro gameplay is what ultimately decides most games. Knowing how to push an advantage is a skill that players across all skill levels are lacking. Pursue champion mastery. It will allow you to focus your attention elsewhere and become a better overall player as a result.

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What attributes should I look for when mastering a champion?

  • Simple mechanics
  • Look to Garen as a good example

Professional players are among the best in the world because they are mechanically gifted at League of Legends. That does not hold true for the majority of players. When considering what to look for when choosing a champion to master, the number one priority should be simple mechanics.

When a champion has a difficult to master kit, for example, Lee Sin, it is far easier to make mistakes than it is to execute a play to perfection. When a champion has very easy to understand abilities, less time needs to be spent on mastering said abilities. There are many different areas players lack knowledge in, and focusing on those areas one game at a time is the path to improvement.

Take a look at a champion such as Garen. He does not have a single skill shot in his kit and his ultimate ability is a point and click execute. It does not get much simpler than that. Champions like Garen give you knowledge about map awareness, when to push waves, objective control, lane pressure, and a variety of other areas. The phrase “less is more” is particularly pertinent in this case and should be adhered to when thinking about which champions should be chosen for champion mastery.

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Final Thoughts

Champion mastery is a nice addition to League of Legends that allows players to flex their muscles a bit while at the same time getting rewards for the effort put forth. It is a progression system with several different tiers that measures progress based on in-game performance. In that way, it is a means to improvement. It also highlights the need for a smaller champion pool with a focus on champions with simple mechanics because choosing to make those decisions allows players to focus on the macro elements of the game, which are far too often ignored by players. If you are new to the game, look to League of Legends Champion Mastery as a measurement of improvement and you can use that improvement to your advantage when finally climbing the ranked ladder.

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